How to Renovate Built-in Wardrobes

June 6, 2022
How to Renovate Built-in Wardrobes

You do not need inspiration or a top-dollar budget to renovate built-in wardrobes and spruce up the look of your bedroom. There are many reasons why you may want a retouch on the bedroom cupboards.

You might want to add an extension room for your new set of threads. Or you might want to integrate modern ideas. You can scrape off the old tired look of traditional designs with a more striking contemporary look.

All you need to do is identify the changes you want to make and set up a budget. Also, decide whether you are up to the challenge or you need to appoint an expert. Wardrobes are an integral feature. Refurbishing them to match the style of your bedroom is a great idea.

Is the original colour no longer appealing, or do you not fancy how the doors open? This article highlights some built-in wardrobe ideas to help you bring some life back into them.

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Work on the wardrobe doors

As time changes, newly built-in wardrobe ideas keep popping up. These modern styles come in a wide range of designs, customised to fit the style you want for your bedroom. It makes it easier to complement the theme of your bedroom curtains, furniture, and carpet. Matching decor gives you the perfect shade under your bedroom lighting.

The beauty about them is that you do not need to replace the entire built-in cupboards. All you need is a refurbishment or replacement of the doors. Your built-in robes will transform into exciting additions to your room.

Try adding glass to the doors of your built-in cupboard. This gives them a new look and improves their functionality. Your bedroom will seem larger, and the lighting will improve from reflections. To maximize the space at your disposal, you can replace the old built-in robe doors with sliding glass doors. They are convenient, stylish, and more appealing.

Take full advantage of space

How to Renovate Built-in Wardrobes

Take advantage of the space between the top pad of the built-in wardrobes and the ceiling. You can create a customized extra relaxing area. You can have a tailored ladder to climb up to your cosy space and enjoy your favourite novel or a quick nap.

This idea can be more applicable where you have kids, and the rooms in your house are not that spacious.

Consider an open wardrobe

How to Renovate Built-in Wardrobes

The luxury of an enormous closet is not for everyone, and most people have to cope with what they have. Due to the lack of enough space, the idea of built-in wardrobes came to birth.

They are stylish and calm; there is no denying that. But their popularity among most homeowners is thanks to their liberty to maximize unutilized space in the bedroom.

Even so, if you have a large closet, the idea of an open wardrobe sounds cool. Renovate built-in wardrobes by doing away with the doors completely. And add shelves, hanging rails, shoe racks, lights, and drawers with as much creativity as you can afford.

An open facet also improves the lighting aspect. An open wardrobe can be customized, allowing you to have your dressing room within the same area, and with extra accessories, you can better organize your clothes and shoes to your liking.

If you are unsure about the open facet design, you can have a curtain to cover those parts that you want to remain hidden. This gives you a chance to choose a colour that complements your closet’s furniture and other accessories.

Painting your wardrobe

Painting is an easy and cost-effective method to renovate built-in wardrobes. You are at liberty to choose the colour of your liking, which gives you a chance to match the colours in your room, including the furniture, accessories, and decorations. Painting helps to get rid of stains and covers any marks or dirt accumulated over the years.

Depending on the look you want to attain, you can choose the colours based on their lighting and brightness. To get the desired effect from your paint job, ensure you dust off all the areas. Pull the drawers out, and attach them back once you have finished painting.

Replace the handles

Over time, the handles lose their oomph as the colour fades or when they get damaged. With new stylish designs that outshine the old ones by far, replacing them can give your wardrobe a brand new face to improve the general appeal. You can look up the latest designs online or visit a local store for a closer look. There is an assortment of designs and styles to suit your varying needs and help you renovate built-in wardrobes.

Wallpaper your wardrobe

How to Renovate Built-in Wardrobes

Wallpapers are an exciting option used to decorate critical areas in your house. It is no different as you renovate built-in wardrobes in your newly bought home. They offer a quicker alternative to painting. Also, wallpapers are easier to install, giving your wardrobe a quick makeover with exceptional results.

You can order custom-made wallpapers to complement the interior décor of your room or house. They help cover stains and dirt marks by attaching them to the surface. With such a wide array of design, colours, and texture options to choose from, take time to think about your needs. Opt for wallpaper that matches those desires.

Trimming and panelling

You can remodel the look of your wardrobe by improving the style through an attractive panel or trimming. The decorative methods of achieving this are extensive, and you can find a wide range of them online. You can also visit your local store to see the options you can work with and decide if any option suits your preference. 

Some parts may need to get cut off to fit the desired design without any noticeable changes to the original size of the robe. You can hire an expert to refurbish your wardrobes if you are not up to the task by yourself.

Maintain the flow

How to Renovate Built-in Wardrobes

The aim of remodelling your wardrobe is to improve the appearance and match the style of your bedroom. Your remodelling job should be based on the theme of your bedroom decor. If there is a particular wallpaper design on the walls, it is in your best interest to use the same for the wardrobe doors. 

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