The 13 Best Home Renovation Tools

May 30, 2022
tools for a home renovation

The first step to starting a DIY renovation project in your home is getting the right home renovation tools. 

Since you’re not hiring an expert to do these tasks, having the right tools will help you complete the project faster and more efficiently. 

There are several home renovation tools that you may or may not need. Since you’re not an expert contractor, we have compiled a list of some essential tools for home renovation you can choose from for your project. 

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13 Essential home renovation tools

Most of these tools are very easy to use, and you can get the hang of them without extra direction.

1. Claw hammer 

A claw hammer is one of the must-have tools for home renovation. It is a versatile hand tool that consists of a weighted “head” attached to a long handle. 

Claw hammers are used for various DIY projects around the house, such as repairing damaged furniture, hanging paintings, or building a headboard. 

Choose a hammer with a smooth face, a claw for removing nails, and a vibration-dampening grip to reduce strain on your hands, wrists, and elbows.

2. Wireless electric drill

If you were to choose just one tool for DIY home renovations, it should be the drill. 

There’s a considerable probability that you’ll need to drill a hole someplace in the house or for any work. So, look for lightweight drills that are easier to carry and batteries that last a long time. 

You don’t want to put your project on hold while your drill recharges. Look for a good reverse switch drill to make your crevices more effortless.

3. Measuring tape

A measuring tape is a flexible ruler, also known as a tape measure, Used to determine length or breadth and is an important renovation tool.

Measurements tapes are graded in centimetres and inches. Invest in a soft ribbon tape measure and a retractable tape measure to correctly measure any space or surface in your home. 

This is because incorrect measurements and uneven lines will only wreak havoc on your project, requiring extra repairs.

4. Plier 

Pliers are great home renovation tools. You may need assistance ripping something apart or keeping it in place while applying glue – pliers are a useful tool in both circumstances. 

Some pliers are specifically for cutting or stripping wire, which is helpful if your DIY project requires some basic electrical work. 

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, always switch off the power and call a certified electrician to help you out.

5. Safety goggles 

Eye protection is an essential aspect of every DIY improvement task, regardless of your skill level. 

Your safety should always come first. Safety glasses are especially critical home renovation tools while performing debris-causing jobs like cutting, drilling, and spraying paint. 

If you are not familiar with safety goggles, there is a high chance you will break a pair quickly.  

Also, if you’re working on an outdoor project, your safety goggle can get dirty or foggy, so we advise getting an extra pair.

6. Adjustable Wrench 

If you need to adjust nuts and bolts, you need an adjustable wrench. In addition, wrenches help repair and install appliances. 

Instead of having eight or ten combination wrenches, you should get an adjustable wrench that combines all of them in one assembly.

7. Circular saw

A circular saw is quite popular among DIY enthusiasts as one of the most important home renovation tools. 

It comes with a portable circular blade used for ripping (along the wood grain) and crosscutting (against the wood grain). 

In addition, a circular saw can come with a range of blades to cut wood, ceramic tile, and steel. 

A circular saw is ideal for building your deck or built-in deck seating.

8. Ladder

Without a ladder, it is hard to reach the heights you desire as a DIYer. A ladder is one of the tools needed for home renovation. 

You’ll need a ladder to paint every inch of your house’s walls and ceilings. A short stepladder may always assist you in reaching the highest shelf in the kitchen or getting a better perspective while hanging wall art. 

A more extended ladder may be helpful in the home for cleaning out gutters and reaching high-up locations while cleaning or decorating.

9. Standard level

Use a standard level to hang any wall decor to keep your home from looking like a college dorm room. 

A level is a handy instrument for ensuring that a surface is appropriately horizontal or vertical. 

With the naked eye, it might be difficult to determine if a plane is flat, but a level helps you to properly align floating shelves, a mounted television, a tapestry, or a picture frame.

If your glass of water keeps slipping off, it isn’t a pretty pleasant experience.

10. Screwdriver set

A screwdriver is required for cabinet assembly and lighting installation in your home. 

Include a few screwdrivers of various sizes; the collection should include flat-head and cross-head screwdrivers of multiple widths. 

You should also choose a battery-powered one with a more fantastic selection of magnetic heads. This is one of the essential power tools for home renovation. 

The magnetic heads will make your life easier by gripping the metal screws, and a battery-powered one handles most of the job for you.

11. Utility knife

You may be opening a package or cutting dowel rods that don’t require a saw. 

Having a utility knife dedicated to home repair means you don’t have to destroy your kitchen blades to do basic jobs.

12. Clamp 

In DIY situations where wood glue is necessary, you’ll usually want to use a clamp to provide additional stability while the adhesive dries. 

Clamps can also hold wood and other materials together or in place when cutting, drilling, or sanding and need assistance keeping the materials stable. 

You may use a basic C-clamp or bar clamp, which is enough for most jobs.

13. Nail gun

A nail gun is one of the more advanced home renovation tools. When your DIY skills are more advanced, a nail gun may be the equipment you need. 

A nail gun speeds up the otherwise time-consuming process of hammering nails. 

There are also different nail guns for each project – for example, flooring, roofing, and making furniture utilize different nails. 

Some more advanced models require an air compressor, which may be included with the equipment or must be purchased separately.

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