10 DIY Home Renovations for Spring

October 27, 2021
kids running around backyard in springtime

Looks like spring has sprung, and what better way to welcome the season than with some DIY home renovations. 

But before you start hacking….

You know what word usually comes after spring? Cleaning. It’s amazing how cleansing a good spring cleaning can be. So take some time to tidy up your home. Check your backyard for fallen leaves and clear the paths of any junk that has made its way there. 

Replace any broken pots and dead plans. Tend to your hedges, shrubs and fences. You might even want to dust off that high-pressure water hose to give the exterior a deep clean. 

Then you can head inside and start decluttering. Sort through everything from old magazines to expired spices and pantry items. If you’re in the mood for some reorganising, our article can give you hand too.

After that, head to the bedrooms and bathrooms to get rid of everything you rarely use. Our rule of thumb? If you haven’t used it in three years, it’s got to go. We’ve even given you a little pandemic grace period there.

Look online for ways to sell or donate items that are still in good condition. 

And finish off by giving all surfaces a thorough wipe down. Once everything’s clean and organised, we can start the renovations

1. Freshen up your front door

diy home renovation repaint front door

Front doors can get neglected over time because we don’t see them when we’re inside the house. But there’s nothing quite like coming home to a bright, beautiful front door. It’s almost invitation into your home. 

So you can splash a bright colour of paint on it, like a fiery red reminiscent of London telephone booths, or a deep Grecian blue. The sky’s the limit. You can also replace it entirely. Either way, this kind of project involves leaving your door open for hours. So warmer weather is a prerequisite.

If your door suits you just fine for now, a quicker and lower budget option is to swap up your door mat and accessories by entrance. Think little potted plants and pretty lighting.

2. Build a garden water feature

Spring is synonymous with spending time outside, so one of the great DIY home renovations is to add a water feature to your garden. 

With some shopping and tutorials, building a small pond is totally feasible. Simply by using a plastic liner and shovel, you create a little home for fish. To add a little extra, install a pump and some rocks for a waterfall element. Certainly a relaxing view (and sound) to begin your day with. 

3. Replace your outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture replacements for diy spring renovation

Our outdoor furniture always gets lonely in the winters and takes quite a hit in the warmer seasons. So if you’re starting to see some wear and tear, giving the outdoor living area a revamping could be all the refreshening you need.

But if all they need is a solid cleaning, look out for enzyme-based stain removers and get to scrubbing. Mixed with warm water and bleach, they are amazing for dull coloured cushions and fabrics. 

4. Paint a room

Set a weekend aside to repaint the walls of a room. It’s quick, easy and very affordable. Plus, there’s a variety of ways to make the room feel totally new. But you don’t have to do all the walls of all the rooms. If you want to start small, our advice is to focus on one room.

Perhaps it’s one accent wall in your bedroom or even the ceiling of the living room. Wallpaper is an easier option for the latter. Research peel-and-stick wallpaper to simplify the process. 

5. Make a compost bin

compost bin for spring

Spring brings in warmer weather making it the perfect time to start composting. As the temperature increases, the materials in your compost bin break down more easily. Just remember to add water to maintain the moisture so it doesn’t get too dry. 

All it takes is soil, leaves and your household kitchen scraps. It’s a great, eco-friendly way of throwing out natural produce without having it add to a landfill. That soil then becomes a nutrient-dense material to feed your plants and flowers. It’s a win-win when it comes to DIY home renovations!

6. Install bug screens

Another great part about spring time is the outdoor entertaining. The weather is just temperate enough to stay outside for hours. But one big drawback can be the bugs. Beetles, spiders and mosquitos are all spring-loving creatures. And although they have as much a right as we do to enjoy the warm air, we don’t always want to intermingle. 

Decide where you want to set your screens up then all you need is wire mesh and a box cutter. One of the simple DIY home renovations that can be done in half a day. 

7. Add a new kitchen backsplash

change kitchen backsplash

An easy way to add elegance and style to your kitchen is to change the backsplash. There are a couple of options here. You can either go all out, hacking out the current tile and replacing it with new material

Or you can keep things minimal with a peel-and-stick tile. These can be cut into the desired sizes and stuck on without tools or extra adhesives. It’s much easier and gives the effect of a more dramatic renovation

8. Update your flooring

While old flooring offers a lived-in, vintage feel, a freshening up can brighten up the space instantly. If you’re in the mood to strip the floors entirely, that’s one option. But another way is to repaint or re-carpet the floors.

The peel-and-stick tiles exist for flooring as well. So set aside some time on the weekend to spruce up those floors. 

9. Change your hardware

kitchen cabinetry update for diy renovation

Number nine on the fantastic DIY home renovations list starts with your cabinetry. Over the years, they get a little worn out but often, it’s the handles that need attention. So if you’re not ready to upgrade your cabinets altogether, consider switching up the hardware.

Glance around the house bringing your attention to the doorknobs, drawers, cabinet handles and rods. Are they rusty, old or outdated? Swapping them for fresh new ones can immediately rejuvenate the rooms. 

And what’s even better? This option is perfect for rentals. If you keep to simple updates, your landlord probably won’t notice! 

10. Build your own bar

home bar cart

Give happy hour the celebration it deserves with your own bar set up. Now this might be the most popular home improvement project this season! 

If you’re not ready to commit, a simple bar cart might do the trick. But take it one step further and make it a permanent set up. Add a little wine fridge, install shelves, a little cabinetry and start stocking up! A lovely way to liven it up is with some hanging plants, wall art and funky colours. 

If you haven’t found a dream home yet for your spring renovations yet, we can also help you out in that department. Browse our search page to check out some amazing listings available right now. But don’t just stop there, download our app to get the full Soho experience. Just remember to shortlist or swipe left on our listings so we can send you others that better match what you’re looking for.

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