8 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

September 15, 2022
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Your bathroom serves more than just its function. Besides being a space in your home where you can care for and attend to your hygiene, your bathroom can also be a sanctuary where you can be at peace.

Imagine if you could turn your bathroom into an oasis, your personal space where you could take a moment to prepare for what the new day has for you. Or perhaps, a place where you can be alone to decompress and relax after a long day. 

With these quick tips, you’ll be able to transform your bathroom into the relaxing space that it deserves to be:

  1. Upgrade To A Rainfall Showerhead

A rainfall showerhead is one of the most luxurious ways to indulge in a hot shower. With its gentle but powerful spray, this bathroom fixture can help you relax and unwind while also letting you enjoy the soothing sound of falling water.

And so, if you’re looking for a new way to experience your daily shower, it might be worth upgrading to a rainfall showerhead. By investing in such bathroom appliances and fixtures, you can have a spa-like experience at home. 

This can go a long way in helping create a relaxing atmosphere while providing you with a fantastic shower experience. 

  1. Install a New Mirror

Bathroom mirrors can significantly impact the look of your bathroom. They’re an essential part of every bathroom design, not just because you need to keep an eye on your appearance when getting ready in the morning, but they can also influence the aesthetics and mood of the space.

For instance, mirrors can improve the flow of light throughout your bathroom and reflect natural light into the room. This can brighten the space and make it seem more spacious. 

Whether you’re installing a new mirror on a blank wall in your bathroom or over the vanity, the addition of mirrors can let you achieve a more relaxing and airier oasis with impressive visual impact.

  1. Change Up The Lighting

You don’t always need major bathroom renovations to achieve a relaxing bathroom. You can invest in small changes and still get the bathroom of your dreams.

Lighting, for instance, can influence our mood and energy levels. So, updates like changing your lighting can help you feel calmer, more relaxed, energized, and more than ready to take on the day. 

With that, here are some lighting ideas that can help you create a relaxing yet functional bathroom:

  • Cove Lighting: Adding cove lights in your bathroom, especially in the mirror, can be a great way to introduce ambiance to the space. The soft glow can add warmth to your bathroom while giving you additional lighting to do your bathroom routines, such as applying makeup or doing your hair.
  • Bathroom Vanity Lights: If your vanity doesn’t have built-in lights, you may spruce it up by installing some on top or underneath. Aside from giving your bathroom an instant makeover, doing so can also give you more lighting when using the mirror.
  • Wall Sconces: Wall sconces are another great way to add ambient lighting without creating glare or shadows on things like makeup products or mirrors.

  1. Hang Some Artwork

There’s no better way to turn your bathroom into an oasis than with some art. Whether it’s a framed print, photograph, or some other form of art, hanging it on the wall can do wonders for the space.

Here are some ideas for hanging artwork in the bathroom:

  • Beside The Vanity Mirror: This can be an option that works well with most bathrooms. You can choose anything from simple frames to ornate frames or even pieces of pottery if you want something interesting without being overwhelming.
  • Over The Toilet: If there isn’t enough space above the sink or mirror for art, try hanging it on the wall where the water closet is instead. You can even install hanging shelves where you can place small sculptures or potted plants along with other toiletries. Just make sure it’s sturdy and doesn’t block any part of the toilet so it doesn’t fall off when someone uses it.

  1. Add Indoor Plants

Plants are well known for bringing nature into any room, but they also have the power to make your bathroom more relaxing and inviting. In addition, here are other reasons why adding plants to your bathroom is a great idea:

  • Indoor plants can filter out harmful pollutants from the air, improving the air quality inside the bathroom.
  • Indoor plants can be therapeutic, helping in stress management.
  • Some indoor plants can absorb excess moisture and aid in mould growth management.

  1. Invest In Quality Towels

You can’t have a relaxing bath without good towels. After all, quality towels can help elevate your overall shower experience. 

In a way, with soft and plush towels, you can make your bathroom feel like a spa. Aside from its function, your newly purchased towels can also be a decorative element sprucing up your bathroom interiors.

  1. Change Your Shower Curtain

When shopping for a new shower curtain, don’t just think about the quality of the material and what’s in style. While they’re both essential considerations, you should also think about what will work best with your home decor and how much light comes into your bathroom.

You can opt for white or cream-colored shower curtains, as they can help reflect light into the room. On the other hand, dark coloured curtains could make your bathroom seem smaller since it absorbs all the light.

As much as possible, you’d want to create a lighter and airy feeling when using your bathroom, and the right shower curtain can help you achieve that.

  1. Add Storage Solutions

One of the reasons that can make a bathroom messy and unappealing is the presence of clutter. May it be toiletries, cosmetic products, or haircare products, if they’re not stored or organized properly, it can make the room feel more chaotic.

You can use small baskets to store toiletries and neatly tuck them inside the vanity drawers. You could also install shelves where you can place frequently used products or bathroom accessories.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to relax and take a break from the chaos of life, look no further than your own bathroom. Following these tips, you can create an oasis in your home that can help rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

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