10 Outdoor Verandah Ideas to Uplift Your Home

April 26, 2022
verandah ideas

Hopefully, searching for verandah ideas means you’re ready to jazz up your outdoor area. Your verandah can be a fantastic spot for enjoying a summer breeze while listening to music or quietly enjoying a book with a smoothie. Sadly, it is the most neglected place in the house.

People think because it’s outside, it does not matter. However, if you utilise this space strategically, you can use this to host fabulous barbecue parties or entertain your guests with outdoor games.

If you also want to decorate this space to the best of its potential, here are some beautiful verandah ideas to choose from.

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Organise your plants with beautiful planters

verandah ideas
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Everyone likes plants to be part of their verandah ideas, but it can get messy if you do not maintain them regularly. The best way to make it look neat is to buy planters with a theme in your mind.

This can be of similar colour, same geometric shape, or can have 3 contrasting colours. However, these outdoor planters can be a little expensive.

If budget is your issue, then try to take up DIY projects. You can easily make planters with empty containers. Just apply a thick layer of paint or wrap it with jute rope to give an expensive look. 

Make the verandah comfortable

This is an excellent option for houses with wrap around veranda house plans. As a wrap around verandah can be on the second floor, it is best to make that closed space cosier.

Add a lounge chair as a part of comfortable verandah ideas. If you do not have enough space, you can directly lay down double rug layers and throw in some pillows.

Finish this look with a lamp and a stool that can hold your coffee mug, books, art piece, or succulents. 

Make a pavement with stones

Adding stone pavements to your design is the easiest to maintain verandah ideas. These pavements can end up in a sitting area where you can safely keep your furniture without the fear of water damage or soil damage.

They also reduce your efforts in maintaining a lawn while providing a levelled walking area. You can call professionals for the job or do it yourself.

You will need the stones, cement and a leveller. After the work is done, you can line up the path with potted plants on both sides.

Install fairy lights

Nothing will make your verandah look more dreamy than the fairy lights. It is of the most affordable and pretty verandah ideas—best for an enclosed verandah where you will have a sense of tranquillity at night.

You can turn this into one of the outdoor verandah ideas by replacing the fairy lights with bigger string lights. Add some pea gravel on the floor and put some sturdy furniture to complete the look. 

Make a fire pit

Building a fire pit can be one of the budget-friendly back or front verandah ideas. You can use these all year round. During winters, it can be a warm fireplace, and during summers, you can create a whole camping experience as you share scary stories while making smores around the fire pit.

Building a fire pit with concrete blocks can be one of the modern verandah designs. For a more vintage look, surround the fire pit with cobblestones. 

Plant perennials for uplifting verandah designs

If you are looking for beautiful and nature-friendly verandah ideas, planting perennials can be the right solution. These plants grow every year without the need for replanting.

These will save you a lot of effort and money. You can plant these flower plants according to a colour scheme or make separate flower beds to separate different colours. This will make your verandah look beautiful and organised at the time of spring.

verandah ideas

Add plants to your wall

Do not forget to add the wall while browsing for different verandah ideas. But you can turn your plain-looking wall into something high-end and nature friendly.

You can find many low-cost verandah designs with spiralling trees or creeping vines wrapped around them. This technique will add texture and greenery to your verandah wall.

You need to direct a growing plant towards the wall with the help of some support.

Build a deck

A deck is amongst the most popular modern verandah designs. It can give your backyard a classy aesthetic look. Apart from looking fancy, a deck can serve many purposes.

It is a safe and sturdy place where you can keep a sofa, chair, potted plants, table tennis board, lounging chair, and fireplace. A deck can have a retractable screen where you can enjoy a movie under the starry sky. Y

ou can also add sky shades for extremely hot days if it rains.

verandah ideas

Build something vintage

If you like old-style verandah ideas, decorate it with bricks and no paint. You can add bricks to your verandah walls and put up some paintings on them. Another perfect way to make your verandah look more old-school is to construct brick arches. Pair this decor with some minimalist sitting arrangements, and you will have a head-turning verandah.

Make a room outside the house

If you have a spacious verandah, this can be a great verandah design. Create yourself a room with full amenities outside. You can design it to be a workstation, a living room, or a big roundtable where you can enjoy Sunday brunch. Go overboard with plants and throw pillows to make it comfortable. Add a table patio umbrella and a rug to protect yourself from the sunrays.

verandah ideas

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