How to decorate with artificial plants

July 10, 2017
decorating with artificial plants

decorating with artificial plantsWhen you decorate your home, you understandably want it to convey your sense of style and personality. However, you also want the space to be welcoming to all who enter. Some homeowners have a strong desire to incorporate natural elements into their space to create a sense of serenity and peace.

Bringing vegetation into your home is a great way to accomplish your decorating goals, and there are many options to consider. If you don’t have a green thumb, you may not think that decorating with plants is a smart idea. The good news is that you can use artificial plants in a variety of ways to achieve fabulous results. Here are some ideas for using  artificial plants in your home decorating.

Potted patio plants

Patio plants can be placed around your front entryway or in your foyer. They can also be placed in a sunroom or on a back patio effectively. These plants may be large or small in size and can easily keep their green look year-round with minimal maintenance. Keep in mind that the pots can be highly ornate and decorative, multi-coloured, terra cotta or in a variety of other styles to achieve the look you desire in your home.

artificial plants decoratingHanging plants

Another way to dress up your home is to add hanging plants to the space. Hanging plants can be difficult to maintain because watering them is a chore. Therefore, artificial plants make perfect sense in these locations.

They can be placed indoors or outdoors and they add a vivid pop of freshness and colour to areas of your home that may otherwise be difficult to decorate. For example, the corner of your breakfast room may be bland, but a hanging plant can be used to add colour and appeal to this area.

Wall-mounted pots

It can be difficult to decide which types of wall hangings to add to your space. After all, when you only put paintings on your walls, it can make your home seem stuffy and bland in some cases. Wall-mounted pots with artificial plants are a great alternative. They can be used in hallways, bedrooms, dining areas and more to bring a touch of fresh vegetation to your space.

The pots themselves can be plain or ornate based on the décor in your home. Because these are mounted to the walls and you don’t want your walls to get wet, it’s a smart idea to use artificial plants with these wall-mounted planters.

A plant wall

If you are looking for a fabulous way to dress up an entire wall, a plant wall is an incredible idea. Rather than paint an accent wall, the entire wall can be covered with wall-mounted plants. The greenery can cascade down with brilliant results. The combination of the texture and the colour of the plants may easily make this one of the most visually appealing walls in your home.

This wall is easy to maintain when made out of artificial plants. For an extra touch, focus spotlights on the plants. Coloured lights or even white lights with shadowy effects add some extra drama to the space.

There are many wonderful decorating ideas that you can incorporate into your home using artificial plants and you don’t need a green thumb to enjoy the fresh, vibrant look of vegetation.

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