How To Nail Budget Home Decor Melbourne

February 16, 2023
Budget home decor Melbourne

Key takeaways:

Everyone passionate about design and buying furniture knows how time-consuming and costly it can be to maintain a stylish house. It’s common knowledge that furnishing a new house may be a significant financial burden. This is why it’s important to know how to nail budget home decor Melbourne.

One may expect to spend about $15,000 to adequately decorate a home. You may save a lot of money from this if you own a bed, sofa, table, and other pieces of furniture. Even with this, furnishing a home can still be pricey. However, several options can significantly cut down on this cost.

Even on a tight budget, you may get luxurious home furnishings. Many businesses that sell household goods overcharge for stuff you may find elsewhere for far less. This does not always imply settling for lower quality. It is not difficult to obtain reasonably priced high-quality goods; you simply have to know where to look.

Budget home decor Melbourne


Shein, a major player in the world of fashion, has recently made a splash into home decor. So, at the moment, prices in Shein are famously low, about one-third of what they would be in other countries.

Budget home decor Melbourne

The Chinese e-commerce firm sells an impressive selection of ornaments for the home. Shein offers almost every item necessary to furnish and decorate a home, including beds, kitchen appliances, and other household goods. TikTok videos have greatly increased the visibility of their fairy lights, curtains, artificial plants, and throw rugs.

It’s important to note that shipping from Shein, which has been accused of several instances of labour exploitation, presents a lot of ethical and fast fashion-related issues. More businesses care about ethics and provide affordable homewares options. Only resort to Shein if necessary.

Hello Polly 

Unaffiliated electronic marketplace Art prints, soft furnishings, and ceramics from several manufacturers are just some of the many home décor items and accessories offered by Hello Polly.

Hello Polly Home is the store’s brand of home goods, and it features limited edition prints of artwork by the store’s creator, Polly.

* Writer’s note: Hello Polly will be closing down and are currently offering 50% off site-wide.


Try Castlery if you want trendy, minimalist furnishings. Its low-priced furniture collection offers a cosy, welcoming vibe, but maintains a contemporary edge. Browse at your leisure from the convenience of your sofa with this shop that operates only online. Need a new table for your dining room?

The store has modern dining seats, mango wood tables, and vintage sideboards to choose from. It is also your go-to place if you’ve decided to upgrade your living room by replacing the couch your grandmother gave you with a brand-new, plush sectional.

You will most certainly have what you need in stock and at a price that won’t break the bank. Sign up for their mailing list to get a cheeky $50 discount on your first purchase just for signing up.


Kmart is a popular discount retailer in Australia. Surprisingly, it’s also one of Australia’s most ethical and ecological apparel businesses, ranking towards the top.

Budget home decor Melbourne

It’s easy to get everything you need for your house’s interior design at Kmart. They have ping pong tables in addition to toasters and tea kettles. Kmart’s aim is to provide necessities to households throughout Australia at rates they can afford.

Bed Threads

If you’re trying to find a way to upgrade your bedding, the hint is in the name itself!

Bed Threads meet your bedding needs and supply quality bedding materials will have you sleeping like a baby in no time. The store has over twenty colours of guaranteed flax bed linens and offers various customization options. This is in addition to discounts and sales bonuses; you can save up to 20% on its “create your own bundle” packages. 

Bed Threads also caters to other rooms, stocking various bath and table decorations, including waffle towels and brightly coloured table linens to express personality in any setting. Moreover, its little but mighty cookbook library is sure to impress you.

Cheap as Chips

Cheap as Chips is wholly owned by Australians. They run many retail outlets in the Australian states of South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales. Everything from ornamental accents to practical appliances, tools, and even the kitchen sink can be found on sale at this bargain basement store.

Facebook Market

Budget home decor Melbourne

You may save a lot of money on furniture and decorative items if you shop online on Facebook Marketplace. It’s not uncommon to see postings for brand-new, high-quality furniture items on Facebook Marketplace for pennies on the dollar.

In many cases, you may find barely-used furniture for a fraction of its original cost. This is mostly from people who are in a hurry to sell their homes or belongings because they are relocating or going on a trip. In most cases, they will be happy to just have the item gone, and you may even be able to haggle over the price.

There are some high-quality items on Facebook Marketplace, but they are few and far between. Moreover, you have to look out for red flags. Keep an eye on the descriptions. Never transfer money to a stranger on the internet without first seeing what you’re buying, and keep in mind that the individuals you’re dealing with are only trying to make a living. 

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