A Guide to Furnishing Your First Apartment

August 16, 2022

So you just pulled the trigger on purchasing an apartment and are moving in soon. Congratulations! Now comes the daunting task of furnishing it. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

This guide will give you tips on how to decorate your new place on a budget. Let’s get started!

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Coat rack

Now that the weather is starting to turn chilly, it’s time to think about coats! If you don’t have a coat rack in your apartment, now is the perfect time to buy one. Coat racks come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your space.

Plus, they are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most home goods stores. coat racks are also handy for guests – they can hang their coat up when they come in, instead of having to search for a place to put it.

So if you don’t have a coat rack, go out and buy one today! Your coat (and your guests) will thank you.

Shoe storage

A tidy apartment is a happy apartment. One way to keep your apartment spick and span is to invest in some quality shoe storage for your entryway. This will prevent your shoes from tracking mud and dirt throughout the apartment, and it will also help to keep them organised and out of the way.

Plus, it will give you a place to sit when you’re putting on your shoes! There are all sorts of different types of shoe storage available, so you’re sure to find something that fits both your needs and your budget



There are so many appliances to choose from when outfitting a new kitchen. It can be tough to decide which ones are worth the investment. Some appliances, like microwaves and toasters, are pretty much essential.

Others, like bread makers and juicers, may be nice to have but aren’t strictly necessary. Then there are the appliances that fall somewhere in between, like dishwashers and stovetops.

To make the decision-making process a little easier, here is a list of some of the most popular kitchen appliances on the market today.

Microwaves: Microwaves are fast, efficient, and perfect for reheating leftovers or heating up a quick meal.

Toasters: Toasters are another kitchen staple. They’re great for making breakfast or snacks in a hurry.

Dishwashers: Dishwashers save time and energy by cleaning dishes for you. They’re especially helpful if you entertain often or have a large family.

Stovetops: Stovetops come in both gas and electric models and offer different cooking options depending on your needs. Gas stove tops are typically better for cooking at high heat, while electric stovetops offer more precise temperature control.

Bread makers: Bread makers are perfect for anyone who loves fresh bread but doesn’t have the time to make it from scratch. Just add the ingredients and let the bread maker do its work.

Juicers: Juicers allow you to make healthy fresh juices at home with minimal effort. They’re great for getting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables or for making delicious smoothies.

Cooking equipment

When you first move into a new home, there are a lot of things you need to buy in order to set up your kitchen. If you’re not sure what cooking equipment you need, here is a basic list to get you started. First, you will need a set of pots and pans.

A good rule of thumb is to get a small, medium, and large pot, as well as a frying pan. You will also need some basic utensils, such as spatulas, wooden spoons, and cooking knives. In addition, you will need some cooking essentials, such as salt, pepper, and cooking oil.

Finally, you may want to purchase some bakeware, such as a baking dish or cake pan. With these items, you will be well on your way to cooking up delicious meals in your new home.

Dining area

Dining table and chairs

When it comes to dining room furniture, the dining table and chairs are the two most important pieces. After all, they’re the ones you’ll be spending the most time using! So how do you go about picking the perfect dining set?

First, think about the size and shape of your dining room. What kind of dining table will fit best? Round, rectangular, or oval? Then, take a look at your lifestyle. How many people do you typically have over for dinner? If you frequently entertain large groups, you’ll want a dining set that can accommodate everyone comfortably.

And finally, consider your personal style. What kind of dining table and chairs will best reflect your taste?

Luckily for you, the rise of the digital age allows us to browse furniture anytime from anywhere – if you don’t feel like heading into a store, are simply too busy setting up your new apartment, or having trouble transporting a dining table and chairs to your apartment, check out online retailers such as DealSeeker for conveniently shipped furniture straight to your door.

Wine Rack / Booze cabinet

You may not have a wine cellar in your apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a glass of wine now and then. If you’re going to indulge, though, you’ll need somewhere to store your wine. That’s where a wine rack comes in.

Wine racks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you can find one to fit any space. They also range in price, so you can find one to fit any budget. And if you’re not sure where to start, take a look at some of the wine racks online.

