8 Reasons To Live In Melbourne

October 31, 2023
reasons to live in melbourne

There are many reasons to live in Melbourne. If you are moving for the first time, an international student, a single person or a couple with family, and you are considering living in Melbourne long term, then you’ve made a solid choice. 

Melbourne is one of the world’s best secrets. Not only is the city centre beautiful, but it also has the best and friendliest locals. It is a beautiful, trendy and cosmopolitan city with space for everyone.

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Is Melbourne a good place to live? 

If you are not completely sold by the idea of living in the same city where the Australian Open is held annually, there are several other reasons why Melbourne stands out in the country.

Did you know Melbourne has been rated the world’s most liveable city for seven years by the Economist Intelligence Unit? It is also one of the safest cities in the world; yes, even the inner-city suburbs. 

While your mind might go to personal security, Melbourne offers health, digital, and infrastructure security. It is advisable to live in Melbourne because it is Australia’s capital of cool and perfect for expat life as it is the central business district.

Several major international sporting events also happen in this Australian city and this is a great attraction for international students and expats alike.

If you love coffee, street art, incredible food and culture, the Victorian capital has an excellent coffee culture and is the place for you!

If you need a reason to live in Melbourne, search no more. We will highlight eight reasons why Melbourne is the right city for you.

8 reasons to live in Melbourne

1. Melbourne has the best coffee in the world

reasons to live in melbourne

Or maybe in all of Australia. If you are a coffee lover or can’t do without freshly brewed coffee, this is a reason to live in Melbourne. Melbourne has skilled coffee roasters and baristas. 

Several travel websites voted Melbourne as a city with one of the best coffee in the world. There are different coffee flavours on the coffee menu, and there is a coffee spot for everyone. 

Most of the owners of cafes in Melbourne are young and entrepreneurial. The best cafes in Melbourne are rooted in the communities in the inner suburbs. You will seldom find a bad cup of coffee in all of Melbourne. 

2. Melbourne has great housing 

reasons to live in melbourne

Depending on the city you move from, you will notice that the structure of houses in Melbourne is different. The architecture is quite modern and stylish. The suburbs in Melbourne are unique and have spacious detached terrace houses. There are also great accommodation options for international students.

The older houses are as beautiful and stylish as the new houses. If you decide to live in Melbourne, remember that rent can be affordable. It all depends on the type of house you want. 

Great communities and neighbours are willing to help at all times as this is the core of Melbourne’s culture. Some of the best places to live in Melbourne are Fitzroy, Prahran and South Melbourne.

3. Melbourne has a diverse community

reasons to live in melbourne

If you are scared of being alone while moving abroad and starting life in Melbourne, this will not be a cause for concern. One of the best reasons to live in Melbourne is its open-minded people.

This very liveable city is home to different communities with the most harmonious and diverse and you won’t miss your life abroad. You can also celebrate any public holiday in Melbourne with no issues.

Melbourne is one of the world’s most multicultural cities. The city hosts lots of festivals for people from different communities. and is also the host of the annual Australian Open. The locals love welcoming new residents and are always open to helping you settle in.

4. Melbourne has the finest beaches

reasons to live in melbourne

​Australia is known to have the best beaches in the world, and a huge number of these beaches are located in Melbourne. It is the perfect place for a vacation during the long lazy summer days and it’s right on the edge of the city.

But imagine when you can live in Melbourne and make every day a beach day, thanks to Brighton Beach, St Kilda beach, Yarra River beach, Phillip Island, Half Moon Bay and lots more. They have the best coastal destinations that will make your life abroad worth it.

These beaches have quality restaurants and excellent opportunities for swimming and fishing. If you love surfing and swimming, Melbourne has over fourteen surreal beaches with the best waves. 

5. Melbourne has all the seasons

reasons to live in melbourne

This may be debated by many but to us, Melbourne has pretty great weather. The summers are warm, and the springs are bright and sunny.

The climate is moderate most of the year. It has changeable weather, but it’s cold and rainy in June and July. For those who appreciate seasonalities, it’s one of the better reasons to live in Melbourne.

Other times during the summer, the weather in Melbourne is warm. But admittedly, it is safe to say that mother nature puts on a show with the weather. The rainstorms in the morning are subtly creating the perfect atmosphere for a cool evening in the great city. 

The localised sea breeze is one thing to experience when you live in Melbourne. This is because the city has a lot of beaches and is close to the coast. When you decide to move to Melbourne, pack a good number of sweaters and light clothes, there is barely any in-between. 

The air in Melbourne is clean and free of various forms of air pollution. If you need a city to enjoy a great time outdoors, Melbourne is the right place. 

6. Melbourne has some of the best restaurants in the world

reasons to live in melbourne

The amazing cuisine is one of the things that make Melbourne a very liveable city. The city offers over a thousand food options from the many restaurants in the city.

From the Australian lamb roast which is a big deal, the salt and pepper calamari, the Vegemite and down to snacks like the hot jam doughnut, your food cravings are sure to be satisfied in Melbourne. 

Our tip for anyone moving to Melbourne is to buy the jam doughnut when it is hot. It is a Melbourne specialty. It is also famous for the city’s quality of food. There are other treats from food trucks and chip shops in the city. 

Because the city of Melbourne has an ethnically diverse population, there is food option for everyone. The very best cuisines are in the suburbs. Be sure to check out the wine menu while at these restaurants. 

7. Melbourne has great schools (and education system) 

reasons to live in melbourne

As an international student or a parent with school-age children, it is best to know that education is compulsory in Melbourne. School is essential for children between the ages of six to seventeen. 

The public high schools are free to attend. There is pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education in Melbourne. Melbourne University is one of the best-ranking universities in all of Australia and among the top 50 in the world.

There is an adequate public transport system throughout the city for easy access and movement to and from these schools too.

The school year for your kids starts in January and ends in December. There are breaks between this school year, the longest being the summer and Christmas holidays. 

8. Melbourne is rich in arts and culture 

reasons to live in melbourne

The streets in Melbourne are perfect for art lovers looking to start a new life and the Melbourne Museum is a dream. There are colourful street art and murals on the train with several live music venues for concerts and events.

Melbourne is a great city for people who constantly seek creative inspiration. There are quotes, portraits and murals on the streets of Melbourne created by different types of artists.

There are vibrant art festivals in the city. You can explore the national parks, Fitzroy gardens and royal botanic gardens are great spots for relaxation and inspiration.

Public transport is excellent in the city so you will have no issues moving around. The Melbourne culture is always alive as the people express it through their arts, designs and fashion. 

There are theatre shows, fashion shows and even live music to show the vibrant Melbourne culture. Melbourne is renowned for its diversity in culture and creativity. 

Enough reasons to live in Melbourne?

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