8 Space-Saving Ways To Decorate A Studio Apartment

May 6, 2022
how to decorate a studio apartment

If you are wondering how to decorate a studio apartment, then you will love this piece! Decorating a studio apartment can feel a little intimidating because, most times, you don’t even know where to get started. 

You’d need to do proper planning to ensure that it doesn’t become too cluttered but still has everything you need in a living space. There’s limited space and no walls to separate the living room from the bedroom, but there’s always a way out. 

There are so many hacks and tips that can show you how to decorate a studio apartment.

The process of decorating a studio apartment might seem overwhelming, but when you see your space at the end of the day (or week), it’ll be so worth it! 

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What Is A Studio Apartment?

Source: Decoist

Simply put, a studio apartment is a single space/room with no walls demarcating the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The only additional space in a studio apartment is the bathroom and toilet. 

Studio apartments are quite affordable and small or moderate in size. These apartments are popular among students, single people, and basically anyone that needs an affordable living space. 

It might be small, but once you’re able to transform it in a way that’s unique to you, it’ll look and feel like home.

Figuring out how to decorate a studio apartment is tricky, but it’ll be more fun and less hectic with the tips we have for you. 

8 Ways To Decorate A Studio Apartment

1. Take Advantage Of Every Corner

Staying in a studio apartment is small space living, so you need to take advantage of every square inch of your apartment space. 

You can get a slim bench pushed against the wall positioned high or low to serve as a dining table, a bench, or even a work desk. 

If you have a free corner near your kitchen area, you can get a narrow shelf that will serve as a pantry. 

There are also stylish petite sectional couches that would provide for extra seating, especially if you usually have guests.

2. Go For Double Duty Furniture

Double duty furniture and studio apartments go hand in hand. Using a tall bookshelf as a demarcator and storage for books, plants, devices, and other things can help manage your space. 

Some studio apartments are smaller than others, so getting a sofa might take up too much space. 

In such a situation, you can get a daybed and use that like a sofa during the day and a bed at night. 

This saves up so much space, especially if you hardly have guests over because some people might not be comfortable having guests sit on their sleeping spot. 

If your studio apartment has a high roof, you can get a loft bed and turn the lower part into your closet space or a working area. 

The goal is to make a small space feel spacious and still accommodate everything you need in your home.

3. Choose An Aesthetic

When deciding how to decorate a studio apartment, you should consider choosing an aesthetic to make your space look more cohesive. 

Stick to a colour palette that pleases you and get furniture or other home essentials that suit your taste. 

In deciding how to decorate a studio apartment, bear in mind that the colours you choose for your decor can determine the entire mood of your space. It can make it feel stuffy, busy, or airy. 

4. Consider Your Lifestyle In Your Design Measurements

When designing a studio unit, you have to consider your living habits. No rule says that one space has to be the same size as the other. 

For instance, if you love cooking and spend most of your time in the kitchen, then your kitchen should have a lot of space. 

Do you spend more time in the bedroom? Then you should make sure there’s enough space for whatever you need in there. 

What about if you love having friends over? You would have to make your living room well equipped and spacious enough to accommodate your friends. 

5. Make Good Use Of Curtains

Curtains serve as the perfect concealers without taking any space at all, and they also don’t make the space feel too enclosed. 

If you have an open-air closet which is also a great addition to a small studio apartment, curtains can be used to conceal it. 

Also, instead of using a tall bookshelf as a demarcation for your sleeping area, you can use a curtain, however thick you want it to be, as a demarcator. 

In addition, curtains, when placed high, can give the illusion that you have a high roof, making your space feel spacious. 

6. Have Enough Storage Spaces

white bed linen on bed

It’s easy to cross the line between clustered and well furnished. One of the ways you can make your studio apartment look spacious and airy is by having enough storage space. 

Your bed can have storage drawers for your clothes, devices, shoes, etc. We also find that having a high bed frame can create storage spaces underneath. 

But if your studio apartment doesn’t have high ceilings, then a lower bed frame would be ideal. 

You can get extendable tables for the kitchen that would serve as a dining area or work table and are hidden when not in use. 

If you are figuring out how to decorate a studio apartment on a budget, this tip will come in handy. The entryway isn’t left out in all this. 

Behind the front door, you can use detachable hooks to hang coats, an umbrella, and keys. Then add a small shelf to keep daily footwear. 

7. Make Use Of Rugs To Demarcate Spaces

Rugs are perfect for defining different zones in your studio apartments without using makeshift walls. Rugs are also a minimalistic approach to zoning your studio apartment. 

Getting inspiration on using different rug sizes to define your space is necessary when deciding how to decorate a studio apartment

Remember to make sure that the rugs you use in your studio apartment fit into your aesthetic and colour pallet.

8. Mirrors Would Be Great Additions

Tall mirrors may seem like an unnecessary addition when deciding how to decorate a studio apartment. 

However, mirrors can illuminate your studio apartment better and make your studio apartment’s size apper bigger. 

If you feel like there’s no space for a tall standing mirror, you can find an empty corner and attach a tall mirror to the wall (perfect for mirror selfies). 

You can also place medium-sized wall mirrors in different corners of the apartment. 

Applying these tips on how to decorate a studio apartment would make it an enjoyable experience. 

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