With a little bit of research, you’re sure to find the perfect wine rack for your apartment. Cheers!

Office area


If you’re working from home, it’s important to have a dedicated space where you can focus on your work. If you don’t have a spare room that you can use as an office, setting up a desk in a quiet corner of your apartment can be a great way to create a work-friendly environment.

When choosing a desk, it’s important to consider both form and function. You’ll want to find a desk that fits well in the available space, and that has enough surface area to accommodate your computer and any other office supplies you may need.

At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice style for function; look for a desk that complements the overall aesthetic of your apartment. With a little bit of effort, it’s easy to create a stylish and functional home office that will help you stay productive while working from home.

Office chair

Buying an office chair for your apartment is a big decision. You want to make sure you get one that is comfortable and will last a long time. Office chairs can be expensive, but it is worth it to invest in a good one.

You will be spending a lot of time in your home office, so you want to make sure you have a chair that is comfortable and supports your back. There are many different styles of office chairs, so take your time to find one that is right for you.

You can even find some office chairs that come with a warranty, so you know you are getting a quality product. Buying an office chair is an investment, but it is one that will pay off in the long run.


When you live in an apartment, every square inch counts. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider your furniture choices, and how they will impact the overall feel and function of your space.

When it comes to storage, a bookshelf is a great option for small apartments. Not only does it provide a place to keep your books, but it can also be used to store other items, like knick-knacks, picture frames, or even small pieces of furniture.

And because bookshelves come in a variety of styles and sizes, it’s easy to find one that fits seamlessly into your existing décor. So if you’re looking for a way to make the most of your apartment’s limited space, a bookshelf is an essential piece of furniture.

Living room


apartment-dwellers have a lot to consider when choosing a couch. First, you need to think about size. A too-big couch can make your apartment feel cramped, while a too-small one will look out of place.

Second, you need to think about style. Do you want a sleek and modern couch, or something more traditional? Third, you need to think about comfort. You’ll be spending a lot of time on your couch, so it needs to be comfortable! In case you are looking for a quick transformation, you can create an illusive change by using Barcelona chair replacement cushions, that imitates a classy yet stylish look.   

Finally, you need to think about price. It’s important to find a balance between quality and cost. With all of these factors in mind, apartment-dwellers can choose the perfect couch for their home.

TV Cabinet

There are a few things to consider before buying a TV cabinet for your apartment. First, measure the space where you want to put the cabinet and make sure it will fit. You also need to decide what style you want and whether you need extra storage space.

If you have a small apartment, you might want to choose a smaller or more compact TV cabinet. There are also certain TV cabinets that are designed specifically for apartments.

Another thing to keep in mind is that apartment buildings often have strict rules about adding furniture or making changes to the apartment, so be sure to check with your landlord before making any purchase.



Buying a bed for your apartment can be a bit of a challenge. You want something that’s comfortable, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune. To make things even more complicated, you have to take apartment size into account.

A full-size bed might be too big, but a twin might be too small. Thankfully, there are plenty of options in between. A queen-size bed is a great choice for most apartments, and it won’t break the bank.

Plus, if you have guests stay over, they’ll be comfortable too.

Bedside table

If you live in an apartment, chances are you don’t have a lot of extra space. That’s why it’s important to make the most of the space you do have. One way to do this is to invest in a bedside table.

Bedside tables provide a place to store essential items like glasses, books, and medicines. They also offer a surface for lamps and other decorations. When choosing a bedside table for your apartment, look for one that is compact and stylish.

Make sure it is also sturdy enough to hold any items you need to keep close at hand. With a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect bedside table to fit your needs and style.


If you’re apartment hunting, one thing you’ll need to consider is your wardrobe. While some apartments come with built-in closets, others don’t have any storage space at all. If you’re used to living in a house with a walk-in closet, the lack of storage space in an apartment can be a real challenge.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to maximise the storage space in your apartment, even if it doesn’t come with a walk-in closet. Here are a few tips for apartment dwellers who need to buy a wardrobe:

Think vertical. When you’re short on space, it’s important to make use of all the available space, including the vertical space. Wall-mounted shelves and hanging rods are great for maximising storage in a small apartment.

