Dog-Friendly Parks in Sydney

August 20, 2022
Dog-Friendly Parks in Sydney

Living in Sydney offers you a plethora of options when it comes to roaming spaces for your dogs. But, before you look for houses for sale in Sydney, you might want to be prioritising access to dog parks. So, read on to find the best dog friendly parks in Sydney.

Dogs require exercise to release pent-up energy and stay healthy, and wide-open areas that are dog-friendly are the perfect place for your pupper to get what they need. If you need the perfect spot for you and your dog, search your local area to find a place that provides dog litter bag dispensers and on-leash rules that suit your needs. To get you started, here’s a list of ten dog-friendly parks that you can visit in Sydney.

Hawthorne Canal Reserve

This is a popular dog park that has enough space for dog lovers. They offer dog classes on Sunday morning, and they have dog treats and sitting arrangements for your puppy.

Bungarribee Park

This is a beautiful place that allows your dog to run freely. It’s perfect for training a dog that might run away. They have enough bowls, bags, and seating to make both dogs and owners comfortable.

Bicentennial Park Glebe

This is among the famous parks in Sydney. It is adjacent to Anzac Bridge and Rozelle Bay, and it will be a favourite spot for your dog because it has expansive areas of both grass and water. However, they only allow dogs to run on the west side of the park and always require them to be on lead.

Sydney Park

This is one of the large parks in Sydney that allows pets to be off-leash. Here, your dog can enjoy a large open area and different walking paths and hills. While in Sydney Park, you should know that dogs are not allowed in the wetlands, barbecue areas, playgrounds, and the oval.

Marks Park

If you want a place that lets you feel like you’re part of the pack, try visiting Marks Park. It’s an ideal place for dog owners who love to share—they have dog-share baskets, frisbees, and dog bags. While visiting here, on the way along Bondi to Bronte, your dog can stroll in the coastal area before arriving at the park.

Make an Off-Leash Park a Good Experience

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When visiting a park, learning and observing its rules is crucial. Different parks have different regulations, and following them is key to the enjoyment of you and your dog, as well as everyone else. Ensure your dog has a microchip and is registered with the council with identifying details.

Your dog’s chances of contracting infections caused by parasites virus and bacteria could increase when dogs meet, so you should fully vaccinate your dog and treat them against parasites before taking them to off-leash parks. If your dog is unwell or currently taking medication, avoid taking them to such parks before asking for guidance from your veterinarian.

It is essential to pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it in bin or litter bag dispensers, and don’t allow your dog to be in contact with stools from other dogs. Ensure your pup drinks fresh water to prevent infection from parasites in urine and faeces. To get the best experience, carry your leash and always look after your dog, checking their body language and avoiding parks that are too crowded or contain any aggressive dogs. 

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