Ideas For The Best Wall Decor In Melbourne

February 20, 2023
Ideas For The Best Wall Decor In Melbourne

Key takeaways:

  • In Melbourne, you can choose from various wall decoration options, including custom murals, vintage posters, and fashionable wall stickers.
  • For a personalised touch, consider hiring a local Melbourne artist to create a unique mural or put up your photos.
  • Regardless of your personal style or budget, Melbourne has a suitable option for you to decorate your house.


Melbourne is known for its artistic legacy, and the people incorporate this through creative wall decor Melbourne. Whether you’re planning a revamp for a single bedroom or your entire home, the right ideas for the best wall decor in Melbourne is suited to your personality. Everyone’s style is different, so remember to trust your gut.

What’s great is that the vibrant and artistic city offers a range of options, from antique posters and paintings to modern murals and sculptures. So, to help you make an informed decision, we’ve gathered some of Melbourne’s top wall decor options. 

Wall decor Melbourne ideas

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Artistic murals

Recruit a local artist to produce a unique piece. Consider hiring a local Melbourne artist to create a unique mural for your wall for a genuinely customised touch.

Makeover your wall into a gorgeous work of wall art by selecting the colour scheme, patterns, and themes that best express your style.

Nostalgic vintage posters

Consider adding historic posters to your decor for a touch of nostalgia. You can search nearby vintage shops or internet markets for one-of-a-kind and uncommon posters, then compile your greatest discoveries into a gallery wall

There are many selections to pick from, including old movie posters, commercials, and graphics, as well as vintage travel posters and advertisements.

Bold and colourful abstract paintings

Wall decor Melbourne

Add a modern atmosphere to your home. Bold, vibrant abstract paintings on the canvas will give your home decor a contemporary feel.

Furthermore, view works by Melbourne-based artists at local art galleries or buy them from a worldwide marketplace. Find a work that speaks to you from various artistic and minimalist styles and approaches.

Textured sculptures

Sculptures are a great method to increase the depth and interest of your walls. If you have a garden, put some sculptures there too.

Likewise, choose a piece that matches your taste and décor from various materials, such as metal, ceramic, and wood. Think about a wall-mounted bust or a 3D wall hanging to create a strong statement in your house.

Personalised photo prints

Wall decor Melbourne

Print your favourite pictures, then assemble them into a gallery wall in your house to display your memories. Add some accessories too.

A picture wall is a unique accent that brings warmth and personality to your design, whether it’s a collection of family images or a carefully chosen assortment of trip photos. With various framing choices—from plain black to elaborate gold frames—you may appealingly arrange your images.

Furthermore, you can also put some photo prints on the back of store clocks.

Cosy wall tapestries

Consider incorporating a wall tapestry or weaving into your design for a warm, boho atmosphere. Moreover, find a piece that appeals to you by perusing various designs and materials, from classic woven tapestries to modern printed possibilities. 

Wall tapestries may be used to define a space or give a final touch to a room and are a great way to add colour, pattern, and texture to your walls.

Reflective mirrors

Wall decor Melbourne

A fantastic technique to increase light and space in your home is to include mirrors in your design. 

Furthermore, find a mirror that complements your wall and décor by selecting from many shapes and sizes, including small accent and giant statement mirrors. Mirrors with frames and coatings that offer visual appeal may also function as a decorative feature on their own.

On top of that, they can help make a small space look bigger.

Trendy wall decals

Easily add colour and pattern. Using wall decals is easy and inexpensive to add colour and design to your walls. However, find a decal that matches your taste and décor by perusing a selection of styles and topics, such as nature sceneries, geometric patterns, quotations, and pictures. 

For individuals who want to create a statement in their house without committing to paint or wallpaper, wall decals are a fantastic solution. They are a flexible option for any property because they are simple to put on and take off.

Liked learning styling your home?

There are many possibilities for wall decor Melbourne; including personalised murals, vintage posters, colourful abstract paintings, textured sculptures, photo prints, reflective mirrors, cosy wall tapestries, and easy-to-apply wall decals.

Therefore, no matter your style or budget, there is a perfect solution for your wall decor Melbourne needs.  Considering your personal style, you can easily transform your home into a stunning and practical space.

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