Proptech Carpool – Lennox Head Market Wrap ft. Braden Walters

October 11, 2019

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Braden Walters from McGrath Lennox Head
Thanks for joining the Carpool series with Soho.
Thanks very much Trent.
Heaps happening in Lennox Head.
I guess, post elections, last 30 days.
What are you guys seeing in the market?
It's been a really interesting year.
So off the back of the Royal Commission
for the banking industry and then two elections and everything else.
The last 30 days has actually been quite exciting in our market.
Just seems like there's a lot more confidence about interest rate being dropped and
like what we're seeing around the rest of the country,
I think people are just maybe starting to take that step to do things again
rather than sitting back for 12 months and waiting.
A lot of our buyers that have been looking for 12 months
are now ringing us back saying ‘yeah, I'm ready to make an offer now’
so it's like about time.
So yeah, it is a really good time to buy.
The market’s still relatively depressed like with
what other people are seeing around the country.
In Lennox we’re probably down about 12-14%
which is pretty typical I think with all the other guys you're talking to.
So like everyone’s saying is it a good time to be buying’ up our way.
I guess for a buyer at the moment.
What advice do you have for them?
Or what opportunities can you see for a buyer coming into Lennox Head?
Yeah, just get that Finance approval.
Get the tick from the bank and then come out and shop.
You know, there's some great buys out there.
There's some cracking properties that you know,
at the peak were sort of $2.5mil
you know, they're now just tucking under $2 million bucks.
So there's some really, really good stock
that's been sitting on a while and its seen the ride in the market.
So yeah, if you're a buyer get your finance approval
and get out there and don't be afraid to make an offer.
I think that sometimes we're seeing, as well, people like
’I don't want to offend the owner’ I’m like ‘you won't offend the owner.
Just tell me what you'd pay and I'm sure they're receptive to it.’
Yeah. Sure.
I guess you’re dealing a lot with vendors at the moment.
Springtime's not too far away.
Do you guys think that there's going to be
more properties coming to market in Spring?
How do you see that at the moment?
Well typically in our area we do get more around that
October-November, you know, the Spring time.
Especially around the beaches, around the East Coast, more people are
moving or thinking of moving.
They want to be moved around Christmas.
So, you know, I think that for vendors the market is getting better.
The market is showing signs of gaining momentum.
So if you are a vendor looking to sell in Spring then I'd, you know,
I'd be certainly even talking about it now
as days on market are a little bit longer.
But yeah the stocks coming
we don't really have a shortage of stock up there.
So, you know, there's still plenty available,
but we are talking to more. So I think there's more coming.
Braden, you've obviously sold a lot of properties and
you’ve got a lot of properties for sale at the moment.
What are some of your featured listings that you think
might be of interest to the market?
Yeah, we've got this cracking listing
41 Blue Seas Parade in Lennox Head.
It's literally like two blocks from the beach.
Every other house in the street or across the road from this house
has sold for $2 million plus.
This one's just across the road and we're looking about
$935,000-$980,000 for that.
It's a four-bedroom house
pretty much brand-new.
Mate, that offer’s great value
and it gets you right into the middle of Lennox Head.
Braden, contact details.
How do I get in-contact with you if I’m a buyer or a seller?
Yeah, there's many ways.
Through the McGrath website
through my own website
or certainly through the Soho app.
Just connect, send me a message.
I'm certainly always available
and I love to help people
especially those that are moving from outside of the area to Lennox
or Byron or surrounding areas.
Having just done it myself, you know,
just under three years ago.
I know what you're looking for,
and I know what you're going through so
making yourself available is really easy and yeah,
love to help.
Braden, thanks for joining the Carpool series with Soho.
Thank you very much.
Cheers mate. - Enjoy.

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