How to Paint a Ceiling in a Room or Bathroom

May 5, 2022
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If you are planning to paint the ceiling of your rooms, then you definitely need a how to paint a ceiling guide. This is because painting a ceiling can be a challenging task, especially if it is in the bathroom.

All thanks to the moisture present in that room which causes peeling of the paint or growth of mould. Also, deciding which colour will look best with your decor is another difficult task.

Therefore, it is best to know all the proper steps to take before you begin painting any ceiling to get long-lasting effects. Read this article to learn everything from deciding the right colour to all the steps of painting for your beautiful DIY project.

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How to choose the perfect colour

how to paint a ceiling

Before you begin with the hassle of painting ceiling, it is essential to decide on a colour theme. For the most indecisive people, it is best to go with the plain white colour.

This is a classic when it comes to ceiling paint and has the ability to make your room look brighter. When the sunlight peeps into the room, the white colour will reflect and spread the dazzling light all around.

Your next option on “what and how to paint a ceiling” is bright colours. Sunset yellow, peach, coral pink, mint green or ocean blue are great options. These bathroom ceiling paint colours make your room look bigger, and the ceiling seems higher.

Imagine sitting under a baby pink ceiling with matching flowers and table cloth in your dining room. Beautiful, isn’t it?

For people with a bit of experimental decoration style, painting a ceiling in a dark and bold colour can be a great idea. Colours like red, purple, maroon, black or teal will turn all the heads.

Although these colours can make your bathroom or other rooms look a little smaller, it adds a sense of comfort and coziness. Additionally, dark colours absorb sunlight, so it is best to apply in colder rooms of your house.

Now that you have established which colour will suit your ceiling the best let’s move on to how to paint a ceiling.

What preparations do you need to make?

Three main steps in how to paint a ceiling are:

  • Buying the right tools
  • Prepping the ceiling
  • Painting

To get the perfect finish with fewer complications, you need to follow all these steps.

What are the necessary tools?

Tools are the craftsman’s best friend. It makes your life easier and decreases the working time. Here are all the things you need as a first step of how to paint a ceiling:

how to paint a ceiling
  • A step ladder – to reach the ceiling
  • A paint scraper – to remove old paint
  • Sandpaper – to even out the surface
  • Painter’s tape – to keep the colour within the lines
  • A primer – to lay a smooth foundation
  • Dropcloth to protect the floor
  • Paint of your choice
  • A small paintbrush – for hard to reach places
  • A standard paintbrush – for the borders
  • Paint roller – to cover the major surface area
  • Paint tray – to keep the paint

Start with prepping the ceiling

Before we answer how to paint a ceiling, it is important to establish a good foundation on which your paint can stick evenly. But, before you begin, do not forget to spread the drop cloth on the floor. Extend it to the lower edges of the walls and tape them tightly. In this way, you can clean up quickly after the work is done.

Scrap off the old paint

how to paint a ceiling
Source: Dulux

Scraping off any paint that has already been applied is very essential before you start with the new colour. To be more exact, you’re scraping off any peeling or chipping paint due to humidity, especially in the bathroom. To prevent yourself from inhaling flakes of old paint, use a dust mask while doing this.

Begin this process with a paint scraper. After you are satisfied, use sandpaper to make finer adjustments. This will result in a smooth surface for the new layer of paint free from various creases or bumps.

Clean the ceiling

After the first step of how to paint a ceiling, you will notice a lot of dust particles on the surface. Wipe down your ceiling to remove these dust particles and any portion of mildew or mould colony.

The cleaning solution can be made of one part bleach mixed with three parts water. When applying the solution, positively wear safety goggles to avoid getting it into your eyes.

Time to seal the edges

The third step in how to paint a ceiling is applying painter’s tape to the edges. Properly block all the ceiling’s corners to prevent the ceiling paint from dripping onto your walls. Tape the walls along the perimeter of the ceiling, going all the way to the crease of the corner. But, you can avoid this part if you plan to paint your walls the same colour as the ceiling.

Apply primer

The final step before you start ceiling painting is primer application. Apply primer in the same manner as you would make paint coatings. Before you begin painting, make sure the primer is completely dry and covers every inch of your painting surface.

Start painting a ceiling

how to paint a ceiling
Source: The Spruce

There are 3 main things you need to keep in mind during your how to paint a ceiling journey. Firstly, start with the edges. Painting the edges will create a border where you can freely move your paintbrush. If there are any obstructions like a fan or chandelier, paint around their boundary before painting the rest of the ceiling.

Secondly, apply even coats of paint. You will only need a single coat if you have adequately used the primer. The only exceptions are the dark patches on the ceiling, which will require multiple layers of paint.

Lastly, let the paint dry completely. Before you think of using the room, give enough time for the paint to set. This is also applicable if you are planning to add any designs or textures to the base colour. To speed up the drying, you can switch on the exhaust fan.

Special considerations for the bathroom ceiling

As the bathroom is a humid place that becomes a breeding ground for moulds, consider these things in the how to paint a ceiling process:

  • Do not forget primer: It will create a waterproof layer between the ceiling’s cement and the humidity.
  • Avoid using the bathroom for 24 hours after the painting so that no moisture locks in while the paint is drying
  • Use antifungal paints, smell absorbent, and water-based latex paints.

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