Where is Point Cook Beach?

December 8, 2022
where is point cook beach

Where is Point Cook beach? It’s a question that many ask while on their travels. Point Cook Beach is located in the City of Point Cook

This beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and taking in the view. Whether you’re there for the day or the week, make sure to check out all of the great restaurants and activities on offer.

In this post, we’ll take you on a short tour around the beach to learn more about the place and what it offers.

Where is Point Cook beach located?

Point Cook’s beach is south of the Point Cook Homestead. It starts curved to the west, then turns southwest. There is ample parking and play facilities, and it’s a great playground for children and adults.

How to reach the beach?

You may be wondering, “where is Point Cook beach, and how do I get to it? 

The answer is here. Point Cook beach is a part of the Point Cook Coastal Park. To visit the beach, you can use the car park at the back of the beach. There is a side entrance road. You’ll find it marked on your map.

Now walk out of the picnic area, through the playground, and you will reach the foreshore. When the tide is low, turn left and walk down the foreshore to the park’s eastern extremity; you would have reached the RAAF boundary in Point Cook.

What to do at Point Cook beach?

Point Cook Coastal Park is an ideal location for a family picnic and is only 20 kilometres southwest of Melbourne. Several miles of mowed grass tracks, numerous places to rent a pram, and low tide provides wonderful sandy walks along the beach.

There are restrooms, a children’s play area, free gas barbecues, a lot of covers, and easy access to the shore in the beach picnic area.

For bird lovers, there is Cheetham Wetlands. It is a natural bird haven and home to many species including swallows, cormorants, ducks and geese.

What makes this stay so unique is its short distance from the parking lot, which is half a kilometre to The Tower. This historical site is also wheelchair accessible, offering birdwatchers and adventurers 360-degree views.

September through April is when you can see various shorebird species on the mudflats. These include Australian Painted Snipe, Greater Sand Plover, Lesser Sand Plover, Regent Honeyeater and Orange-bellied Parrot.

Can you swim at Point Cook?

Yes, you can swim at Point Cook beach. However, it is possible only during high tide and when the water is flowing over the flats and you will be able to see the rocks. 

Note that SLSA (Surf Life Saving Australia) recommends swimming between the red and yellow flags only. Also, do not swim at unpatrolled beaches. 

Finally, make sure you check the Point Cook weather forecast before you go to the beach. 

Where can I fish in Point Cook?

At high tide, when the flats are covered by water, it’s easy to do fishing at Point Cook beach.

You can also fish at the Sanctuary Lakes in Point Cook. A variety of fish can be found including Black Brims, Mullets and Eels. You can enjoy fishing from the sidewalks and bridges within Sanctuary Lakes Resort.

What is the nicest beach in Melbourne?

Melbourne has a lot to offer tourists in terms of beaches, but Point Cook beach is by far the nicest beach. The weather conditions are great, making it great for a solo or family day out, and surrounded by many attractions.

With its warm sand, gentle waves and boardwalk-lined promenade, the beautiful beach attracts locals as well as visitors from across Australia and the world.

Whether you’re a tourist visiting town or a resident, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the many restaurants, cafes, bars and shops to explore. You can enjoy some delicious food, a decent coffee and shopping here.

The beachfront is always buzzing with a wide range of activities to choose from. There’s plenty of people out and about at all times of the day from walkers, joggers and rollerbladers racing by.  

Now do not ask us where is Point cook beach as we have already answered that. 

Is Point Cook good for fishing?

Sanctuary Lakes is a good place for fishing in Point Cook. However, one must have a current Victorian Recreational Fishing licence to fish here. 

Those under 18 or over 70 are exempt from needing a fishing licence. Fish caught from the lake must meet the licensing requirements of a recreational fishing license.

Can you swim in Sanctuary Lakes?

The many benefits of visiting Sanctuary Lakes include its gorgeous scenery, but you can’t swim here. This is because the water is shallow, meaning you can only dip your toes in or relax and enjoy the landscape here.

There isn’t a fence around the area, and it’s quite vast, so kids will keep you on your toes most time. 

What are the average Point Cook real estate prices?

 Point Cook is an appealing community for anyone looking for a new home. The area features homes ranging from one-story to double-story homes, and the prices start at just $570,000 for a four-bedroom.

For 3-bed properties like these, the total cost is $685,000. In addition to the attractive rental yield, investors can enjoy a significant future increase in value. So it pays to invest in this suburb.

Most houses require little maintenance and use little energy. Even older homes include modern features that appeal to both buyers and renters.

Townhomes are another excellent option for people who want to live in a community with easy access to all the significant parts of the town. Good for couples, retirees, or real estate investment firms. Another reason to live in Melbourne’s point Cook suburb.

There are plenty of reasons why Point Cook is a great place to live, with the only potential downside being the possibility of Point Cook flooding once or twice a year. The state, however, is implementing measures for both prevention and recovery.

Note: There were 352 properties for sale in Point Cook in October 2022. Visit to find a Point Cook house for sale that suits your needs.

Want to invest in Point Cook real estate?

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