Essential Elements To Holding a Successful Open Home

April 11, 2018
open home sign in front yard

Regular open homes are an essential component of selling a property.

With numerous buyers out there looking for the perfect home, there are some essential elements that contribute to a successful open home.

Some vendors may need a little pushing towards achieving some of these elements, but once you have them on board, having an open house over a couple of weekends is achievable.

Professional stylists can be worth their weight in gold

nicely styled open plan living area

If a vendor has already vacated the property, a professional stylist can be a huge help with setting up the home for photography and open homes, and the potential of a higher sale price can help to offset any initial costs for the vendor.

Selling a vacant property can be difficult as potential buyers can’t always imagine how a room could be set up or whether they could fit all their belongings in.

By having the visual of a typical lounge room or bedroom set-up, buyers who are currently sitting on the fence may be more enticed to put in an offer.

For vendors still living in the property, a professional stylist can offer some simple tips to make the property more presentable and appealing for buyers.

These benefits should be communicated to vendors who feel that everyone will love the same features of the home that they do and can’t see the property objectively.

Send the vendors out for the day

real estate agent showing young man through a home

If the vendors are still residing in the property, sending them out for the time of the open home can be a great help.

There is nothing worse than having potentially 20 or more people walking through the house with the vendors awkwardly getting in the way of the people attempting to view the property.

This can also make potential buyers feel uncomfortable in the home, like they’re encroaching on someone else’s personal space.

It’s much more comfortable for potential buyers if they can look through the property and share their thoughts with you, the agent, without feeling like the vendor is looking over their shoulder.

Be aware however that if you are selling a property that is tenanted, while you can ask the tenants to step out for half an hour or so, they are under no obligation to do so.

Safety first

If the vendors have agreed to step out for a while during an open home, make sure they have put any valuables safely away.

The last thing you want is for a jewellery box full of expensive jewellery or an electrical item to walk out the door with prospective buyers.

For agents, doing a walk through of the property to ensure nothing is laying about, having at least two agents present for the open home (one at the door and the other to answer questions), and taking a register of all attendees and their driver’s license details are all effective ways you can help protect the vendor’s personal items from being stolen, either at the open home or later on.

Be prepared

As with anything in real estate, being prepared is key.

Ensure you have plenty of brochures, business cards, marketing materials, copies of offer forms, copies of contracts for potential buyers to read, disclosure statements if selling in a strata set-up, and costs associated with the property such as council rates, water rates and body corporate fees.

The day you forget any of these items if the day you can guarantee that a serious buyer will ask for them.

Choose the right time

Many open homes are held between 10.30am – 11.30am or between 1pm – 3pm. Choose a time that overlaps with these times, such as 12noon – 2pm to catch potential buyers between other open inspections.

People will often hit up several open homes in one day and you don’t want them to miss your open home while they’re looking at others.

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