Bathroom Ideas: 8 Dos and Don’ts

May 11, 2022

You must consider the vast bathroom ideas in your design. Whether it’s a new house you are building, moving to, or remodeling, there is no limit to your creativity.

A bathroom, so often the smallest room is one of the most significant quarters in your home. It is one of the few places you can let loose and detach from the world’s complexities for a moment. 

You need to take into account many factors to get the best out of your bathroom design. The dos and the don’ts are as discussed below:

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The dos of bathroom ideas

Think of a budget

How you design your bathroom is dependent on the amount of money you have or intend to spend. With many designs available, it is easy to get carried away. You may find yourself settling on a design that costs more than you can afford. 

Note down your bathroom design ideas and what you fancy. Then, look at the price estimates to find out whether it’s within your reach.

If you cannot afford to finance the bathroom ideas, think of customization. There are many bathroom layouts you can design on a budget and still have a fantastic look.

Hire a professional for your bathroom renovation

bathrooom ideas

Starting a new construction from scratch or implementing your bathroom renovation ideas? It is paramount that you involve a professional designer to do the work. Professionals have the skillset and expertise to bring out the best in your bathroom design.

Irrespective of your bathroom inspiration, you will never go wrong with hiring a professional. Of course, you can also do DIY waterproofing and other little aspects, but a professional will have the knowledge to ensure a long-lasting build.

Talk to them about your bathroom ideas and the desired outcome. Ask them what they think about your bathroom ideas and if they have different directions. You may need to answer several questions to help them understand your exact needs. 

But, hiring a professional will be a bit costly. Your negotiation skills may come in handy here to help cut the cost of hiring a professional.

Let the professionals do their job and consider their suggestions. Take advantage of their expertise and experience. 

Research different bathroom designs

Bathroom ideas can be overwhelming, with many styles and designs. A family bathroom may have different features from a bathroom designed for kids. It is fundamental to plan your project taking into account the preferred outcome.

Learn the different styles, designs, bathroom tile ideas, and decorations. Depending on your needs, you can choose one that fits your preference. Learn about master and specialty bathrooms and decide if it is the right fit for you.

Understanding your needs is vital and can pay off when the work is finally done.

Choose your surfaces wisely

There is a lot of moisture expected in the bathroom. You should consider surfaces that can cope with it and contribute to the general appeal. On the floors, use sturdy materials and water-resistant such as porcelain. 

It is among the most preferred material by bathroom designers. Its resistance to staining, smells, and bacteria makes it a must-have.

Large tiles are also recommended for bathrooms. They help reduce grout lines and enhance easy upkeep. The floors should also not be too slippery. There will be plenty of potential water spills and soap in the bathroom. Wouldn’t want the kids to slide in the shower, would we?

Choose your interior design carefully

The lighting, interior décor, and ventilation are other considerations. Most homeowners are guilty of giving little thought to them. There is a need for enough ventilation and lighting in your bathroom.

Windows are a good source of lighting. The perfect bathroom window design can make your bathroom experience more satisfactory. For example, large windows facing the garden.

Fascinating décor involves a combination of different features. Together, they create a harmonious look. The use of colors can effectively create different appealing impressions. Some color combinations can make a bathroom appear larger than it is and complement the lighting.

Take time to understand different colours and fittings. Learn how they complement one another to help you find a style that fits your needs. You can even paint your bathroom ceiling on your own if that works better with your budget.

The don’ts of bathroom ideas

Don’t get swayed by trends

Today, there are many trends that you may adapt but with minimal value to your project. Do not incur extra costs to try out styles that were not in your plan. Please focus on the long-term value and avoid going overboard with trendy fixtures that are likely to lose their charm in the short term.

Don’t move any bathroom fixtures unless essential

To avoid unnecessary extra costs, try to remodel or redesign your bathroom without moving the plumbing. Apart from the cost, it can be nerve-wracking if anything was to go wrong and cause a drainage problem. Changing the arrangement of your bathroom by moving the shower, toilet, or sink can even double or triple your budget.

Do not ignore technology

We are living in changing times, and technological innovations are part of our lives. Look out for innovations in bathroom products and equipment to enhance your bathroom experience.

Commanding the lights to turn on and off. Regulating the heat or water levels without moving a muscle. These are realities of today. Heated floors and steam showers are some of the other exciting additions you can consider.

To find out the latest tech innovations, visit a home expo. We are sure you will find an item or two that will bamboozle you.

Don’t put all your focus on the bathroom and forget the storage

There is little to no attention given to bathroom storage. Most people will iron out all the fine details of their bathroom ideas, design, and décor. In the end, they forget the importance of having bathroom storage.

It is reassuring to have a place to store your extra toiletries and towels without any inconveniences. Built-in shelves can serve that purpose.  You can also build extra storage closets by bumping out a part of a wall.

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