Proptech Carpool – From Family Brand to McGrath ft. George Kapos

November 15, 2019

George Kapos from McGrath Bankstown shares his personal journey as a real estate agent and why he chose to work with the McGrath brand.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

I want to rewind the clock a little bit.
You've been in real estate for many, many years.
20+? Did I get that right?
Yep.I feel old.
How did it all start?
I guess talk me through your  initial kind of journey anyway.
Yeah, it's a good question.
So it takes me back, my father actually started a business
an independent agency back in 1975.
And I left school. I didn't know what I was going to do.
My father says to me, ‘Listen, you're going to come work for me until you work out what you're going to do’
Lo and behold I've been here 21 years later.
So starting property management
or Leasing Property Management and did every every part of real estate.
So I've done residential, commercial, industrial, leasing, property management, sales.
So, you know, very proud and privilege to be part of the McGrath network and
have been for the last five years.
Still actively selling on a day-to-day basis. Have a great property management team
as well as a sales team but still enjoying getting in there
and listing and selling real estate on a daily basis Trent.
Just touching on McGrath, such a great brand. Obviously everybody knows John McGrath
and I guess the influence that he has within real estate as a massive figurehead,
but what was your decision to join McGrath?
I mean, there's so many different brands out there. What was the McGrath choice?
Well, there were number of reasons. I mean John, certainly, you know, our founder, has done a marvelous job.
I don't think anybody single handedly has done more
for the real estate community in this country than John himself.
If you look at a lot of businesses and a lot of great agents out there today
at some point, they’ve all worked with John and McGrath.
So that's a testament to John and and then the brand.
For me, I think what I found; I had a lot of friends in McGrath, prior to me joining.
Matt King?
Matt King’s one of them. Absolute Legend, and he can sing as well.
Can sing. Yeah.
Certainly can sing.
And for me, it’s you know, we're like a little family.
Although we're a big business, we are like a little family.
And for me, being able to pick up the phone
whether it be John, whether it be Matt, or whether it be someone else in Victoria or Queensland
and be able to have an open conversation about the challenges we may be having
or the positive things that are happening in our business is amazing.
So that certainly was a major influence in me making a decision.

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