Which Are The Best Suburbs in Adelaide?

June 10, 2022
best suburbs in adelaide

Wondering which are the best suburbs in Adelaide? You’re in the right place! Adelaide is not only the capital city of South Australia and the fifth most populated city on the Island, but it is also well primed for residential purposes. 

Adelaide has refused to fall off the list of the top ten most liveable cities worldwide in the past few years. 

So, just like you, many people are jostling for the best suburbs in Adelaide, and we have all the information you need here. 

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10 best suburbs in Adelaide

Since you have also decided to get in on the warmth of Adelaide, here are the best suburbs in the southern capital, in no particular order.

1. North Brighton

House for sale in North Brighton
  • House value: $825,000
  • Median rent: $550/week

This beachside suburb is about 13km south of the CBD, 25 minutes away by car and 49 minutes by public transport. 

It provides spacious homes, lively community centres, and lush green parks, making it an ideal choice for families, young couples, and retirees. 

Several local shopping blocks, boutiques, and cafes are within reach of residencies whenever you need to step out. 

How can we forget the beautiful view from the beach homes! You get to wake up to a fantastic view of birds and crystal clear water. 

A good road network cuts along the length and breadth of North Brighton to enable an easy commute to parklands and schools. 

Therefore, families grooming kids are in for a smooth sail on both weekends and weekdays or just when holidays come calling.

See more homes for sale in North Brighton.

2. North Adelaide

House for sale in North Adelaide
  • House value: $1,213,000
  • Median rent: $638/week

This hilltop suburb is stowed between the Adelaide Parklands and North of River Torrens and boasts of access to rich culture and education. 

With its flurry of exquisite cuisines, shopping complexes, and recreation centres, North Adelaide is a perfect fit for young families, students, and elderly couples. 

While locals are spoiled with a choice of cafes and pubs, there are also social amenities like two reputed universities, world-class learning institutes, health care facilities, and a shopping centre. 

To keep fit, a visit to the Adelaide Aquatic Centre will do.

See more homes for sale in North Adelaide.

3. Prospect

House for sale in Prospect
  • House value: $804,000
  • Median rent: $475/week

With its mix of Victorian & Edwardian homes, Prospect is the best bet for the family because it has something for every member.

It has lively community centres, quality social amenities, cafes, and grocery stores.

Situated 5km north of the Central Business District, the suburb exudes affluence with contemporary houses, high-rise apartments, and mansions. 

School-aged kids have several schools to choose from, like Rosary School & Private Roman Catholic School.

See more homes for sale in Prospect.

4. Henley Beach South

House for sale in Henley Beach
  • House value: $1,150,000
  • Median rent: $630/week

Do you have an idea of the best seaside living? If this is your dream, Henley Beach South is the place for you. 

Although it’s a 22-minute drive away from the city centre, it feels like a world away. You can view the lovely greens mixed with towering apartments and expensive cottages from your sandy shoreline home. 

The landscape is also beautiful as the clear water attracts swimmers, standing paddlers, and kite surfers.

And there’s the food. The many dishes will make you wish you could tuck everything down at once. 

Yet, there is enough local shopping, entertainment, learning, and relaxation infrastructure. All these and more make Henley Beach South one of the best suburbs in Adelaide.

See more homes for sale in Henley Beach South.

5. Kensington

House for sale in Kensington
  • House value: $760,000
  • Median rent: $500/week

A stone’s throw from the CBD, Kensington is a small suburb albeit packed with excellence. 

It offers quality and economy in transport, housing, dining, learning, and local amenities like the Kensington park. The snugness holds nothing back. 

There is excellent connectivity between work, relaxation, and play, with a vast road network, and its diagonal streets stray from the grid layout popular around Adelaide.

See more homes for sale in Kensington.

6. Bowden

House for sale in Bowden
  • House value: $690,000
  • Median rent: $473/week

Bowden’s artsy vibe, exciting nightlife, and fine dining make it one of the best suburbs in Adelaide. 

Its architecture spoils you with choices from modern architecture to vintage buildings. 

Transport is seamless as Bowden hosts a tram line and a train station. Little wonder their weekly night market brings out people in their numbers.

See more homes for sale in Bowden.

7. Glenelg

House for sale in Glenelg
  • House value: $1,575,000
  • Median rent: $563/week

This beachside suburb is located at the shores of Holdfast Bay in the Gulf of St. Vincent. This aquatic scenery defines Glenelg. 

This place is a tourist’s wildest imagination, from its breathtaking sights and irresistible glistening beaches to high-swing parties and pubs. But you can make it a daily experience as a resident.

Glenelg is highly sought by young people looking to get rooted. No wonder it is Adelaide’s youth capital, so there is an array of cafes, boutiques, and shopping centres. 

With the alluring seaside and jaw-dropping sunsets, burgeoning love will last.

See more homes for sale in Glenelg SA.

8. Salisbury

House for sale in Salisbury (sold)
  • House value: $364,000
  • Median rent: $335/week

Irrespective of your age or profession, Salisbury has something for you. This suburb’s tranquillity, lushness, and expanse make it ideal for kids, young couples, professionals, and retirees. 

Also, compared to the other suburbs in South Australia, Salisbury is affordable. With the help of seasoned removalists, you and your kids can settle quickly into this economy-friendly haven.

See more homes for sale in Salisbury SA.

9. Semaphore

House for sale in Semaphore
  • House value: $805,000
  • Median rent: $465/week

14 km northwest of CBD, Semaphore has excellent amenities with a relaxed air. It feels like home to elderly persons with its high sense of community. 

The scenery is comforting for the retired, encouraging to college students, and eye candy for tourists with heritage buildings, parklands, and modern architecture.

See more homes for sale in Semaphore SA.

10. Black Forest

House for sale in Black Forest
  • House value: $741,000
  • Median rent: $680/week

Although an inner-city suburb, Black Forest is merely 2km south of the CBD. So, professionals need not bother about the miles between them and conventions or multi-million dollar deals. 

Black Forest is bound on every side by good transport, including a tram line and three major roads. It is also rich in education, tourism, and communal living, making it nothing short of the best suburbs in Adelaide.

See more homes for sale in Black Forest SA.

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