10 Effective Tips For Creating Real Estate Video Ads

January 31, 2022
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Are you keen to make killer real estate ads that drive excellent results in less time? A majority of realtors agree that video advertisements have emerged as one of the best marketing tools in today’s age.

In fact, your video ads are so important that they can either make or break your chances of closing a real estate deal. Above all, video advertisements play a crucial role in determining the success rate of your property marketing campaign. 

This is why crafting high-quality video advertisements is indispensable for attracting qualified prospects. Back in time, real estate agents would market properties via traditional methods like word of mouth, flashy flyers, bulletin boards, etc.

Nowadays, no marketing method is as effective as video advertisements. When it comes to making video ads, most realtors are literally clueless about where to begin. If you are looking for proven ideas to supercharge property sales, you have luckily landed on the right blog. 

Compiled below are the top 10 tips you should implement to create real estate ads that attract buyers and bring in more sales.

1. Create a budget for video ads in advance 

Before getting started with the ad-making process, you must come up with a practical budget in advance. You can research paid video ad strategies to figure out how much you will need to spend. In case you are planning to promote your ads via email marketing, then be prepared to shell out extra bucks from your pocket.

What’s good is that you do not need to shell massive sums of money to invest in professional equipment for making ads. While a camera that can record 4K videos would be a great choice, a smartphone can also serve the purpose well. 

2. Structure your video ads perfectly

Remember that video ads have the potential to tell a story quite well. You must structure your real estate video ad scripts like a pro to garner the desired response. With millions of advertisements flooding the internet, piquing the curiosity of people is the only way to keep them from skipping your ad. Set aside time from your jam-packed schedules and write a video script that is engaging and immersive enough to capture the attention of viewers. 

3. Consider adding a voice-over 

Video ads accompanied by a voice-over are likely to get more views. Make sure your voice-overs are crisp and to the point. Avoid beating around the bush as futile talk can drive away viewers instantly. Use a confident and gentle tone to create a positive impression when doing voice-overs. Also, you must address the various pain points of property seekers right away to hook their attention. 

4. Add an emotional element to your ads

real estate listing videos how to

People tend to react faster to ads that have an emotional element imbued in them. You must try to leverage the power of emotions in the first few seconds of the ad itself. You can rely on emotive language or some evocative soundtracks to quickly trigger emotional responses. This will help foster an emotional bond with potential buyers, which, in turn, translates to faster deal closures.

As everyone knows, emotional marketing is the deliberate use of persuasive messages that tap into human emotion to form a deep connection with the audience. It appeals to a single emotion only. It can be fear, anger, joy, or any other human emotion that is strong enough to influence decision-making or urge an action for the marketing and make connections with the audience.

The study and marketing statistics shows that customers who have an emotional relationship with a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value and will likely recommend the company at a rate of 71%, rather than the average rate of 45%. This only means that when customers are emotionally connected with you, they’ll reward you with their loyalty and advocacy.

5. Avoid making lengthy real estate videos

Given the hustle and bustle of modern life, people are getting increasingly busier and have little time on their hands. Video ads that are lengthy can spark up the boredom and annoy potential investors faster than you expect. Although the length will depend entirely on your marketing strategy, keeping your video short under 2 minutes will eventually work in your favor.  

6. Implement a video marketing strategy

A sound video marketing strategy is a must if you want your ads to equate to a higher number of sales in the long run. Once you are done planning content production, you can rely on social media platforms for the promotion of your ads. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are some leading social sites where you can reach out to plenty of potential property buyers. 

You can always use a free web-based video editor to create real estate videos for marketing campaigns within minutes. 

7. Cover all the unique features of the property

how to make good real estate listing videos

Video ads are meant to provide viewers with a glimpse of properties that they might be interested in purchasing. When making video ads for real estate, you must highlight all the unique features of the property that make it distinguishable. To make the house tour sufficiently captivating, you must showcase all the rooms, balconies, and kitchens.

Also, shed light on special features like wooden flooring, bathtubs, scenic gardens, etc., to convince viewers to bag the deal.

8. Include testimonials from residents

People often need assurance when buying a high-priced property since it’s a matter of their investing their hard-earned money. You can interview the families living in the locality and include their testimonials to make your ads feel more authentic. This will work wonders for establishing a sense of trust in the minds of viewers. 

9. Give a sneak peek into the vicinity

When people explore properties for investment purposes, the suburb serves as a vital deciding factor for the purchase. You must show off the neighbouring areas to let people know how living in the vicinity will improve their lifestyle. If you don’t cover the locality well, you might lose some of the best prospects. 

10. Add compelling CTAs in your ads

You can easily lend a compelling touch to your video ads with actionable calls to action (CTA). When creating CTAs for your ads, see to it you use motivating language to give property buyers the impetus needed to make the purchase. 


With millions of people around the world aspiring to be successful realtors, it is no wonder why the real estate market is brimming with so much competition. Since devoting efforts to marketing is the only way to outdo real estate competitors, you cannot take video ad production lightly. In fact, video advertisements are an integral part of real estate marketing campaigns.

Nonetheless, swaths of realtors who are not much tech-savvy consider video marketing a challenging and exhausting medium to reach prospective buyers. With well-crafted real estate marketing ads, you can generate leads and sell properties a lot faster than usual, if you have a magnificent real estate website where buyers can find your videos and show the interest to buy. But you must enrich your advertisements with top-quality content.

So, if you want to make an impact with your video ads, adhere to the tips listed above to stand out in today’s increasingly competitive real estate industry. Above all, don’t forget to use a top-end video editor that will infuse liveliness into your ads.

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