8 Expert Home Decorating Tips In Melbourne

February 16, 2023
Home decorating tips Melbourne

Key takeaways:

  • Choices in paint, floor plan, furniture, art, and accent pieces are all part of the interior decoration process. It may make a space seem brand new at a price that won’t break the bank.
  • Monochrome colour schemes, minimalist furnishings, natural materials, and enough natural light are all hallmarks of the modern design aesthetic.
  • An interior designer can help you create an expressive and relaxing interior design for your dream home.

As a result of Melbourne’s expensive and competitive real estate market, more and more first-time buyers are settling for less expensive homes. But how can you make the most of a smaller dwelling, as is the current trend

Well, we have the answer for you in the form of expert home decorating tips in Melbourne!

These brief design ideas summarise some of the techniques used by professional decorators and designers. And they can help make even a modestly sized room seem more inviting.

Furthermore, we believe these ideas will spark your creativity, give you a starting point and provide a foundation to build upon.

So let’s dive in!

Home decorating tips: Melbourne

Use of natural tones

Home decorating tips Melbourne

Within the last several years, we’ve seen widespread adoption of the neutral tones of the natural tones palette into home decor. From earthy wall art to monochrome loungewear, these hues serve to ground and soothe us in the bedroom and the living and dining room. 

You may bring this style into your house using organically shaped wall art or throw cushions in earthy tones and trendy homewares.

Decorating with neutral colours helps to provide a relaxing atmosphere by using hues within the same pallet. 

So for a unified effect, go for neutral tones such as beige, white, charcoal, grey, soft peach, and stone. 

Of course, you may bring plants, artwork, or a statement rug to inject some much-needed colour.

Embellishing with patterns and motifs for expressing personality

Adding your character to a house is easy. And you can blend different ethnic influences to create an eclectic interior that perfectly matches your vibe.

For example, a Moroccan rug, a colourful ceramic bowl from the East, and a lovely piece of Danish art glass, all acquired on various excursions, provide an interesting conversation starter and offer guests a glimpse into the home’s inhabitants.

Use mirrors to add more light

Melbourne is a sunny place, which is an attribute you must take advantage of.

Mirrors are another great idea for expanding the perception of space. Mirrors positioned immediately opposite windows can instantly brighten up a room, whether it’s a bigger or small space with little natural light

Also, mirrors can serve as wall decor in place of paintings or other artwork. Whether large or tiny, mirrors reflect light and provide the illusion of more space, especially in a small area. 

Another strategy for making a tiny room appear more open is to keep the windows clean and let in as much natural light as possible. The most drastic step would be to replace the existing front door with one that has frosted glass to maximise visibility while maintaining privacy.

Use of smart lights

Stylish and practical lighting solutions are a great way to improve your home’s functionality. Moreover, smart lighting lamps come with a dimmer switch at the top for easy illumination regulation.

Paint a wall space in a striking hue

Home decorating tips Melbourne

Using a striking wall colour may completely transform the look of a space. 

With that in mind, you should keep large pieces of furniture relatively neutral so that they don’t compete with the wall colour. And accent the wall colour with colourful throw pillows or table lamps.

Choose natural pieces

Home decorating tips Melbourne

When designing an organic, neutral space, using a wide range of textures is crucial to maintain visual appeal.

Lovely wool felt, mohair textiles, and other textural accents like Marble tile, resin, grey-washed oak, and battered metal may give a space with a predominantly bland tone visual appeal.

Also, one of the easiest ways to alter the atmosphere of a space is by rearranging the furniture. Rearranging furniture and rehanging artwork to match seasonal colour palettes may also breathe new life into a room.

Change up the patterns you use

Furniture and bedding staples in neutral tones provide a perfect canvas for mixing and matching various patterns.

Therefore, try different patterns by adding accents like throw pillows or a coffee table book with an eye-catching cover.

Consider a rug or accent chair with a daring geometric design if you’re still feeling adventurous.

Use more fabric

Home decorating tips Melbourne

Whether it’s a vintage bedspread from a trip, sheer curtains, or a scrap of modern fabric, a wall hanging made of fabric is a terrific alternative to framed artwork.

Wall hangings not only liven up a room with colour and texture but also help improve the acoustics of a room.

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