Siblings Sharing a Room: Laws and Considerations

June 16, 2022
Siblings Sharing a Room

Some people prefer that their kids share a room because of all the benefits that can come from siblings sharing a room, but if it comes down to necessity, it is important to look at all the possibilities that can affect sibling-sibling relationships.  

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How common is it for siblings to share a room?

Siblings sharing a room is a completely foreign, outlandish concept to some while it is the sum of childhood memories for others. Whether you were raised sharing a room with a sibling or not, it is entirely up to you to decide if you’d want to implement that with your own children. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to both perspectives. While sharing a room may bring siblings closer together, it may also ignite unwanted arguments and tension. 

Depending on your family, the reason why you would like your children to share a room, and the relationship between your children, siblings sharing a room can be the best or worst decision. 

Siblings Sharing a Room

At what age should siblings stop sharing a room?

A common question when it comes to siblings sharing a room is at what age should siblings stop sharing a room? Along those same lines, many people wonder at what age can siblings share a bed?

Of course, every situation is different, but generally, what determines if your children are too old to be sharing a room depends on their personalities, age, gender, and developmental stage. One of your children at age 7 may be vastly more mature than your other child at age 10. 

It is common for two sisters to share a bedroom into their teenage years. Even though this may spark arguments over privacy and property, overall, they can be content in the rooming situation.

When it comes to siblings of different genders, privacy is exponentially more important for their development. Having boy and girl siblings sharing a room into their teen years is not advised. Puberty can be an intimidating process, so privacy is essential in easing the uneasiness that comes along with it. 

On the other hand, it depends on the siblings. There are no ‘siblings sharing a room lawAustralia enforces, so your perspective of the sibling dynamic is what matters most. 

What time is bedtime?

Siblings Sharing a Room

If you have siblings sharing a room of different ages, it may get tricky with timing. The question of is sharing a room good for siblings may be answered by assessing the timing of it all. 

An older sibling will not have the same bedtime as their younger counterpart, which may lead to complaints that can fracture the relationship. If they are sharing a room, you will likely face backlash from the older sibling if they are forced to adhere to a child’s bedtime.

If in this situation, it is recommended to compromise with the older sibling on their preferences while also keeping in mind the importance of the young one’s sleep schedule. To do this, some parents have allowed their teenager special alone time doing an activity they like; during this time, you can put the younger sibling to bed.  

Is sharing a room good for siblings?

The biggest issue to arise from siblings sharing a room is the arguments that can come from the living situation. If fighting is a big problem, you may want to reconsider your ‘siblings sharing room’ ideas. 

If you find that your children have similar personalities in terms of cleanliness, privacy, and personal space, it may not be as existential of a problem. On the other hand, if one kid is messy, has possession problems, or is even just easily irritable, throwing them in such close quarters may be a disaster waiting to happen.

Sharing a room with siblings solely depends on how well you think they can get along. Nobody actually enjoys having to share their personal space all hours of the day, so you have to ensure that more chaos isn’t in store by forcing them to room together.     

How can I get privacy when sharing a room?

Siblings Sharing a Room

Privacy is a huge dealbreaker for siblings sharing a room. When they are young, they are usually unbothered by a lack of privacy that may come with their living situation, but age brings more wisdom.

Most teenagers crave privacy, so sharing a room is not the ideal situation for an older child. At that point, rather than asking the question, how can I get privacy when I share a room, you should consider the question of why having your own room is so important.

Even though circumstances may not permit it, it is best to hear your child out in order to make the accommodation as smooth and fair for the entire family. 

How do you deal with personal space? 

Siblings Sharing a Room

Children and adults alike appreciate their own space, even when sharing a room. Personalisation to their side of the room is one of the ways children express their ownership of a certain space.

As a parent, you must embrace this distinction because it may be the only way the living arrangement will work. It is recommended to ‘draw a line in the sand’ so that each child has their individuality in the room. 

This can mean different coloured walls, different bed sheets, or even an entirely different aesthetic. Whatever it is, making a clear distinction of ownership when it comes to the items in the room can help more than hurt.   

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