How To Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

February 21, 2018
small lounge room

One of the greatest challenges of inner-city living is making the most out of limited space.

As a landlord, it’s important to maximise the space in your investment property so you can attract and retain tenants, especially if your property is on the smaller side.

Here are some simple ways to enhance the feeling of space in your investment property.

Look up

When inspecting a property, tenants will no doubt be paying close attention to places where they can store their belongings easily and neatly.

When fitting out your investment property for a tenant, think creatively and consider using empty wall space. Installing things such as floating shelves, wall-mounted cupboards, hanging pot racks and even vertical gardens can enhance a tenant’s storage in a visually pleasing way, whilst using minimal space.

Multi-purpose furniture

If you’re thinking about furnishing your property for tenants, it’s important to look for furniture that is both simple and practical. This may help to ensure no unnecessary floor space is taken.

When shopping for furniture, try to find pieces that have more than one use – such as sofa beds or antique storage trunks that double up as tables or chairs.

Many companies now cater to such demands with “smart furniture” featuring hidden storage to save space, and by taking the time to shop around you may be able to find space-saving items that are both stylish and cost-efficient.

Go big

small space lounge room with grey lounge

Again, if you do decide to furnish your property for tenants, it’s important to know what you’re buying.

Rather than filling your rental with a range of small pieces, it’s actually preferable to choose one big piece to avoid a cluttered look.

Having one big couch will make the living room appear more open than if you had a couple of armchairs crowded around a coffee table. 

Light and mirrors

Rooms with plenty of light always appear more open.

You can enhance the feeling of openness within your property by painting the walls in light and neutral colours.

This tends to increase the ‘reflective’ effect that gives the impression of a larger space in a room.

A few well-placed mirrors will not go astray, as they will help reflect natural light and make your space look bigger. They can be most effective when placed across from a large window.

Get creative

Websites such as Pinterest can be a goldmine of inspiration for investors who want to open up living spaces and enhance their appeal for tenants.

You will be sure to find plenty of easy, DIY options for different rooms that won’t break the bank, such as interesting arrangements for bookshelves, discreet bathroom storage or ways to create multi-functional laundry spaces.

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