9 Jardan Furniture Pieces We Can’t Live Without

February 22, 2022
jardan leroy chair

If you didn’t already know, we at Soho are obsessed with Jardan furniture. Its contoured edges and minimalist aesthetic create a look of effortless sophistication that we can’t get enough of.

When we spoke to Jardan’s Director, Nick Garnham last year, we discovered the work that happens behind the scenes. While the main intention of every creation is a piece that is “not only beautiful but also exceptionally comfortable”, what that means is an emphasis on really good design

From cultivating an innovative approach to conceptualisation, to sourcing sustainable materials, each step of the process is about impact. They are sensitive to the Australian way of life, incorporating a love of nature and an appreciation for artisanal craft.

The end result is a beautiful deck chair, light fixture, arm chair, and plenty more to exude that casual elegance our country is known for. So here are some of our personal favourite Jardan furniture pieces that have us swooning. 

Jardan sitting room furniture 

Jardan furniture marlo sitting room couch
Marlo Couch

In the words of a Soho team member, “I just want to jump on this Jardan couch, wrap myself up in a blanket and watch thrillers all day”—and we all get that!

With timber sourced from sustainable forests and foam seats that are environmentally certified, a long, indulgent day spent on the couch will be 100% guilt free. 

jardan furniture ace table
Ace Side Table

This luxurious and earthy side table immediately captivated us. A Tasmanian black wood top brings elegance to just about every living room, no matter how small

Jardan sol lamp
Sol Lamp

The timber veneer shade is what makes this Jardan lamp stand out. Unlike the more common materials that we find as lampshades, this one brings a more structured, architectural dimension.

We are loving the standing lamp for larger sitting rooms or the table lamp version for side tables and offices. 

Bedroom furniture 

jardan bed willow rattan
Willow Bed

A room is instantly made warmer with the presence of a rattan weave element, which is why rattan bed frames work so well. The bedroom, a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, is made more natural, and softer on the eyes with a headboard made of organic materials. 

jardan furniture rug spreckles
Spreckels Rug

Add a little bit of playfulness to the bedroom with this polka-dot style Jardan rug. Made from pure silk and wool, your feet will be comforted and your mood lifted from the moment you enter the room. 

Jardan outdoor furniture

jardan outdoor couch izzy
Izzy Outdoor Seating

The Izzy seat is just begging for us to come and play outdoors. The pastel, summer-inspired tones and timber frame are perfect for afternoons spent in the sun. Like many other seating offerings at Jardan, the Izzy is fully customisable from the size to the materials and finishes.  

Jardan furniture wattle outdoor table
Wattle Outdoor Table

Simple, sophisticated, sustainable—these expressions perfectly embody Jardan’s aesthetic and this Jardan dining table is no different. It’s made entirely out of spotted gum, an eastern Australian tree that’s ideal for outdoor fun. 

Jardan office furniture 

Jardan furniture jean chair
Jean Chair

A little retro, a little playful and very comfortable—we see this Jardan armchair as a pretty versatile piece. Add it to your home office for some character and comfort, and when there are one too many guests, bring it to the living room for some spontaneous seating. 

Jardan bookshelf preston
Preston Bookshelf

What’s not to love about this sleek, curvaceous bookcase? The Solid American Oakwood shelves are the ideal resting place for books, art, and objects to both organise and uplift your study. 

Want more?

Visit Jardan for their full collection. And while you’re at it, check out our articles on decorating and finding the right art for your home.  

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Isabelle de Braux
Isabelle is the Content Lead at Soho. Her dream home has a beachfront and giant kitchen island—possibly in the Byron region. Get in touch to explore content opportunities or just to say hi!
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