Why Everyone Should Consider Living in Mildura 

June 15, 2022
mildura population

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If you have always wanted a laid-back and easy city to live in, then Mildura might be the place for you. 

Mildura has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and is a great tourist destination located on the Murray River in the northwest of Victoria. 

It is a multicultural community, and there are over 78 nationalities in this part of Australia. Mildura is one of the fastest-growing inland cities in Australia. 

It is six hours northwest of Melbourne and a great vacation city. Mildura has the most stunning natural landscapes, and even with its proximity to the desert, it has metropolitan amenities. 

If you need a city with renowned educational institutions, incredible wineries, and tasty food, then you should consider living in Mildura. 

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The Mildura population

mildura population

Mildura has a small community, so whether you’re moving to this city as a student, single person or with a family, you will enjoy an inclusive community. 

Since Midura is a regional city, it has a small population, and it’s rather easy to know and meet everyone. Mildura’s population recorded over 50,000 people in 2021.

These people are diverse and multicultural. It is safe to say while in Mildura, you can meet exciting people born in other countries. 

It is a close-knit community; friendly neighbours will ensure you never feel alone, even as a newcomer. 

The age group in the Mildura population is families with young children. 

There are more families with kids and an almost even number of singles and families without kids. 

Cost of living

mildura population
Property for sale in Mildura

A significant reason why you should consider living in Mildura is that it is super affordable. As a regional area, the cost of living is low. 

In Mildura, there are over 16,750 dwellings. There are also many house listings available in Mildura. 

The median house price in Mildura is $410,000, while the median price points for units $265,000. This is quite affordable compared to other parts of the country. 

The median rental price is $360/week for houses and $270/week for units.

The city’s affordability is one reason people rent homes and invest in property. If you are moving to Mildura as a student, the area is budget-friendly. 

Mildura lifestyle

mildura population

Mildura allows you to live a country lifestyle in a city setting. It has the trendiest cafes and restaurants. 

It is home to fresh food, and most high-quality food sent to other parts of Australia and the environs comes from Mildura. 

If you want to start a food business, Mildura is the perfect place because you sure will thrive. 

The primary produce in Midura is nuts, olives, oranges, carrots and dried fruits. It is the heart of Victoria’s food bowl. 

Mildura is always a great place to begin your agricultural journey. There are always open farms waiting nearby, and it is one of Australia’s most productive provinces. 

The city is a citrus-producing area with excellent vineyards, making it a great contributor to good wines in the region. 

There are incredible wineries like the Oak Valley Estate, Sunyrasia Cellar Door and Capogreco Winery Estate. 

There is always a wine option to satisfy your tastebuds and cravings while in Mildura. 

Mildura schools

mildura population

Mildura has excellent schools. There are several university campuses, but the people of Mildura take pride in SuniTAFE (Sunraysia Institute of TAFE). 

Mildura also has the Monash University School of Rural Health, La Trobe University and other universities with inclusive education programmes. 

It allows you to enjoy courses in arts, medicine or engineering. If furthering your education is your goal, a programme is available for you at the many institutions in Mildura. 

Transportation in Mildura

There is a great transport system in Mildura. The catch to the transport system is that every ride feels like a tour around the city. 

Getting around the city will require a bus or a taxi. The city is also super peaceful for walks, which is why people are moving to Mildura. 

Mildura has wide, flat streets that make cycling a safe and easy means of transportation. 

Mildura weather

mildura population

Mildura has one of the most pleasant climates in all of Australia. It is also known as the ‘sunny oasis’ or an ‘oasis in the sun’ because of the warm weather and blue skies. 

Mildura is lovelier in the summer as you can soak yourself up in the sun for long hours. It has the highest average sunshine in Victoria. 

It is best to say Mildura is hot in the summer and mild in the winter. 

Mildura side attractions

mildura population

Midura sits on the banks of the Murray River, which is its major side attraction. 

If you’re visiting, you can enjoy some activities like kayaking, boat cruise, water-skiing and other activities that can keep you busy for days. 

Mildura is an excellent choice for retirees because it puts them on nature’s doorstep. 

It has more than one mill hectares of natural parks surrounding the region. 

The Mildura Arts Center has a sculpture park. The city has a bursting art scene that will serve as an inspiration for your creativity. There are art festivals in the city. 

Access to stores

There are over 20 convenience stores in Mildura offering services for people of different nationalities. 

The stores are in and around the famous Mildura Center Plaza. These convenience stores offer a range of groceries, toiletries, soft drinks and snacks. 

For students, access to these convenience stores creates after-school job opportunities. There are other employment options for the residents of Mildura. 

When you move, finding a job won’t be a problem as there are opportunities in tourism, retail and the health industries.  

Most of the gas stations and convenience stores run for 24 hours. 

The same can be said about pharmacies and medical services in Mildura. The city also has private and public hospitals. 

Mildura activities

mildura population
Mildura Motorcycle Club

Mildura’s community spirit is energetic, which extends to community events. There are over 300 events in a year if you move to Mildura. 

If you love motorbikes, Mildura has a motorcycle club that always hosts events. Sports lovers can also engage in cricket, tennis, and basketball events. 

There are musical events and exhibitions to showcase the city’s rich culture. There is also a golf course in the regional area. 

Because of the presence of the Murray River, there are various recreational activities. There is a large sporting complex with all the facilities you can imagine. 

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