10 Fresh Living Room Ideas For Any Size & Budget

April 26, 2022
living room ideas

Keeping a lookout on living room ideas can help you stay inspired at home. The living room is the most crucial in setting the tone of your house.

You spend your leisure time reading a book on the sofa or enjoying a movie night in the living room. This is the first room your guests get to see once they enter your home. It is very important to make an excellent first impression.

Whether you moved in recently or want a change in decor, this article will help you amp up your room with great living room ideas while staying on the budget.

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Borrow items from other rooms

living room ideas
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Before you go shopping, it is best to look for more sustainable living room ideas . Look for things from your bedroom that can shift into the living room or vice versa.

Photo frames, table decor, lamps, or curtains can be a great swap. This is one of the great small living room ideas if you do not have space but still looking for a decor change. 

Shift your furniture

living room ideas
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One of the efficient lounge room ideas is to rearrange everything in your living room. Start with shifting the sofa against a different wall and follow by arranging the other furniture according to it.

This will create walking space in places where there was furniture before. This is a great trick to get the satisfaction of renovating without spending a single penny.

Add a little greenery

living room ideas
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If you are looking for eco-friendly living room decor ideas, adding houseplants can be a great option. These plants will add an earthy look to your decor and cleanse your home.

The oxygen from these plants can be very helpful for people living in an area with high air pollution or who have asthma.

Additionally, such living room ideas can help develop a useful hobby. Maintaining plants and keeping them alive can be very therapeutic.

Did you know: plants can help feng shui your home? Placing your houseplants in specific areas throughout your home can clear energy passageways.

You can never go wrong with the paint

Changing the paint colour is one of the most straightforward room decor ideas. This idea is not only applicable to your living room but also to any other room of your house.

Choose bright and bold colours as a part of your living room ideas. Maroon will look absolutely gorgeous on your walls.

Paint the surrounding walls with more subtle hues such that the maroon wall becomes the focal point of the room. If you face difficulty in choosing a colour, then go for earth colours that can match your plant and also feel relaxing at the same time.

If nothing works, simply match the colour of your furniture to your walls.

Use artwork as a living room design

Living room ideas

Art brings a sense of sophistication to your living room decor. The artwork does not have to be very expensive to fit the list of ideal living room ideas.

You can easily buy affordable paintings from a garage sale or a second-hand sale online. To add a personal touch, you can even hang something original painted by you.

Honestly, modern-day art is not very difficult. You do not have to be a professional artist to create something beautiful.

Go online, search for simple abstract painting ideas, and let your creativity run on the canvas. 

DIY your living room decor

Nothing is more fun and satisfying than a DIY project. In the end, you will unlock new skills and have something customised as your lounge room designs.

Go to your nearest stationery and get your art supplies. You can build your photo frames, table art, lampshades, and book stands as a part of your living room ideas.

Instead of throwing an old art piece, you can revive it into something modern. Do not fear trying something new and out of the box. Even if you fail, you can still continue it as a new hobby.

Go thrift shopping

living room ideas
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Thrifting requires patience and a creative vision to imagine something ordinary as a part of your living room interior design. But, you can always find something that will fit your living room ideas.

You can buy affordable furniture or attractive vintage art pieces. Just do not go overboard.

Have a clear picture in mind of the available space in your living room, and take measurements of the furniture before purchasing. 

Be minimalistic

Instead of adding new items to your living room decor, you can permanently remove the things you do not need. This is one of the simple living room ideas where you keep the things absolutely necessary for you.

It’s an excellent idea for small apartments as it can create more space that you can use for exercising or dancing. This will also make your living room look drastically bigger.

If you face difficulty choosing what to remove, go by a simple rule ‘Did I use this item in the past year?’ If the answer is no, it has got to go. Additionally, you can set up a sale and earn extra bucks from your things.

Do not ignore your floor

living room ideas
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While rummaging through living room decor ideas, one can easily forget the floors. But, decorating them can give a new personality to your living room.

A few ways to do it is to add double layers of the rug. This rug on rug technique makes your living room feel cozy. If you do not want to invest in rugs or find them difficult to clean, you can paint your floors.

This gives a sense of renovation, yet your floor remains very easy to clean.

Add wallpapers

This hack is for people who have several living room ideas and can’t stick to one or for people living in a rented home. Wallpapers can be easily installed and removed.

You can choose a wallpaper with a wooden design to give your home a classy look or go with floral arrangements for a tropical look.

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