6 Best Home Renovation Apps of 2022

May 10, 2022
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What if there was something that could help you make home design decisions? That’s right; there are many home renovation apps that can guide you step by step and give you unique ideas that will match your taste. 

Certainly, renovating a home can be a very exhausting job. This is because you need to decide every single aspect of the renovation and go through hundreds of options before landing on the perfect one. 

Therefore, So you might want to check out use these apps to design rooms or exteriors of your home. Here are some of the top renovation apps:

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Home Design 3D

Available: Play Store & App Store

Cost: Free for mobile phones, tablets and MACs

Developed in 2011 for just iOS, this app is currently functional and compatible with every mobile and laptop operating system. 

The unique renovation tool known as the 3D real-time visualiser helps you plan your entire home virtually in 3D and 2D. You can customise any part of your home, add furniture, shift, and religion until you get what you like.

Also, you can share your design with people who don’t even use renovation apps. This helps you get an outsider’s view that can help you improve your design. These are the reasons it is one of the best renovations apps available on the internet. 

However, the downside of this renovation app is that only a few basic features are free. To get the whole experience, you need to purchase the premium version. 

Houzz Home Design

Available: Play Store, App Store & Amazon App Store

Cost: Free

If you are looking through home renovation apps but can’t decide, Houzz Home Design is your one-stop solution. This is the most versatile app that can give you renovation ideas and will show you how it will look in reality.

Moreover, you can swipe through all the latest trends in the market so that your renovation style doesn’t get left behind. You can decide by looking at design images from 1,200 professionals in this app for house design. 

You can also discuss your idea with professionals, join a discussion forum and browse through 40 million renovation ideas.

Adding to its features, Houzz is compatible with all the major operating systems. This is the reason why it has thousands of active users.


Available: Play store & App store

Cost: First 2 projects are free

The house plan design app is perfect for people who are professionals in this field. Magicplan app will make your work easier whether you are in the home renovation industry or want to start one. 

What makes it one of the best professional renovation apps? It provides you with sketching and measuring features to help you create the exact design footprints in 2D and 3D.

There is an estimating tool that will reduce your laborious on-site computations. Additionally, this renovation planner app uses augmented reality (AR) and LiDAR scanning technologies that help with visualisation and measuring.

In the end, you can make detailed reports of the design by adding sample pictures, forms, and 360-degree pictures. After you are satisfied with the complete plan, add your logo and convert it to a PDF. 

Although it is a complete app with marvellous features, its in-app purchases are expensive, ranging from 13 AUD to 123 AUD per month.

IKEA Place Home

Available: Play Store, App Store & Amazon App Store

Cost: Free

Yes, IKEA just not only provides you with the most affordable furniture but also gives you one of the popular renovation apps. 

Just like browsing through endless home decor options physically in IKEA, you can do this in the comfort of your home. This great house plan app software provides users with 3D previews of furniture items while placing them in different parts of your home.

Its augmented reality technology also lets you click a picture in a particular section of your home. After you are happy with the particular photo, you can swipe decor items on that 2D image to select the one you like. 

Once you are happy with the end results, click on the furniture to purchase it directly from the app. If you are craving the Swedish meatballs, check the availability of the item in the nearby store and make an in-store purchase. 


Available: Apple App Store

Cost: Free (in-app purchases)

iScape is one of the most go-to apps for exterior house design or DIYers. It has very easy-to-use design tools to help you bring your home landscaping vision to reality.

Since its launch in 2008, it has gained popularity among the renovation apps. This is due to its simple designing tools that lets you buy the products you use in your design directly.

To begin with, utilise augmented reality or click your photos. Then slowly add trees, plants, and landscaping products to your mockup, and then purchase directly from the app.

This feature reduces the effort of browsing through the internet for the exact same items you chose in your design. Thus you can plan your next project effortlessly. 

Additionally, you can increase your knowledge by learning about plants and getting professional planting and maintenance guidance. You can get full access to such renovation apps features with a subscription of 41 AUD per month.

Project Colour

Available: Play Store & App Store

Cost: Free

This app by Home Depot falls under the category of renovation apps for painting. It allows you to select and see the ideal paint colour for any of your home DIY projects.

Make the messy painting task more accessible and more enjoyable with Project Colour. The app lets you browse thousands of colours and match current colours in your home with a 2D image.  

If you are confused, get ideas from hundreds of projects and designs. You may also see what paint colours are popular and trending and save or buy your favourite colours.

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