10 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home Decor

September 17, 2021
antique bathroom with bathtub

Now that the cold and drab winter days no longer pose a threat to your motivation, you may find yourself wandering around the rooms in your home, thinking “I need to change up my home decor”.

With extended daylight hours and home flowers now in bloom, springtime is without a doubt the best time to imitate the flourishing world outside with a refreshed home interior. 

If you’re dissatisfied with your décor and furnishings, now is the time to try something new. Whether it’s a splash of colour to lift your spirits, creating botanical displays, or reorganising your closet, these ten simple ideas will provide inspiration for an interior rebirth – without breaking the bank.

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1. Rearrange your furniture

Are you bored with facing a blank wall whilst working at your desk? Perhaps the afternoon sun is blinding as you unwind on the sofa to watch your favourite television program. If this is a familiar scenario, it may be time to rearrange the furniture in your room for a revitalised and functional new look. 

Experiment with the furniture in your living room by rotating each piece to face a new direction. If you have a corner lounge, try moving it to the opposite corner of your room. While your coffee table may remain in place, you can replace old items with a new display, such as fresh flowers from your garden, or a few lifestyle magazines. 

If you’re looking for a completely new feel, swapping out furniture between rooms is a great way to initiate a new aesthetic and atmosphere in each room of your home; this is especially exciting if you work from home and need some inspiration and a fresh view from your desk. 

Feeling creative? Why not try a mix-and-match dining setting. Consider revamping the upholstery on your dining chairs with vibrant new colours or adding interchangeable cushions for a varied and fun look. 

If you’re a small space dweller, we’ve also got you covered on how to spruce up your living area.

2. Reorganise your open shelves

clean bedroom storage display

Do your display shelves appear cluttered and chaotic? Are your dishes and containers stored shambolically in your kitchen for everyone to see? It may be the perfect opportunity to sort your shelves – and get a little creative whilst at it.

If you appreciate colour coordination, start by taking down every item one-by-one, and grouping the items by colour. If there are a variety of shades to work with, try an ombre effect throughout your collection, or stack your pieces based on each single hue. 

But don’t forget the clear tumblers, wine glasses and measuring jugs: there’s a place for them, too! By mixing in clear glass, you can fill out any awkward spaces, and soften the blend of colours between shelves.

The best part about this process is not only do you get the benefit of using your artistic flair, it’s the perfect opportunity to wipe down your shelves, leaving them fresh and dust-free until your next reshuffle.

3. Display fresh flowers and fruit

You’ve been to the store and now you have a bag of fresh fruit to put away. But why hide your favourite fruits in the crisper? 

Instead, place your fruit in a small woven basket or wooden bowl, and place it atop your kitchen bench or dining table for all to see. Not only are the vibrant colours reflective of the changing seasons outside, they’ll be easily accessible for a quick and healthy bite to eat. 

If fruit isn’t to your liking, you might try displaying a selection of seasonal plants and flowers. Whether it’s a simple vase filled with fresh flowers, or a feature such as the tall Ficus, fresh flora will inevitably bring a natural and cheerful element to your room. 

4. Replace your paintings 

painting series funky

Tired of looking at the same old paintings? Bored with the photographs in your display cabinet? 

Rearranging or replacing old paintings in your home can make a huge difference to both the room and your mood. With our attention often drawn to electronic devices in modern society, swapping out your dated and familiar artworks for new, intriguing pieces could be the dynamic distraction you need to refuel your soul – and refresh your room this season. 

Alternatively, for a whole new approach using existing paintings or photographs, try creating a gallery wall – either with matching, aligned frames or try-out a variety of sizes, colours and styles for a more avant-garde look. 

5. Move your mirrors

Bored with the static reflection your large statement mirror receives? Looking to expand your room without knocking in any walls? 

Adding or moving mirrors in your room can be the instant interior overhaul you’ve been looking for. Instead of placing a mirror across from a cluttered bookcase, you may move it to wall opposite a large window with a garden view. Not only does this create an expansive effect, it adds optimism to your entire room’s aesthetic. 

