The 8 Best Feng Shui Plants & How Feng Shui Actually Works

January 5, 2022
best feng shui plants

It’s safe to assume we all know a little bit about feng shui—an ancient Chinese practice with the belief that good energy flow in a space can create a harmonious environment. So how do we go about introducing this into our homes? Enter feng shui plants

Green leafy plants tout a world of benefits—from purifying the air we breathe, to reducing stress and offering a plant parent a sense of purpose. But if we take it a step further with feng shui plants, we’ll discover that that they might also promote healing, energy and wellbeing.

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? And you can start by looking at the layout of your home to see which feng shui plants can enhance certain aspects in your life.

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How bagua can help position your feng shui plants

bagua energy map for feng shui plants

Bagua is basically a feng shui energy map. Literally translated to eight blank, it’s almost like an energy grid you can lay over your floor plan. You can begin to change these aspects of your life when you work on those parts of your home. 

For instance, if you’re wanting to give more attention to the family and physical health factors which are situated on the east, you can add wood and water elements. On the other hand, features like fireplaces or metal would be be opposing. 

If you already have a green thumb, you have an advantage. Plants that are dying cause negative feng shui and can zap your energy. So take care of your indoor garden to ensure maximum positive energy flow. 

You can even start with your home’s entry points—the front door. The pointed snake plant or a cactus are some of the protective feng shui plants for the front of your house. 

What are the best feng shui plants?

Money tree

best feng shui plants money tree

Since the money tree is famous for prosperity and fortune, this is best placed in the southwest area of your home. It’s where the wealth aspect lies and doing this will maximise the value of this feng shui plant. 

Snake plant

best feng shui plants snake plant

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this is a good beginner plant. Earlier, we mentioned that the snake plant is a solid feng shui plant for your front door because it is protective. You can also place it by any large windows or your home workspace to create a focused, energy-fuelled area.

Although they’re green and beautiful, avoid putting snake plants in bedrooms or children’s rooms. 

Lucky bamboo

best feng shui plants lucky bamboo

Bamboo is an immensely favoured plant for its adaptability, strength and potential to grow—did we mention these are parts of your life it can enhance?

Search for stems that are standing upright, which support growth and solidity. The number of stalks plays a part as well—two symbolising love and three cultivating happiness. 


best feng shui plants pothos plant

The pretty Pothos plants is easy to take care of and won’t hold a grudge if you forget to water it. This feng shui plant is particularly good at breathing life into stagnant areas that don’t get much attention, like above cabinets and in quiet corners. 

Hedgehog aloe

The Hedgehog Aloe is another one of the protective feng shui plants, alongside snake plants and cacti. With this plant, you’re doubling up on goodness as its purifying powers filter out nasty particles in the air. Feel free to place this near windows and doors, just watch out for the sharp edges! 

Another benefit of this plant is its healing, moisturising gel—great for burns and sunburnt skin. 


best feng shui plants jade plant

The jade is reminiscent of succulents with its matte, rounded leaves, which symbolise renewal and growth. Having this plant anywhere in your home can boost positive energy as well as prosperity. You might notice it in restaurants near the cashier’s counter!

Rubber tree plant

best feng shui plants rubber tree plant

Here’s another houseplant that helps detoxify the air. With its lush, thick leaves, it’s not only a vibrant looking plant, but also helpful in inspiring calm energy.

Place your rubber tree plant in the east and southeast areas of your home that promote support (wealth and prosperity and family sections on the bagua chart). 


best feng shui plants philodendron

With everything that’s been going on lately, many of us would benefit from some relaxing feng chi—the Chinese expression for your vital life force.

The philodendron is perfect at offering that. Like the rubber tree, the southern parts of your home will do well for this plant and vice-versa.

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