9 Reasons Why Gold Coast is So Popular

December 7, 2022
Is Gold Coast Worth Visiting

Key takeaways:

  • Gold Coast has 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 19.9 degrees celsius.
  • Reliable public transportation links you across the city and to Brisbane.
  • Gold Coast beats Sydney affordability across the board; from rent prices to groceries and dining out.

If you’re wondering why Gold Coast is so popular, you probably haven’t either seen it, or read about it much.

Why? Because it’s impossible to visit and not be charmed by the laid back and friendly vibe of the city. Because if you read about it; the amazing Gold Coast weather, pristine Gold Coast beaches, national parks, native animals and attractions, you would have already visited.

Property investors love it because the Gold Coast property market predictions in 2023 are showing positive signs. Residents love it because of the 300 days of sunshine a year. There’s something for everyone!

But since you’re wondering, let’s break down all the reasons why Gold Coast city is so popular. Because, be it as a popular tourist destination or next home, it’s become one of the most sought after areas in Australia.

1. Weather

Why Gold Coast is So Popular

One of the biggest reasons people move to the Gold Coast is to take advantage of its incredible weather. 300 days of sunshine a year means tons of opportunities to surf, swim, hike, and everything else we do when the sun’s out!

Compared to cities like Melbourne—where the weather can be more temperamental, sometimes granting four seasons in one day—Gold Coast weather is temperate throughout the year. The coastal location ensures a nice breeze through the seasons as well.

A sub-topical climate, you can expect temperatures around comfortable 21-28 degrees celcius during the summer and a cool 10-21 degrees celcius in the summer. That means no massive wardrobes changes needed.

2. Lifestyle

Why Gold Coast is So Popular

The pandemic forced a lot of us to re-think our lifestyles. Perhaps we spent too long on our daily commute or didn’t spend enough time in nature. In the Gold Coast, a well-balanced lifestyle is almost a given. There are also a wide range of amazing Gold Coast suburbs to pick from.

Unlike Sydney and Melbourne, the proximity to the beach offers a more laid back energy. People aren’t rushing to get from place to place, prioritising the journey over the destination. So, don’t be surprised if Gold Coast residents chat to you on the bus or in the supermarket.

Another reason why the Gold Coast lifestyle is so attractive is the public transport. This may be a bit elementary, but there’s a wonderful freedom in being able to choose between driving and public transport.

Because of the linear geography and proximity to the Pacific Motorway, many Gold Coast locals own cars. But you’ll also see tons of bikers on the roads as well.

And if you don’t want to drive, the city is interlinked by buses, trains, a light-rail as well as a ferry service—the last of which stops between Surfers Paradise, HOTA and Sea World, to name a few.

One of the best parts is that the public transport offers journeys to Brisbane and other popular day trip and overnight destinations near by.

3. Affordability

Why Gold Coast is So Popular
House for sale in Nerang (

While we love the capital cities, one undeniable downside to them is the soaring property and rental prices.

Another huge draw of Gold Coast is the housing affordability. Sure, there are more expensive suburbs, like Mermaid Beach—whose current median house price is $2.6 million—and Tallebudgera Valley, whose median house price is $2.16 million.

But, compared to the most Sydney’s most expensive suburb, Darling Point, sitting at an eye-watering $8.8 million, it’s practically a steal.

Cheaper suburbs like Springbrook sit at $760,000 for houses. So, if you’re looking for cheap long term rentals in Gold Coast, check it out, as well as Coomera and Nerang.

Rent in Gold Coast is also lower than those in the capital cities. According to SQM research, the average rent for houses and units was $978/week.

Additionally, and according to Living Cost, everything from food expenses to transport and higher education is cheaper in Gold Coast than in Sydney.

Which is one of the reasons why people also search for areas to invest in the Gold Coast as many property investors see the capital growth potential.

4. Nature

Why Gold Coast is So Popular
Image credit: The Urban List (O’Reilly’s Rainforest Walk)

Numerous famous beaches, hiking trails, waterfalls, national parks… the list is never ending. To live in the Gold Coast is to have nature at your doorstep.

Afternoons can be spent exploring ancient rainforests. Weekends can be spent up in the Gold Coast hinterland, less than an hour drive away from the centre. And beautiful beaches are for every moment in between.

Nature is a way of life. That’s why the Gold Coast is so popular. And you’ll often see people running, biking, and walking their dogs along the beach’s beautiful coastline everyday.

Here are some of the best nature spots in Gold Coast:

  • Beaches: Rainbow Bay, Coolangatta beach, Snapper Rocks, Currumbin beach
  • Parks: Tamborine National Park, Springbrook National Park, Burleigh Head National Park
  • South Stradbroke Island
  • Currumbin WIldlife Sanctuary
  • Nerang river

5. Culture

Why Gold Coast is So Popular
Image credit: City of Gold Coast

With the relaxed culture comes a warm and friendly community. The Gold Coast offers tons of fun cultural events throughout the year. You’ll never be short of activities to fill up your days and weekends.

The food scene, for one, is blossoming. You can find almost every cuisine you’re hunting down in Gold Coast restaurants. From Greek to Southern Indian, and dessert cafes, you’ll definitely get your fix, whatever it may be.

Some of the biggest music festivals are For the Love and Cooly Rocks On. But there are other art events such as the Festival of Contemporary Dance and Beyond the Sand Arts Festival.

The Surfers Paradise beachfront markets are also a popular choice amongst locals and tourists, not forgetting the village markets, farmers markets, sanctuary markets and Carrara markets. All with a different selection of local artisans and food producers.

But don’t be mistaken, Gold Coast residents also enjoy partying, and the nightlife is a reflection of that. The beachside is known for its bars and clubs, several amongst those globally recognised.

6. Good education

Why Gold Coast is So Popular

From pre-school to university, studying on the Gold Coast gives students of all ages tons of solid education options.

Universities are notable here, with Southern Cross University, Bond University and Griffith University as the main choices. On top of that, most universities have college and TAFE campuses which grant an assortment of classes from drama to cooking.

The presence of these universities adds to the multiculturalism and diversity of Gold Coast’s demographic. Thousands of students come to the Gold Coast each year adding to the vibrancy of the culture.

7. Job potential

Why Gold Coast is So Popular

The Gold Coast might not be as big as Sydney or Melbourne, but it offers many opportunities of employment in a range of industries.

To start, it’s great for students, who are granted permission to live and work there for 3-5 years after graduating.

But also for professionals in general. The local government is investing heavily in the health and medical industry, making it the leading sector in potential employment. Other big employment areas are information and communications technology, education, hospitality and the tourism industry.

8. Entertainment

Why Gold Coast is So Popular
Image credit: Man of Many

If you like theme parks, look no further. With just five major theme parks in the Gold Coast alone, both kids and adults alike will have plenty of entertainment options.

So, to start, you have the five theme parks:

  • Dreamworld
  • Movie World
  • Sea WorldWet’n’Wild
  • WhiteWater World

Additionally, outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing, whale watching and snorkelling are prominent hobbies.

9. Connectivity

As Australia’s sixth largest city, it’s easy to get in and out of the Gold Coast, even if it’s a regional city.

You have access to both Brisbane Airport and Gold Coast Airport which makes travelling overseas or to the capital cities easy.

But if you want to stay on the ground, the Pacific Motorway connects you to the inland Gold Coast region and to the NSW/QLD border.

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