House Staging in Sydney

August 16, 2022
House Staging in Sydney

Putting your house up for sale isn’t just a matter of knowing the best time to sell your home in Sydney. It’s essential you take a step back and look at the house from the perspective of a potential buyer—consider your type of clients, their needs, and why they want a home. Then, you can develop a home styling plan. 

When you’re staging a Sydney property, experts can help you to identify what needs to change and offer the appropriate aesthetic to transform your house with a fresh new look.

Will Staging Yield Results?

Home staging makes a remarkable difference when selling a house, especially if you’re aiming for a successful open house. No matter if you hire a professional or do it yourself, staging a property can reduce the time your home will sit on the market and often results in better offers. 

Help Them See Themselves in the Home

This is one of the common reasons used while staging a home. Home staging assists buyers in imagining themselves in your house, visualising how they could use each room. Removing personal items and installing neutral furniture and decorations can help buyers make this imaginative leap.

First Impressions Are Important

When a potential buyer visits a house, it takes seconds for them to decide if they like the house or not. From the first moments they show up, they either get the feeling of having their dream home or they don’t. Skilled home stagers know how to create impressions that will attract the eye of the prospective buyer at first glance.

Making the House Stand Out

House Staging in Sydney

Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions one can make, which can make the whole process overwhelming. As a buyer, it is important to check all the available houses before making a decision, and this can make for a difficult decision. Home staging helps a property stand out in both photographs and in person, highlighting it in the buyer’s memory as they consider all their options.

How Much Does It Cost to Stage a House?

The price of house staging will depend on your location and your requirements, but you should prepare for an estimated budget of $5000. You shouldn’t spend above your budget if you can help it, however. You can do the staging yourself to reduce costs, renting furniture and artwork for a room or an entire house. Remember that simply cleaning your carpets, painting your walls, and installing art can go a long way towards getting a property sold.

Don’t think of staging as an option only available for expensive houses—there are unlimited options of staging and one will work for you. 

How Can I Do It on My Own?

If you want to save money and have the time to transform your home, you should opt to do the staging yourself. Decluttering the space, painting walls, adding new curtains, removing personal photos, and cleaning and rearranging furniture are all simple but effective steps you can take. You could also add house plants and ensure the house is smelling nice. Don’t forget to consider the exterior as well—first impressions matter, and if the outside doesn’t look appealing, a buyer might change their mind.

Effective staging finds the right mix of features that appeal to a wide audience, and makes buyers see the potential in your home. If you don’t feel up to it yourself, consult a real estate dealer with the skills to get the best of your house.

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