Proptech Carpool – Pop Quiz & Funny Moments ft. Michael Coombs

October 14, 2019
We challenged Michael Coombs to a pop quiz! Check out this fun segment and have a laugh at Michael’s funny moments as an agent.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Ones that I can probably disclose that won’t embarrass for clients.
I did have a property once
which was an art deco block and it was a top floor apartment.
I went there. I got the listing.
It was a lovely lady and she had an indoor cat which was her prized possession.
The cat had this collar on, this pink collar on
and she said don't let the cat out.
Don't let the cat out but then
when I got there to do the open house,
it was pouring down with rain and I walked in the house.
She left and it smelt like cat.
It was like kitty litter and everything.
So I went around, opened up all the windows.
Had about a dozen people through
but I was standing at the door to make sure the cat didn't escape
and then when I left I did everything,
tidied everything up and left and I went
where’s the cat? and I looked around I’m going kitty kitty.
I could not find the cat anywhere and I looked out the window.
It was pouring down with rain. I see the cat run across the road.
So I raced downstairs, chased it.
I literally ran about 500-600 meters to find this cat
and I saw it up on a construction site.
And I walked over ‘kitty’.
Grabbed the cat and the cat just goes reowr.
I'm holding this cat, I’m racing back
pouring down with rain
got back to the apartment, put it in the apartment
and then went to walk out the door and I hear a cat fight.
It actually wasn't the cat, I stole someone else's cat.
So I walk back to the office, I got paid out for that one quite a while.
Covered in cat hair, I had scratches down my face,
that's one that sort of comes to mind.
And where was the actual original cat?
I don’t know, it was in the house somewhere.
Oh it was in the house.
Yeah, but they looked quite similar.
So I’ll always double check next time.
Soho 10-second Pop Quiz, you want to take it or not?
Tea or coffee?
How many coffees you have a day?
One. I do like tea as well, but yeah, coffee.
What kind of tea do you drink?
Green tea and chamomile tea.
Very healthy.
Thank you.
Matt Damon or Brad Pitt?
Brad Pitt.
As my wife says, I try to get the body like Brad Pitt Fight Club.
Yeah nice. Yeah, great movie as well
Chris or Liam Hemsworth?
Chris cause I've met him in his early days and knew him a little bit.
If you had a boat, what would you call it?
Is a hotdog a sandwich?
Elle MacPherson or Miranda Kerr?
Elle MacPherson every day.
Bodyboard or surfboard?
Steamer or board shorts?
And that’s it. Mate you’ve done well.

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