The 8 Best Suburbs to Invest in Melbourne 2022 

April 29, 2022
How Much Does It Cost to Live Comfortably in Melbourne?

Are you looking to invest in real estate in Melbourne but don’t know where to start? The southeastern city has many premium locations, so what are the best suburbs to invest in Melbourne?

In 2020 and 2021, Melbourne was one of the worst-hit cities in Australia during the prolonged lockdown periods. With the ravaging pandemic, the property market went on a downward spiral. Some of the cheapest houses for sale in Melbourne dipped further in value.

However, Melbourne house prices recovered toward the end of last year. The overall price increase in its houses rose to 18% in September last year, compared to the opening prices of 2021.

The recovery is still in progress, and as Melbourne has begun to retake shape, you can take advantage of the boom.

Based on features like landmarks and proximity, you will like to acquire properties that will readily attract buyers while having good returns on your investment is a win.

Here are the 8 best suburbs to invest in Melbourne 2022.

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House for sale in Caulfield VIC

If you’re wondering which suburb in Melbourne is best to invest in, Caulfield should be included in your list. 

Just 12 km away from the Central Business District, Caulfield provides access to crucial areas in Victoria. 

The transport system backs up the ease with well-serviced tram and bus routes and nearby rail lines in Cranbourne, Frankston, Pakenham, and Sandringham.

The population is reasonable, with almost 6,000 people, which comprises professionals, families, and students, thanks to a branch of Monash University, so your property will get off the market in a wink.

On average, homes in Caulfield cost $795,000.The median yearly price change is good: 16.97%.


House for sale in Bentleigh VIC

This place is the couple’s hub of Melbourne! Many established families call Bentleigh home, as one of the best suburbs to invest in Melbourne under $500k.

Bentleigh has a handful of parks, schools, and restaurants and all these amenities satisfy the cultural diversities.

Moving from one place to the other is seamless with train and bus services; what else can a family need? 

The median buy price for homes in Bentleigh stands at $1,725,500, and the annual price change is 13.67%.


House for sale in Brighton VIC

Named after an English seaside resort, Brighton is located in Bayside, Australia, a stone’s throw away from the Central Business district.

The suburb boasts some of the grandest homes for a whopping median price of $3 million and a yearly price change of 11.95%. These figures easily make it one of the best Melbourne suburbs to invest in.

What’s more? Brighton has many mini buildings up for grabs. This sort is highly sought after by downsizers, and it makes fast sales for investors looking to make a lucrative investment.

All the necessities for work and play are available, from shopping complexes and outstanding schools to restaurants, beaches, and cafes.

 With three train stations, you can get to almost anywhere in and out of Brighton as you wish.


Apartment for sale in Sandringham

Home to the family-drawing beachside with the band rotunda, Sandringham is one of the best suburbs to invest in Melbourne with eye-catching prices.

The suburb gives off affluence in its type of schools, sports, and social life. These features make Sandringham an ideal location for investors and families looking to live in a serene environment. 

The median property price is $2,435,000, with average price changes of 18.2%.

Surrey Hills 

House for sale in Surrey Hills VIC

The hills overlook a family-oriented community. This setting is cast around The Union Road shopping village, where families can interact over cups of coffee at the cafes and walk-ins at department stores.

These qualities make Surrey Hills a perfect abode for singles, retirees, families with kids, and professionals. 

For fun and recreation, inhabitants can watch various teams play at the Canterbury Sports Ground, a home stadium for the Canterbury Cobras. A picnic can be held if it’s a sunny day; Surrey hills has two parks and gardens for outdoor time.

An affluent suburb like Surrey hills comes with a huge price. The median house price is $2,302,000, and every year, it follows an upward trend of 21.81%. 

Investors can swoop on the old villa homes in Surrey hills. With a good revamp, one can make enviable returns on such properties.

Box Hill 

Apartment for sale in Box Hill

With the Town Hall, Box Hill gives prospective buyers a glimpse of what to expect from their architecture. Besides looks, the Town hall has an Art Space where art lovers go to feed their eyes.

Box Hill is also home to a massive Chinese community and spots the tallest highrise buildings, second only to those in the Central Business District.

These two features are related on one front: business. A criss-cross of bus lanes, a railway station, and multiple shopping complexes explain the rest. 

With many Asians in the area, international buyers are trooping in, and they will do good business on properties to settle down.

Box Hill’s median house price is $1.67 million, subject to yearly changes of 13.2%.


Apartment for sale in Beaumarais

Known for the self-named cliff on its coastline, Beaumaris has a high demand market for housing with an equally high median price: $2.14m median buy price and an average annual price shoot of 26.1%.

In truth, the variety of architectural styles used in Beaumaris makes it one of the best suburbs to invest in Melbourne

To date, you can see Victorian homes across the affluent locality with nurtured gardens—a likeable scenery for retirees and growing families.

The transport system is up and running with bus routes linking with railway lines, and the area is blessed with schools and sports. 

However, home buys are more common in Beaumaris than rents.


Apartment for sale in Mordialloc

This beachside suburb leaves out little to nothing in support of a convenient lifestyle. Whether single or married, workers and their children have a place in Mordialloc. 

Together with the waters, there are reserves and parks. There are also cafes, restaurants, and shops open around the clock on the beach, busy with commercial activities. 

Movement is fluid as there are easy car and train routes out of Mordialloc that can see you through the 24km out to the Central Business District.

Mordialloc provides good tourism services like leasing apartments as AirBnB for holiday goers. Homes go on sale for a median price of $1.3m, and prices can rise by 28.6% over a year.

Looking for your next property investment in Melbourne?

You could expand your search by looking into the cheapest houses in Victoria to see how those outer suburbs are performing. Often, affordable suburbs are growth suburbs and can provide opportunities for capital growth.

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