7 Tips to Keep The Floor of Your Old House Squeaky Clean

August 25, 2022

The floor of the house is often the dirtiest place. Dust settles here quite easily due to gravity, and dirt from our shoes and sandals also adds to this case. If the floor gets dirty, it gets darker in color, thus ruining the whole beauty of the house.

This is even more so for old houses. Since the houses are already old, they have already accumulated a lot of dirt. The older it is, the dirtier the floor.  So, keeping it clean can be a bit difficult. However, in this article, we will take you through some simple steps that will help keep your floors clean and shiny.

Tips to Keep The Floors Clean

An old house that has not been maintained properly is much more prone to dust settling as the materials such as walls and floors of the house get rough and coarse. These uneven surfaces catch dust much more easily compared to newer houses. Therefore, to keep the floors clean in your old house, consider following the tips listed below:

1. Avoid Using Shoes Indoors

This is a common practice in most countries where people use their shoes inside their houses. This would not be a problem if the house was new because it would be easy to wipe away any dirt released from the shoe.

However, the case would not be the same if it was an old house. As mentioned before, the floors of an old house do not have the same smooth texture as a new house. The materials will be worn out as they have been used for a long time. 

And so, the dirt clings to them and does not go off easily. You can, however, clean them with the right tools, such as a cleaning kit, but prevention is better than cure. So avoid using shoes inside the house.

2. Use Strong Cleaning Agents

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A strong cleaning agent can deep clean the floor and make it look fresh and smooth. You can get a potent cleaning agent like floor powders and detergent from your nearest supermarket and make one by mixing different ingredients at home. We have one special cleaning agent recipe for you.

Take 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and mix it with 1 gallon of warm water. This may sound simple, but this is very effective. You can also add some soap to make it more efficacious. This will take most of the dirt off the floor. This solution will also work if you have a home gym or playroom with rubber lock tiles on the floor.

However, this is not good for marble floors. For cleaning marble floors, you just need to mix soap with warm water as the apple cider vinegar will damage the marbles.

3. Widen Up the Space

Dust likes to settle on areas that are cramped up. This is why if you go to your storage room which is full of objects, you will find it dirtier than your other rooms. This is because the more objects in a room, the more areas there are which will catch the dust and let it settle.

To make your floor stay clean, you need to keep the room as spacious as possible. This will allow air to flow swiftly through the room, and there will not be many objects that will catch the dust floating in the air. Having a room free of unnecessary objects means that you will also be able to clean the floor more easily.

4. Remove Stains As Soon As Possible

When you are having a party at your house, chances are, there will be someone who will spill some food on the floor. 

Try to remove the stain as soon as possible. Otherwise, the stain will settle and make it even harder to remove. These stains can make the house look unpleasant. 

Cleaning your house, especially these stains, is a must if you want to sell your house in the future. So remove stains immediately if you do not want a permanent spot that will damage the floor and reduce its value.

5. Have a Separate Area for Pets

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Pets are very common in today’s day and age. 7 out of 10 households are bound to have at least one pet in their house. Keeping a pet can be a fun and exciting experience, but they can be a bit troublesome from time to time as well.

They can bring dirt from outside and spread it all across the house. They can bring mud, dirt, or even pests and dirty your floor. While cleaning dirt and mud is easy, getting rid of pests can be expensive.

To make sure that your entire house does not get messy, have a separate place for your pets. That way, only a certain area will get dirty, making it easier to clean.

6. Do Not Let Water Settle

Water can cause major problems if your floor is made of either concrete or wood. If you let the water settle and make the floor wet and soggy, it can cause molds. This does not happen on floors that have tiles as a finishing.

Molds can damage the overall durability of your floor. They also spread fast and have a very bad odor. If you do not get rid of molds, they will ultimately break your floor, causing you a heap of trouble. So wipe away water to keep your floors clean.

7. Special Treatment for Kitchen Floor

A kitchen is a place where a lot of oil is used, and these oils, when vaporized, get stuck to the ceilings, walls, and even floors. This is why when you walk into an unclean kitchen, you will feel that the floor is very sticky.

To remove oil from the floor, you need very strong detergents and cleansers. Mix distilled white vinegar and water, followed by adding rock salt and lemon slices. These are very useful for removing oily stains from the floor, and other parts of the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Floors are an essential part of the house. You need to maintain it regularly and clean it, especially if the house is old. Some people try to renew the whole floor. Although that is a good solution, it requires a lot of money.

Hope this article has given you some easy-to-follow methods that will help you keep your floor clean without too much hassle.

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