City or Country Living: What’s Better?

June 9, 2022
City or Country Living

When choosing between the city or country, you should consider multiple factors that may affect your present well-being and future. 

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Country living

Australia is known for its land, but it is natural to ask yourself if it is better to live in the city or country. The regional versus urban debate in Australia has gone back decades. 

As the country’s population grows, more people have been considering moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city to more remote locations of living. The city and country are fairly different, but debating those differences is what will bring you to your answer of city or country?  

Country calm

One thing that the country has over the city is its serenity. Country living entails being far removed from neighbours, buildings, and, essentially, the rest of the world.

For those who crave peace and space, the country wins in the city or country debate. The density of urban areas has grown significantly since 2018 when it was determined that the average size of a home was 186.3 square metres. 

This number is only dropping compared to living out in the country.  

house with two chimneys


Something else that the people living in the countryside have over the urban life is never having to feel lonely. People in smaller country towns tend to be more connected compared to their city counterparts.

When it comes to country vs city, only one of them provides a sense of community. Some have complained that they don’t like everyone in town ‘knowing their business,’ but others cherish the togetherness that only the country can provide.  

Local foods

City vs country does not compare when considering fresh food. Although the marketplace may be just within a walking distance of the city, it does not provide the local foods that the country can give.  

When considering the city or country, take into consideration what kind of foods you prefer. Local produce from farms that you’ve seen with your own two eyes can guarantee that no chemicals or genetically modified substances are involved in what you are digesting.  

Good living standards 

A country lifestyle involves more community engagement and larger living space along with more access to the natural world. Having fresh air, less noise pollution, and smaller class sizes all play a part in why people prefer the country in the city or country debate.

By incorporating more outdoor activities, you are improving your physical and mental health. These are fairly important, which is a huge pull of the countryside.  

Less chaos

black single cab pickup truck with brown wood logs

In the country, there are significantly fewer jobs and infrastructure to distract you from life. When looking at it from a different perspective, though, there are fewer jobs available as well as modes of transportation and manmade features that have made life easier. 

If you are looking to have a career change, consider the lower wages you may be faced with once moving to the countryside. This should not act as a deterrent, though, because it has been proven that wage growth in regional areas is just as up to par as wage growth in urban centres.  

Far from the rest of the world

If you prioritise distance from friends and family, this could be an escape for you. It will be a long drive that not everyone is willing to take. 

On the other hand, if you cherish time with friends and family, the trip to and from your home may be a taxing one whenever you would like to visit them.  

City living

cars parked in front of building during daytime

Living in the city has its own set of appeals. The city or country debate is mostly dependant on what you want out of your living situation.

Even so, there is a difference between those who choose to live in the inner-city areas versus those who choose to live in suburban areas.  

The difference between city to country can be just as varying as the difference between inner-city to suburbia. You simply have to ask, do you prefer to live in a city or the countryside, and the answer will most likely be on the tip of your tongue. 

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A sure benefit of city life vs country life is the various entertainment options that can be found in most urban areas. This is why it is typically a hotspot for younger demographics. 

Entertainment places such as cafes, restaurants, gyms, theatres, and more scatter the city in this respect. If this is important to you, ask yourself, what are the disadvantages of living in a city, and do they outweigh the benefits?   

Career prospects 

There are greater career opportunities for someone who lives in the city. This is because job prospects are more diversified and concentrated for easy access.

You may find that the job you want is located in the city, but it is important to consider the newer direction many companies are flowing towards, which is 100% remote work. 

Not very affordable

red bicycle parked beside black metal gate in front house

There is a common lack of affordability when it comes to cities in Australia. Whether it be because of rent prices or just increased prices on day-to-day items, this is the main reason many Australians are moving out of the city, especially Sydney and Melbourne.

Earning enough money to live is at the forefront of many people’s minds, so living in the city is simply not affordable for some. 

Transportation options

Cities in Australia have the benefit of easy and accessible public transportation. You don’t even need a car most times. So the only question to ask is, do you prefer to live in the city or the countryside?  

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