8 Cosy Fireplace Ideas

June 1, 2022
fireplace ideas

When the winter comes, only a few things can be more satisfying than having a cosy fireplace in your home. So if you’re here looking for some creative fireplace ideas, you’re in the right place.

Aside from the benefit of warmth, a fireplace has a way of transforming a house into a home. 

It’s a conversation starter, a place where your guests gather during dinner parties, a romantic spot, and it brings a space together. 

Having a fireplace in your home also has numerous advantages. It increases your home’s value and serves as a source of light if your power ever goes out. 

If you are looking for fireplace ideas for your home, you’re in luck! Let’s explore eight cosy fireplace ideas that you might want to try out.

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1. Designer ghost fireplace

Image Source: Architonic

If you are looking for modern fireplace ideas, the Ghost designer fireplace is excellent. 

This fireplace is made of glass and steel materials and is suitable for residential and commercial spaces. 

The glass part of the Ghost fireplace gives it a modern feel, and the transparency of the glass also makes it easy for it to fit into a diverse range of decor ideas of any theme and colour.

If you are a fan of freestanding fireplaces that give a modern vibe, the Ghost fireplace is your best bet. 

The ethanol burner capacity of the Ghost is about 2.5 litres and has a burn time of up to eight hours. 

The Ghost is in tandem with the ACCC safety rules and can warm up rooms up to 20 square feet. 

This is undoubtedly one of the best fireplace ideas that can complement your home perfectly. 

2. Contemporary freestanding wood heater

Image Source: ArchitecturalDigest

Another modern fireplace idea you might want to consider for your home is the freestanding wood heater. 

As the name suggests, it’s a freestanding fireplace that offers you the opportunity to see superb and clear views of the flame. 

This fireplace can easily be mounted on a heath or installed on your preferred type of bench.

It has an efficiency of up to 62% and provides heat through radiation and convection modes. 

It is also rated at 8.7 kW. If you have a modern/contemporary design theme in your home, this fireplace will complement it perfectly. 

3. Sherwood mantel electric fireplace

Image Source: TheGoodguys

One electric fireplace idea that gives you the feel of a real fire is none other than the Sherwood Mantel. 

This electric fireplace, rated at 2Kw, is built on the concept of Revillusion Flame technology and Realogs Plus, which consists of hardwood-cast logs. 

One thing that makes this fireplace exciting is that you can use the electric flames without the heat source.

This fireplace can be set up in minutes at a low cost. Unlike some other fireplace ideas, this one allows easy movement between rooms. 

If you’re not sure which of the fireplace ideas to choose to help you fight the cold hands of winter, consider the Sherwood Mantel. You will be glad you did!

4. Ergofocus suspended fireplace

Image Source: Archdaily

Another fireplace idea that will keep your home warm and add to the decor is the Ergofocus Suspended fireplace. 

This fireplace is suspended from the ceiling in a black steel cage and can rotate 360°. The good looks of the Ergofocus and its great heating capacity ensure it is both relevant aesthetically and functionally.

The rotating feature makes it possible for the fire to be enjoyed by everyone in the room. 

It has an efficiency of about 46.1% and a nominal thermal output of 5 kW and is a bold fireplace choice.

If you are looking for the best fireplace ideas to help warm an open space during winter, you should go for the Ergofocus suspended fireplace.

5. The library fireplace

Image Source: Architecturaldigest

No one goes into their libraries anymore. The innovation of the smartphone has no doubt greatly contributed to having more dusty books on the shelves. 

However, it’s always advised to take a break from devices and grab a book now and then, and a library fireplace may be the motivation you need.

Having a fireplace in your library will keep you warm as you flip through the pages of your favourite books on cold winter evenings. 

A library fireplace is certainly one of the best fireplace ideas you should try out. 

6. The gallery fireplace

Image Source: nlalorphotography

If you want to make your gallery room cosy, you should put a contemporary fireplace in place. 

You can design it to your taste with your favourite pictures or paintings. It also makes an incredible space for entertaining guests.

Your guests can remain warm as they admire your artwork while sipping on a great bottle of wine. 

7. The lopi cypress GS2


Image source: Fireplacemasters

The Lopi Cypress GS2 is a contemporary freestanding gas fireplace that can help keep your home cosy on those cold evenings. 

This fireplace has amazing features, including the Ember-Fyre burner, which has a high definition log. 

The large heating capacity and its three ceramic glass panels translate to an incredible heat source and an amazing view. It also has several venting options.

8. Stix portable fire pit

Image source: Stix

Another great fireplace idea you might want to try out in your home is the Stix portable fire pit. 

The Stix is an outstanding fireplace with a contemporary twist on the traditional campfire. 

It consists of tubular stainless steel sticks of different sizes, which perfectly create a visually striking and practical fire for indoor and alfresco environments.

Whenever you are creating a fireplace in the home, the safety of you and your family is a priority. 

It’s okay to be concerned about whether a fireplace idea is safe or not, and this is why you must pick fireplace ideas that comply with state regulations. 

It is worthy of note that Stix portable fire pit also complies with the ACCC safety mandate. So it is perfectly safe for your home. 

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