What is Hamptons Style and How Do I Create it at Home?

June 1, 2022
What is hamptons style, and how do I create it at home?

Wondering what is Hamptons style? You don’t have to live on a beachfront property to have a Hamptons-style home, but that would be wonderful! 

A Hamptons design can be achieved in any space, and Australian homes are ideal for it.

The Hamptons design is fresh and modern when done correctly, with just the appropriate level of cosiness. What is better than having a house that takes you on vacation every day?

It’s no surprise that Sydney’s locals like the relaxed luxury of Hamptons-style homes. The Hamptons portrays a laidback, coastal elegance lifestyle with the old-world charm of a summer beach home retreat. 

Let’s explore what Hamptons style is and how you can achieve this design at home. 

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What is Hamptons style?

People frequently wonder where the Hamptons style originated. The luxurious holiday houses of Long Island’s “The Hamptons” inspired the interior design of Hampton style residences.

The Hamptons are a collection of beach communities on the United States East Coast. The coastline is lined with extensive lengths of beautiful beaches and 18th Century estates and cottages. In the summer, the affluent and famous often flock there for the season.

As we know it, the Hamptons style is an American version of statement European design traditions with influences from the Baroque, Rococo, and Empire eras. 

These features formed the ideal foundation for one of the most prominent design trends that would overtake the interiors of coastal homes throughout America’s east coast.

Hampton’s design seamlessly presents a sophisticated, eclectic blend of periods through a neutral colour palette of whites, creams, greys, and blues. 

The soft furnishings are usually layered textures, sometimes mixed with stripes or flowers. The broad dimensions and often extensive roomy zones that characterize the design provide a sense of peace and beach vacation emotions.

The Hamptons style has rapidly gained recognition in Australia due to its elegant seaside mood that appears effortless but polished. 

As a coastal nation, homeowners are naturally drawn to this bright, fresh, and airy look that feels calm.

How to create Hamptons style at home 

We have devised strategies to accomplish precisely a Hampton style house.

1. Choose and layer the right fabrics

The materials utilized in Hamptons style homes favour linens, wools, cotton, and silks, emphasizing the natural aspect once again. 

The focus is on interacting with natural fibres and textures while adhering to the light, bright, and sumptuous design. This implies that woods are often blonde or bleached to brighten the space.

Texture layering is widespread, and you can have fun with it. For example, You can cover a white linen couch with a hefty beige natural wood blanket. 

This can further be dispersed with neutral cushions and possibly one or two monochromatic patterned main pieces. Stripes, as well as chequered or gingham motifs, are used due to their nautical associations.

2. High-quality furniture is the way to go

Because these homes are for affluent people’s vacation homes, they are typically built up for entertaining, with furnishings and arrangements being especially significant.

One significant characteristic of Hamptons style interior design is the flow between rooms. The formal lounge frequently goes into the formal dining room, via the Hamptons style kitchen, and out to the outdoor gathering space.

It is critical to arrange your furnishings to encourage conversation and group entertainment. 

For example, a lounge will often centre a huge Hamptons style living room, with giant upholstered armchairs in bright blue patterns, ottomans, banquette seating, and even window seats.

The furniture quality in Hamptons-style houses is the most crucial element, with things frequently conventional in design but superior in quality — including materials and craftsmanship. 

You won’t find wood veneer or cheap knotty pine woods, just high-quality oaks and other blonde hardwoods. 

This concept continues outside – Hampton style verandahs are ideal for attractive outdoor dining for two, while the more large Hamptons style outdoor space can accommodate the entire family.

3. Natural flooring fits the theme perfectly

Natural finishes are at the top of the Hampton style flooring options list, with timber floorboards famous for endurance and versatility.

Light oaks, ashy hardwoods, and even darker walnuts and teaks fit nicely into this design. 

The deeper tones anchor the area and add some structure to the light whites and neutrals seen throughout the rest of the interior.

Use a natural stone in bathrooms and focal points such as the foyer or connect the open plan kitchen to outdoor leisure spaces. 

In addition, yellow sandstones, granite, slate, travertines, and marble are popular choices.

Carpets are rare options in major entertainment and social rooms. Light-coloured carpets with low piles, on the other hand, may be used to bring warmth and texture to any Hamptons-style bedroom.

Floor rugs are used in shared spaces to create a focal point and tie together disparate furniture items to form a coherent whole. 

Let’s visualize the setting as a formal living room, with two large sofas, two to three armchairs, and a few ottomans that are carefully arranged following a patterned rug to tie the pieces together.

4. Use bright lighting

Because the foundation colour of Hamptons style homes is usually a dazzling white, lighting is crucial in establishing the mood. 

Overhead lights are frequently sculptural pendant pieces, and numerous light sources are commonly employed, with floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces contributing to the lighting mix. 

This sets the tone for entertaining in any Hamptons-style lounge space without harsh overhead lighting.

Wall sconces hung around mirrors in the bathroom lend a classic touch, and diffused warm yellow light bulbs are required – no blinding white or fluorescent lamps here!

5. Crystals and wood make the perfect dining area 

The dining area, connected to the living room, is intended to feel exceptional. You can use a duck-egg blue grasscloth wall covering. 

Crystal drop lights dangle above a restored ancient American wood table flanked by magnificent carvers and unique chairs with a slipcover.

6. Choose intricate indoor panelling 

Inside Hamptons style homes, the intricate and ornate details continue with precise trim around the skirting boards, ceilings, cornices, and moulding. 

However, these are not excessively flashy since they are naturally toned with the same pristine whites and neutral tones seen throughout a Hamptons style home’s interior.

Tongue-and-groove shiplap or wainscoting, and wall panelling covering the lower wall section, is another common design feature.

Shiplap, which takes its name from the form of overlapping joint used to manufacture ships, naturally conjures a seaside atmosphere.

7. The final touches

Continue the theme with square timber balustrades painted white on staircases and balconies. 

Next, choose a lustrous white or black front door with striking porch lights on each side. 

Finally, use panelling as a ceiling feature and coffered or vaulted ceilings to add height.

Like our Hamptons style ideas?

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