Discover The Latest Home Decor Trends In Melbourne

February 14, 2023
Home decor Melbourne

Key takeaways:

  • The pandemic effect on home interior decor is still ongoing
  • An interior designer can help you select from a huge range of styles to choose one that can fit perfectly
  • Keep up with the latest trends to create a beautifully decorated home the next time you visit a decor store

Do you want to discover the latest home decor trends in Melbourne?

It’s fascinating to see how the recent epidemic has influenced the extensive range of directions in design.

In the past two years, people have been spending more time at home, and these developments called for enhancing the quality of life there. In 2023, expect to see a rise in the popularity of hosting intimate gatherings at home. Recycling is a big deal and so are well-designed, long-lasting goods.

So, before heading to a home decor shop, read this post as we highlight the upcoming trends of 2023  home decor Melbourne.

Trendy home decor Melbourne

Core of comfort

Home decor Melbourne
Image credit: Metroflor

The emphasis on home cosiness and soft, inviting furnishings that began in 2022 is expected to continue throughout 2023. The beautiful natural element is the go-to to create serene and rejuvenating environments.

Furniture and lights with rounded corners and spheres will be trendy. This design trend will extend to prints in artwork and carpets. These forms have an inherent relaxing quality, yet they may be used to create stunning works of art.

It applies to every aspect of the house, including the dining room, bathroom items, and more. In 2023, convenience and ease will be priorities.

Home office

Home decor Melbourne

A home office nook, whether it be under the stairway, in your walk-in closet, or even in the kitchen, will be a popular design choice for 2023.

This isn’t your typical on-the-table remote work scenario. You can keep all your office supplies in one sleek, permanent location with this built-in desk. The aesthetic is less ‘office,’ and the integration into the room is smoother.

You should start thinking about a space in your house now to accommodate this fashion. Even though this will be a major event in 2023, it is also a classic design element that will stay relevant long after 2023. Let’s be honest, the option of working from home is here to stay.

Coloured items

Home decor Melbourne

You read it right; coloured objects are making a comeback. With the new year, comes a renewed feeling of fun via bold, vivid colour schemes that grab attention, a departure from the earthy, muted tones that have dominated Pinterest for seasons. In the warmer months, bold, eye-catching colours are a given.

The next time you visit a decor shop in Melbourne searching for accessories or knick-knacks, don’t be afraid to pick the boldest colours available.

A tablecloth with an accent colour or an exotic bedspread from Melbourne’s beautiful homewares stores is a great way to include some of the city’s bold colours into your current décor scheme.

Discrete countertops

Home decor Melbourne

Recently, white and neutral kitchens have been popular, and kitchen worktop designs have followed suit. However, this is expected to alter this year, with black and dark-coloured surfaces becoming more prevalent. These dark worktops are a fantastic complement to coloured cabinets and provide a striking contrast to an otherwise all-white or neutral kitchen.

Are you hesitant to wear all black? To get the appearance of real marble, use a work surface or slab backsplash with a deep black foundation and white, striated lines.

There has been a recent uptick in the use of dark, matte surfaces for their added depth and texture.  A rising number of clients have been opting for darker finishes recently.

Substitute for marble

Home decor Melbourne
Image credit: AD

The use of travertine in interior design will be one of Australia’s top trends in the year 2023. It doesn’t have to completely replace marble since the two materials complement each other so well, but it is a good option to keep in mind.

Travertine is more welcoming than marble, long-lasting, and costs about the same as the more common marble.

It works well as flooring but also makes very strong furniture. In 2023, travertine will be ubiquitous in the world of interior design, especially in the form of coffee tables, side tables, vases, trays, and other small decorative items.

Extra-large centrepiece lights

Home decor Melbourne

Don’t make an artwork or accent wall the showpiece of a space. In 2023, the statement piece in any room should be a massive table lamp. In reality, it entails swaying many huge lights across various areas in the house. It’s not the time to be modest.

It’s common to see lamps with massive, bell-shaped shades on nightstands, but that’s not the only place they belong. Large lights are very popular on kitchen countertops. You may just plug it into an outlet off to the side and display it on a kitchen island for decoration.

Eclectic vintage style

Home decor Melbourne
Image credit: Decorilla

Minimalism has been discarded in favour of a hectic lifestyle. Exciting! In 2023, more is more when it comes to style and home decor, just like we saw with colour palettes. It is a free pass to experiment with different design elements in the same room. This means it’s time to unleash your imagination and discover your style.

The contemporary trend in interior design is called eclecticism, and it emphasises contrast rather than harmony, allowing you to express your sense of style via a combination of colours, materials, vintage furniture, and accents.

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