How to Choose Art For Your Home

January 31, 2022
how to choose art for your home

The idea of choosing art for your home can be a little daunting. Art is both an expression of your taste and quite a commitment, especially when it’s a large and/or expensive piece. Many renters may also be reluctant to decorate, especially when you’re not sure how long you’ll live in that one place.

Art can dramatically transform a room, which leaves us many of us unsure about where to begin. This way so many interior designers get asked this question. Deciding where to place it, which print or painting or poster, and what colour to use… these are all important parts of the art-picking process.

So we’re going to simplify everything by breaking down the art from room to room, drawing attention to thoughts and ideas that will help you make that decision. So shall we start at the heart of every home?

Choosing art for your kitchen

how to choose art for your kitchen

For some of us, the kitchen is where we spent the most time before remote work became a thing. Or perhaps more evenings at home brought you back into the kitchen to experiment with recipes. Either way, this is a central space in homes that shouldn’t be neglected.

We might worry that things get messy in the kitchen and so will our art, which is why wallpaper and backsplashes are a fantastic way to get started. While your kitchen may be big, there’s usually a lot going on, so incorporate art that is small and complementary

Think of bright prints above your cabinet, a bright backsplash, or a nice colourful print on a wall. You can keep it protected by framing it. Check out Ikea for a variety of affordable frames. 

Choosing art for your home office

choosing art for your home office

Raise your hand if you’re constantly between your home office and your kitchen!

When picking art for your home office, you want to keep in mind the visuals that inspire you. And when you’ve done that, you’re on your way because you can choose all of them. Look for a stable surface at eye level or above that you can use to place your assortment of art. It’s simple and easy because you don’t even have to nail anything to a wall.

Creating an array of framed and unframed photographs, texts and prints is our personal favourite when it comes to getting wall art for home offices. 

It allows you to rest your eyes on something stimulating while you’re taking breaks, often inspiring a little more productivity when we need it most!

How to choose art for your living room

how to choose art for your living room

Ah, here is where most of us get stuck. Not all guests see your bedroom but most of them will see your living room. It forces you to express your identity and style through art. So spend more time deciding here and don’t rush into it. 

If you love paintings and photographs, great. But if you’re up for it, you can look beyond those and towards sculptures and 3D art. It adds texture to the space, giving it a more quirky feel. You can purchase plenty of inspiring oil paintings to decorate your place on marketplaces like Singulart, but you can also use their site to inspire your decor choices.

Colours are important here too. Think about the hues that help you unwind and relax, that invite people into your home. You’ll have lots of blank spaces here so feel free to let your personality shine. Just remember that bold pieces will be a point of conversation! 

How to choose art for your bedroom

how to choose art for your bedroom

When we think of the bedroom, we think of peace. We see it’s a place of relaxation, where we calm our minds at the end of the day. So the art in your bedroom should reflect that. It should promote self-care.

The majority of us will have wall space behind our beds, hanging above us, or directly in front of the bed. Invest in large art pieces that will fill the space with relaxing colour tones. If there’s a photograph you love, perhaps one that is reminiscent of a great trip you took or a moment in your life, this could be a good place for it.

Abstract work and canvas prints are a solid option too. Just pay attention to the main colours in your bedroom so they can complement each other.

How to choose art for your bathroom

choosing art for your bathroom

Like kitchens, bathrooms are often forgotten about when it comes to art. But it’s a great opportunity to have fun and play with different colours, as long as they work well together.

If you’re picking art for your own bathroom, apply the same rule as with your bedroom and ask yourself the kind of vibe you’d like in there. If it’s a place of rejuvenation, pick cool, calming tones. If it’s where you want to be expressive, go for it. But keep in mind that it’s a place you go to to get clean. Having many pieces and colours can be overwhelming.

On the other hand, when thinking of how to choose art for your guest bathroom or toilet, you can experiment a bit more. Some of the most memorable guest bathrooms are full of personality, with framed vintage postcards and photographs of the home owner’s personal travels. 

To make the bathroom look complete, steer towards art in the multiples. Choose two or three similar pieces or frames and hang them in a symmetrical line. That way, there is some harmony even in the randomness.

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