Go for multipurpose furniture. Look for furniture that serves more than one purpose. A chest of drawers can double as a nightstand, and a coffee table can also provide extra storage if it has drawers or shelves.

Get creative with your storage solutions. There are plenty of creative ways to store your belongings in an apartment, from using under-bed storage containers to hanging pots and pans from the ceiling. With a little imagination, you can find storage solutions that work for your unique apartment.


A mirror is a necessity for any bedroom. Not only is it useful for getting ready in the morning, but it can also help to create the illusion of more space.

When placed strategically, a mirror can reflect light and make a small room seem larger. It can also be used to accentuate a favorite piece of furniture or artwork.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a simple functional mirror, there’s sure to be one that fits your style and needs. 


Bath mat

Bath Mats are often an afterthought when it comes to bathroom décor. But given that they play an important role in preventing slip-and-falls, choosing the right bath mat is actually pretty important. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a bath mat.

First, consider the material. Rubber bath mats offer good traction, but they can be difficult to clean. Fabric bath mats, on the other hand, are easy to machine wash but may require more frequent cleaning.

Second, think about the size of the bath mat. You’ll want something that’s large enough to provide adequate coverage but not so big that it gets in the way.

Finally, take into account the overall style of your bathroom. A bath mat should complement your existing décor, not clash with it. 

Towel rack

Most people don’t think too much about their bathroom towel rack. But if you’re someone who likes to keep things tidy and organised, a bathroom towel rack can make a world of difference. Not only does it keep your towels within easy reach, but it also helps to prevent them from getting wrinkled or falling on the floor.

And if you have a lot of guests over, a bathroom towel rack can also help to keep your towels from getting mixed up with everyone else’s. There are a lot of different styles of bathroom towel racks to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and your bathroom décor.

So next time you’re in the market for a new bathroom accessory, don’t forget the importance of a good towel rack!


Washing machine

So you’re thinking of buying a washing machine for your apartment. There are a few things you’ll need to take into account before making your purchase.

First, consider the size of your apartment. If you have a small apartment, you’ll want to choose a washing machine that’s compact and doesn’t take up too much space. You’ll also want to think about how often you’ll be using it. If you only need to wash a few items each week, a smaller machine will suffice.

However, if you have a large family or do a lot of laundry, you’ll need a machine that can handle larger loads. Another important consideration is your budget.

Washing machines can range in price from around $100 to $1,000, so it’s important to set aside enough money to get the model that fits your needs. With these factors in mind, you’ll be able to choose the perfect washing machine for your apartment.


Apartment-dwellers have a few options when it comes to drying their clothes. They can hang them up to dry, use a drying rack, or purchase a clothes dryer.

Each option has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to consider your needs before making a decision. apartment-dwellers who don’t have a lot of extra space may want to avoid purchasing a clothes dryer, as they can take up a lot of space.

Drying racks are a good option for those who have limited space, but they can take longer to dry clothes than a dryer. If you have the space for it and don’t mind spending a little extra money, a clothes dryer can be a convenient way to get your clothes dry quickly.

Just be sure to check with your apartment complex to see if there are any restrictions on using a clothes dryer in your unit.

Iron and ironing board

If you live in an apartment, chances are you don’t have a lot of extra space for bulky items like an iron and ironing board. However, there are a few good reasons to invest in these items, even if you’re tight on space.

First of all, an iron and ironing board can help you keep your clothes looking their best. Wrinkles not only look bad, but they can also make your clothes more likely to suffer wear and tear. Additionally, having an iron and ironing board on hand can save you money in the long run.

If you frequently find yourself having to pay for dry cleaning or wrinkle-resistant clothing, investing in a few key pieces of laundry equipment can help you save money in the long run. So whether you’re short on space or simply want to save some money, buying an iron and ironing board for your apartment is a smart idea.

Happy shopping!

Thanks for following our guide on how to decorate your new apartment! We hope you found it helpful. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun with it and make your place feel like home. Happy decorating!

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