Guide to the Best Interior Design Styles in Melbourne

February 16, 2023
Interior design styles Melbourne

Key takeaways:

  • Usually, people are unaware that their choice of home decor belongs to one of the many available styles
  • The best interior design styles depend on the geographical setting
  • You can contact an interior designer to help you create your space

Learning about the various styles will help you name them and categorise your taste

This guide to interior design styles in Melbourne is here to give you a little inspiration before you hit the Melbourne home decor stores.

You should have a plan for the overall aesthetic and colour palette to create spaces before decorating begins. Only a select few people have the intrinsic capacity to create the best interior design styles by collecting parts together and having them magically work.

Learning about the various styles will help you recognise your style, which may include elements from many distinct designs. You can check out creations from the best interior designers Melbourne for inspiration.

Whether it’s on the budget decor side or you’re splurging a little, here are the most well-known home decor styles that can inspire you to freshen up your home.

The best interior styles Melbourne


Interior design styles Melbourne

Scandinavian interior design can be seen in minimalist aesthetics and the use of natural materials. Here, medium brown and light woods, bright white walls, substantial mirrors, and cosy, layered fabrics are used in a place that is minimal in design yet warm and inviting.

Natural light also plays a significant role, and designers in Scandinavian-style homes regularly experiment with this.

You might have already heard of the term hygge—it’s a way to express coziness and warmth in Danish and Norwegian. And in many ways, you can see this in the Scandinavian style.

Also, much of Scandinavian design uses subdued colours like mustard yellow, rust red, and other earth tones. Therefore, the simplistic appearance makes it easy to alter the look if you want to.

Contemporary design

For good reason, this aesthetic leaves many people scratching their heads. It is a malleable design style that draws inspiration from the here and now. 

Therefore, the traits that characterise this aesthetic are in a constant state of change. We also think that geography has a lot to do with this aesthetic; for example, modern Australian interior design may be distinguishable from the much more elaborate styles popular in Australia today. Currently, enormous abstract pieces of art, panelled feature walls, pops of colour in deep, subdued tones, and highly textured decoration characterise the modern style in Australia.

No matter how it develops, one constant in modern interior design is an affinity for opening up the home to its natural surroundings. Generally, there’s also an emphasis on the form, such as curving and arch designs, when up until recently, clean, simple lines predominated. 


If you can’t decide on a single design style for your home, an eclectic approach may be the best option. Why? Because it’s simply a blend of competing materials that produce a distinct misfit that is somehow harmonious.

Modern, decorative vintage, and rustic styles may all be found in homes. They result from combining features from several periods of architecture. These houses also include various traditional and contemporary materials, and various colours and textures.

Think cosy abodes with soft carpets, leather couches, and old hardwood furniture and floors. There has to be harmony between the many competing factors for this to operate. 


The bohemian style, which emphasises cultural appreciation and world travel, has quickly become one of the most prominent trends in home decoration. Hence, unique artefacts and artwork are the star pieces of these locations.

Interior design styles Melbourne

Boho homes embrace a neutral hue that’s added to the space with texture. Think of materials like rattan, braided wool, woven items, cotton textiles, cane, and ceramics. 

Chandeliers are a common focal point, along with wall weaving, oversized floor cushions, vintage furniture, and hanging chairs. While vintage pieces are still welcome in a contemporary bohemian setting, more refined and luxurious pieces are still acceptable.

Most lately, the bohemian design has shifted to dark-coloured or even black accent walls, creating a dramatic statement.

The terms “boho luxury” and “boho coastal” refer, respectively, to two of the most well-known hybrid boho styles.


The industrial style emphasises showing off the structure’s bare bones for an unfinished look and feel. The bones of a structure are frequently its stars, such as uncovered beams, concrete or brick walls, and visible pipes.

Interior design styles Melbourne

Hence, minimalist, practical furniture, steel light fittings, and colourful abstract wall photographic artwork are utilised. 

Occasionally, a lead designer will select bright accent colours like red and yellow, and other times the colour scheme will be more subdued and focus on texture and substance, such as when leather and metal are combined. This style is present in commercial spaces.


The Romantic period gave rise to the rustic style of interior design, which emphasises the beauty of nature without embellishment.

Interiors that evoke a connection with nature tend to have a farmhouse or cottage feel to them, with prominent fireplaces, dark wood, natural design elements, and even industrial hardware.

Weathered vintage furniture pieces, non-shiny metalwork, and natural fabrics will tie your rustic house together.

Mid-century modern

This design style alludes to the rebirth of mid-century design, such as the French Provincial style, but from a contemporary viewpoint.

Interior design styles Melbourne

Everything from the walls to the pillows in a mid-century modern home has sharp angles and futuristic patterns. This style appreciates wood and other natural materials.

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