Wherever you place your mirror, it should generate a feeling of serenity and replicate natural light for a happy and healthful hygge. 

6. Change your bathroom and kitchen towels 

If you’ve been putting off replacing your bath towels and linens, springtime is the ideal season to take the leap. 

With that garden-fresh fragrance in the air, you’ll be inspired to imitate the sunny outdoors with a towel rack in your shower room that boasts a variety of colours and textures for a fun and fresh bathroom vibe.

Your kitchen should receive the same level of attention too. Introducing a colourful new dish set, a bright stool or patterned tea towels is the quickest and most effective way to add character without spending an excessive amount. 

7. Create a statement wall

statement white wall with art

You’ve walked in your front door and are greeted by the same, bland hallway walls that have plagued you since the day you moved in. But what to do? 

The entrance hall is often the most overlooked space when home renovations take place, but this needn’t be the case in your home this Spring. 

Spruce up your entry hall with a statement wall opposite the front door for an exciting new look. Whether it’s patterned wallpaper, or simply different colour wall paint, this design approach is destined to leave a stunning first impression on visitors to your home.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Why not introduce a statement wall to your bedroom as well? Bold coloured wall paint behind your bedhead can help your bedroom furniture standout – especially if topped with a patterned quilt or throw; while textured wallpaper will add instant pizzazz – particularly when matched with block-colour bedding. 

8. Reorganise your closets

If you find yourself whining “I’ve got nothing to wear!” despite a full rack of clothes, it may be time to sort through your wardrobe.

To begin, pull all your clothes out onto the bed and place any unwanted items into a separate pile. If the items are in good condition and can still be worn, start a charity pile. If the clothes are torn, soiled or frayed beyond repair, consider whether the materials can be recycled for a sewing project or used as rags for cleaning. 

Now that you’ve removed the unwanted clothes, make sure you only hang necessary items – that is, pieces such as trousers and shirts. Fold any t-shirts, leggings and shorts and sort by type for practicality.

With your wardrobe now organised, you can now move on to the linen closet. If you’re filled with dread at the thought of sifting through your bedding to find a fitted sheet in a hurry, you might consider storing sheet sets inside a pillowcase.

Not only does this mean your bedding is easily accessible, it also looks attractive if stored in a cabinet with glass doors, making for a funky and functional innovation. 

You might even consider renovating your built in wardrobe.

9. Update your bedroom

nice bedroom wooden headboard

So you’ve kept your bedroom fairly basic all these years with just a bed and bedside table. You’ve toyed with floral displays and different lamps on your table top, and rotated your quilt covers for fun every few months, and now you’re out of ideas. 

An often-neglected bedroom aesthetic is your bed’s headboard. If you’re open to putting in a little extra effort, a coat of paint on the current headboard will provide great contrast against the wall behind.

If your bedhead is upholstered, consider reupholstering the frame with a bold new colour and fabric texture for a fresh new feel. 

Lastly, satisfy your wanderlust with a travel theme. Introduce global accents to your bedroom furniture with an Apache throw or Bengali-style cushion – the quickest way to dress up your neutral bedding for a holiday feel.

Now you can enjoy that getaway you’ve dreamed of all winter – without leaving your bedroom. 

10. Clean your house and make repairs

No seasonal home refresh is complete without the necessary spring clean

Say goodbye to dull shelves, dingy corners and murky floorboards. Now that Spring has sprung, it’s time to put in the elbow grease and clean your house top to toe for a sparkling presentation. 

Wipe your skirting boards, wash your walls, mop your floors and steam clean the carpets. Continue your deep clean by organising items to be put away and discarding anything broken. Store larger items in the garage or on your closet’s top shelf and restore any forgotten treasures to display in a new room of your house. 

Use this opportunity to complete any repairs you’ve been putting off. Look into fixing the damaged upholstery on your luxury lounge, use fabric stain remover to expel the old coffee stain from your favourite tablecloth, and tighten any leaky faucets throughout your home. 

Once you’ve seen to the functional and decorative aspects of your home, you’ll be ready to start the new season with a smile and sense of accomplishment. 

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