Painting a Brick House Before and After and Tips!

July 27, 2022
painting a brick house before and after

If you’ve looked up something like painting a brick house before and after, chances are, you’re needing a bit of an exterior revamping

Well, you’ve got the right idea! Painting your home’s exterior is a pretty simple way of giving it a fresh, new look. What most homeowners struggle with is painting on brick. 

Brick can be tricky because of the nature of the material. The paint used over brick houses can discolour and chip over time. Also, if you change your mind about the paint colour, restoring the original brick colour will be difficult. 

But more on the how-tos, pros and cons of painting a brick house later.

For now, let’s look and the before and after painting a brick house images to get an idea of what look you might like!

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Painting a brick house before and after images

Modern townhouse design

painting a brick house before and after
Image credit: Pinterest

You’ll see from this first before and after painting a brick house photo that there’s an immediate fresh look to the home. The new ash-grey colour is modern and sleek.

Paired with the clean white steps and French doors, it has more a stylish townhouse look than the dated countryside exterior it had before. With new planting efforts, it’s a whole new home!

French countryside home feel

painting a brick house before and after
Image credit: Pinterest

With this lovely brick house, a fresh coat of pastel blue paint was slapped on and it works tremendously well! The hue of blue offers a modern take on a provincial French design, with white paint outlining the windows and door frame. 

Modern retro brick house

painting a brick house before and after
Image credit: Magnolia Market

This brick house still maintains its retro feel with the wooden window shutters but gives it a more contemporary look with the light grey paint on brick. This time, the roof colour was also changed to match the colour of the brick exterior. 

Revamped ranch house

painting a brick house before and after
Image credit: Pinterest

In this 1960s brick ranch home, the exterior facade was painted an off-white to give the brick house a cleaner, newer look. To add to it, the windows were also replaced and a lovely porch divider was put in to replace the old column. 

Painted brick transforms home for the better

painting a brick house before and after
Image credit: Pinterest

From a rather outdated, 70s look, painting the brick house transformed it into an entirely new-looking home. A cool grey-blue gives a summertime feel, with white framing of the porch fence and columns offering elegance and structure. 

Clean modern facade

painting a brick house before and after
Image credit: Fly Through Your Window

If you’re planning on selling your home and you have a brick house, this might be the best look for it. By painting over the brick with a light grey, the home is instantly made more modern.

The ornate metal grill, which was fashionable in a bygone era, was removed to create an open and inviting entrance. The windows too were given an upgrade, with a deeper grey colouring around the frame. 

Charming cottage style home

painting a brick house before and after
Image credit: Pretty Purple Door

We love this before and after photo because the effect is instant. From a rather drab, dull looking home, a bright white coat is added to take this cottage style brick house to the next level! The white paint on brick is brightening, with a cute, turquoise front door for some contrast. 

Exterior of ranch transformed

painting a brick house before and after
Image credit: Laurel Bern Interiors

Here’s another lovely 60s ranch style home with a facade made of bricks. With a generous coat of slate grey painted on the brick and some gorgeous white frames added to the windows, the house is magnificently transformed.

You might have also noticed that the front door got some attention too. Nothing gives more curb appeal than a remarkable front entrance. The door frame and cerulean blue door are nothing short of absolutely charming.

Pros of painting brick houses

When it comes to painting brick houses, you might find there are a few benefits:

  • Improves curb appeal: whether you’re selling your home or just wanting a new look for it, painted brick is a wonderful look. If you choose a deep colour like slate grey or a bright white, you can create strong visual impact to impress buyers or passers-by.
  • Easy cleaning: brick is naturally rough and porous, but coating it with paint means less dirt and debris get trapped inside the holes. Smooth, painted surfaces are easy to clean and a high pressure water wash is enough to do the trick. 
  • Protective seal: when you paint over brick, it gives an extra layer of protection from what can often damage brick. Whether acid rain or snow, the paint coating reduces any fading over time as well. 

Painting brick houses: what you need to know

painting a brick house before and after
Image credit: Raleigh Painters

Before you start painting your brick house, here are a few things to consider:

  • Painting on brick is permanent: once you commit to painting on brick, it will be permanent. Professionals can work on removing the paint but it can be expensive. So before you paint over the brick, make sure you’re done with the original colour. Having said that, you can still paint over the paint and as many times as you’d like. That part won’t be affected.
  • Damp areas will cause chipping: when the paint is exposed to excess moisture, like close to the ground, soil or grass, the paint will chip more easily. This can be corrected simply by re-painting over it every 5-10 years or doing some touch ups occasionally.
  • Dirt will be more visible: although cleaning painted brick exteriors is easier, the surface will be more visible if dirt or mildew are trapped inside. The aforementioned high pressure washes are good for this and normally range between $40-$60 per hour. 

Tips for painting a brick house

painting a brick house before and after
Image credit: Annie Elliot Design

If you live in a home with a brick exterior, it was probably chosen for that specific look. Brick is a material which already has a special colour and durability. It is long-lasting and low-maintenance. However, painting over brick has a unique style of its own. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that you get the painted brick look you want:

  • Do not paint over mouldy, chipped or deteriorating brick: painting over a mouldy surface won’t cover up the issue, it will make it worse! Mould means excess moisture which, like we just learned, can cause chipping. This will expose the moulding faster instead of covering it up. 
  • Choose the right type of paint: brick is porous in nature so you will need the right type of paint to produce long-lasting results. You will probably need a coat of primer first and then a high-quality masonry paint. You might also want to consult with a professional first. They’ll have knowledge on which tools to use and how to prep the brick before painting. 
  • Make sure you’re ready to paint over the brick: again, painting over the brick is pretty much permanent. Before you do it, make sure you’re done with that old look. Otherwise, consider other smaller changes like painting your front door, re-tiling the roof, changing the windows, landscaping the garden or upgrading the exterior in a different way. 
  • Do your research: from Pinterest to local professional painters’ websites, look at before and after photos to get an idea of what you want and what you don’t. Also look at brick house renovation projects and other exterior house colours.

How can I make my brick house look better?

Painting the exterior brick house a new colour is a popular option. Many opt for tones like creamy white and cool greys with blue undertones.

Alternatively, you can also look at the German smear technique which offers a worn, rough look to the walls. It’s a little more subtle but still gives a dramatic effect. 

How long does paint last on brick house?

The paint on a brick house exterior will usually last 5-8 years, but it depends on the quality of the job. If it’s professionally prepped and worked, it will normally last longer. 

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