The 10 Coolest Suburbs in Australia 

June 15, 2022

If you are looking for the coolest suburbs in Australia to move to, you’re in luck because you have several amazing options. 

There are great regions to move to in Australia, ranging from remote or rural settings to amazing towns and vibrant suburbs. 

Each suburb in Australia is suitable for different kinds of people based on choices. Australia’s coolest suburbs are those full of restaurants, vintage fashion, bars, etc. Locals wander the surroundings, get creative, or go shopping in stores. 

Let’s explore 10 coolest suburbs in Australia based on factors like safety, housing style, leisure, and lifestyle. 

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1. Wynnum Esplanade, Brisbane 

coolest suburbs in australia
House for sale in Wynnum Esplanade

The Wynnum Esplanade suburb in Brisbane is a perfect pick for families. It has an amazing waterfront walkthrough, perfect for strolling or riding bikes or scooters. 

It also has an amazing water park with an available water stream area for toddlers. On the other side, there’s a wave-free wading pool for kids. 

During the winter, they usually drain the pool to let people play volleyball. If you choose to sit and chill off, this suburb has a pandanus beach. 

The beach is waveless as well, making it safe for kids. There are a lot of playgrounds, shaded spots to have lunch, and grasslands to spread your blanket and have a picnic. 

Down the road, there is a nice shop to get fish and chips. Families have several options to choose from to have a great day of fun. 

While the car park doesn’t get filled quickly, there’s still enough space for street parking. 

2. Rose Bay, Sydney

coolest suburbs in australia
House for sale in Rose Bay

In Sydney, several inner harbour beaches make it convenient to live and get beach sand between your toes. 

Rose Bay is one of Australia’s suburbs that offers one of the biggest beaches in the harbour. 

Fortunately for dog owners, they can bring their dogs to Rose Bay as it’s an off-leash beach, and there are just a few in Sydney. 

As Rose Bay is just about six kilometres east of the CBD, this suburb offers several accommodation options ranging from homes worth millions of dollars to high-rise apartments. 

In addition, rental prices in this suburb are very much affordable. They don’t always reflect property prices, so getting a room in an apartment is much easier than you imagine. 

3. Fortitude Valley, Brisbane 

coolest suburbs in australia
Apartment for sale in Fortitude valley

Fortitude Valley, also referred to as “the valley”, is among the coolest suburbs in Australia. 

All credits are to its amazing nightlife, cafes, and the Chinatown mall. The average home price in this suburb is about $1,000,000, and the average unit price can cost around $415,000. 

Fortitude Valley, just five kilometres off CBD, is about a nine-minute drive to the city centre or twelve minutes maximum on public transit. 

In the valley, residents enjoy proximity to schools, markets, etc., and about 43% of residents have parklands nearby. 

4. Clifton Hill, Melbourne 

coolest suburbs in australia
Apartment for sale in Clifton hill

Clifton Hill, just about four kilometres off Melbourne’s business district, is linked to the CBD through major highways. 

As it’s closer to the capital city, it offers its residents easy access to social amenities, including schools, health and recreational centres, markets, etc. 

In this suburb, you also get to see sports facilities like Darling gardens, a football pitch, a skatepark, and hiking trails running through Merri Creek. 

5. Redcliffe, Brisbane

coolest suburbs in australia
House for sale in Redcliffe

Even as Brisbane is the capital of the sunshine state, it has just a few beaches to boast of. 

Most people may consider Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast for their sea change, but it’s still not an ideal option for many people. 

Thinking of the suburb where the beach action happens, think of the Redcliffe peninsula. 

Redcliffe, a thirty-minute drive off CBD, is the best suburb in Brisbane to have a feel of beachside living. 

Even if it isn’t the prettiest, the presence of sand and ocean should do it for most people. 

With the ongoing development in Redcliffe, accommodations can be seen to range from modern apartments to old school getaway homes. 

6. Manly, Sydney

coolest suburbs in australia
House for sale in Manly

With the perfect tree lining, smooth sand, and water condition convenient for everyone, it’s easy to see why Manly is ranked among the best suburbs in Australia. 

Even though it is twenty minutes off CBD, many suburbs still feel the hustle of living in the city. 

With the nice cafe and excellent nightlife, you might not just want to leave this suburb. 

Also, you should know that accommodation in Manly can be overwhelming, especially during summer. 

7. Rossmoyne, Perth

House for sale in Rossmoyne

Rossmoyne ranks among the coolest suburbs in Australia, with an average home price of $1,000,000. 

Rossmoyne is situated 14 kilometres south of Perth, making it easy for residents to enjoy the perks of living in the city. 

In Rossmoyne, several amenities like the shopping mall include a cafe, restaurant, and supermarket. 

There are sports facilities such as tennis courts, schools, and a bowling club. The excellent bus services make moving to and from the city quick and easy. 

8. Rostrevor, Campbell Town 

coolest suburbs in australia
House for sale in Rostrevor

Speaking of cool suburbs in Australia suitable for families with young kids, think Rostrevor suburb. 

Rostrevor is just ten kilometres off Adelaide’s central business district and is a base for many schools like Rostrevor baptist church, Stradbroke school, etc. 

With the available parks and recreation, Rostrevor offers a conducive and active environment for raising kids. 

9. Wahroonga, Sydney 

coolest suburbs in australia
House for sale in Wahroonga

Wahroonga, meaning ‘our home’, is an aboriginal word. The excellent tree lining and attractive parks make this suburb one of the coolest in Australia. 

Wahroonga is a forty-five-minute journey from Sydney by train. Still, this suburb’s residents don’t bother going to the capital city as they have several shopping malls and businesses. 

This suburb also has reputable schools to enrol your kids for families with kids. It also has schools for disabled students like St Lucy’s school. 

The Ku-ring-gai chase national park, the second oldest park in Australia, is also located in this suburb. 

10. Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

coolest suburbs in australia
House for sale in Burleigh Heads

Burleigh is a popular suburb on the Queensland Gold coast, with its beach having a protected swimming spot. 

Just south of the suburb, the national park offers nature walks and attractive views across the beach, heading to the surfer’s paradise. 

Accommodation in this suburb is limited to apartments close to the beach and houses a few blocks away. 

Even as it isn’t among the cheapest suburbs, Burleigh is far more affordable than its neighbouring suburbs. 

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