4 Tips For Designing An Attractive Living Room

May 18, 2022
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Every homeowner wants their living space to be beautiful and be the most talked-about home in the neighbourhood. If you’re among them, you can only achieve this by designing your home attractively. 

Your house has many spaces: from the living room, the kitchen, down to the bedrooms. It’s said that among the most important spaces your visitors will experience is your living room. Your living room is the first space guests walk into between the two as they enter your home. Therefore, it needs to be elegant.

You can achieve this elegance by adopting various design tips in your living room. What are these design tips? Read on to find out more about them.

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1. Add Life Into Your Living Room With Plants

Most living room spaces tend to be lifeless due to poor planning, yet this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Consider bringing life into your space by incorporating plants. Several plants can thrive indoors, such as the Snake plant, Boston fern, and Spider plant. Your plant choice should depend on their cost, maintenance needs, and how they grow.

Refrain from purchasing plants that grow into a bush for they might make your living room look untidy. Also, ensure you can maintain them to prevent them from rotting and making the air in your home stuffy. 

designing your home

How will you incorporate the plants? Place them at either end of your door entrance. Utilize a large pot plant for this area to make them stand out since there’s always less going on decoration-wise around your door. If you have an open bookshelf, place small-sized plants in small pots on one of the shelves, preferably in a central location. Alternatively, place the potted plant on the bookshelf or any other shelf in your living room if they’ve closed compartments. 

You can also have the plants along your walls. To do this, add living room shelves at strategic points on the wall. If you only have one wall to place your plants, have the floating shelves at the centre. Place the shelves in an alternating manner, where they form a kind of zigzag pattern. Once again, use small pots and small-sized plants. Put the plant at the centre of each shelf, preferably one on each shelf. 

2. Use Wallpaper

photo of flat screen television

Wallpapers aim at adding life to your walls. Your walls don’t need to be plain and in a solid colour. 

Plus, wallpaper suffices if you don’t have the skill to add patterns on your walls as you paint them or if it’s an expensive venture. This decoration piece comes in various designs and patterns to suit your style. If you’re into flowers, purchase wallpapers with flower prints on them. Designs extend to brick impressions and artwork, with others being plain. Apply the same principle as you would when choosing the paint for your walls for the plain ones.  

It impacts how you want the size of your living room to appear too. Horizontal patterns on a wallpaper will make your living room look wider, with vertical patterns making the walls look longer. If you have a small wall area in terms of its width, adopt a wallpaper with horizontal patterns. You’ll often find small-width walls where your fireplace is. 

In the event that you have a chimney wall where your fireplace is, consider using this wall to bring contrast to your living room. If your other walls have neutral colours, add brightly-coloured wallpaper or one with a bold colour on the chimney wall. Do the reverse if your other walls are brightly coloured.

3. Choose The Right Furniture

designing your home
wooden Hexagon shelf with plants copy space for mock up ,isolated background

Furniture is an essential element of any living room. The main furniture to consider is your sofa sets. They bring together the designs on your walls and any other decorations in your home. 

The first aspect to consider is the colour of your couches. Couches come in many colours, both bold and light. Look at the variety of colours available at your store before buying any of them. Your choice of colour should be based on the colour of your walls. If your walls are neutral, adopt bold-coloured furniture to create contrast and liven the space. Do the opposite if the walls are boldly coloured. 

Nevertheless, you can decide to choose a continuous colour scheme, where your furniture matches your walls. The best continuous blend happens when you use neutral colours. If your walls are white, go for light grey or cream sofa sets. It’ll create some sort of elegance and modernity in your living room. 

Making your living room attractive by using furniture doesn’t end in choosing the colour. It extends to how you arrange the furniture. An organized space is attractive on its own. How then do you go about arranging your sofa sets?

Start by choosing a focal point that you can surround with the coaches. In most homes, the focal point is the television (TV.) Therefore, arrange the seats in an enclosed manner, with them facing the TV. Ensure they’re close enough to allow for effective communication, but not too close such that your living room looks crowded; find balance. 

white wooden coffee table near white sofa

How you organize your furniture also depends on the amount of space in your living room. If it’s too small, adopt the tip mentioned previously. Yet group your furniture based on use if the space is too large. Have a few couches whose focal point is the TV.

If you have a bookshelf in this space, add another small seating area facing the bookshelf. This’ll be the reading area. You can decide to use the same colour as the other furniture or find a colour that slightly contrasts but not too much. 

If you get completely different furniture colours for the reading and watching area, the living room won’t seem like one. You should aim to ensure your living room is continuous, no matter the many functions it serves.

4. Go With The Right Wall Colour

brown wooden framed white padded chairs

Your walls occupy the biggest space in your living room. They’re the greatest contributor to the attractiveness of your living room. Thus, you need to get the colour of your walls right. The main distinctions of your colours are either bright or neutral. Bright colours are bold, such as yellow and navy blue, with the light ones being white and grey.

It’s always advisable to choose neutral colours for your walls. Neutral colours are easy to decorate around; you won’t have a hard time incorporating other designs in the living room. Neutral colours blend with almost any design and will make your home feel warm. You can also go for lighter colours if your living room is small. The brightness of baby blue or white will make the space appear larger than it is.

On the other hand, choose bright colours if you’re an energetic person and want to feel energized anytime you walk into your living room. A colour like yellow is a great mood booster; there are several shades to make your choice. Bright colours don’t need to be shouting. Also, go for bright shades if you want to make your large space appear smaller.

It’s good to point out that you don’t have to choose either of the two colours; consider blending them. If three of your walls are in a lighter shade, have the fourth one in a bright colour. However, don’t let the contrast be on its own. Have it on the centre walls or other walls, except the first and the fourth wall.

Wrapping up

This feature has shown that designing an attractive living room is easy. With the right guidance, like this post gives, you’ll also have an easy time. Consider adopting the design ideas discussed herein; you’ll love your living room at the end of it all. As you design your space, ensure to find a balance between the aesthetics and functionality of the designs you choose. 

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