Checklist: 10 Things to Do After Buying a House

May 2, 2022
things to do after buying a house

So, you just bought a house! Congratulations. Now it’s time to get everything in place so you can enjoy your new home. You might be thinking what’s next? Well, there are ten things to do after buying a house, each as important as the last.

Purchasing real estate is likely to be one of the most life-changing decisions. It requires careful consideration of numerous factors. 

It’s tempting to imagine that you can sit back and enjoy your new home once you’ve completed the offer process, home inspection, mortgage application, financing, and closing. 

While this is true, you must complete all the things to do when you buy a house. Let’s discuss ten things to do after buying a house in this post. 

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1. Ensure the safety of your residence

things to do after buying a house

One of the first things to do after buying a house is replacing the locks and changing the garage code. 

This is a vital step as it ensures your safety and that of your family, as the house was probably shown to several people before you purchased it. This means your agent and the previous owners may still have the keys, so you must change them. 

Some new homeowners don’t bother to change the locks after moving in. If you’re in this category, ensure you check the house thoroughly for where they kept the spare keys. 

Some people hide them under rocks or on door hinges. You must have all the keys after you move in. 

Request instructions and codes for the existing electronic systems, such as home alarms and garage codes. Make it a priority to change the codes so that only you know them. 

2. Make sure your home warranty is up to date

In some cases, the seller provides a home warranty to cover the home’s major systems and appliances. After all, a malfunctioning dishwasher or HVAC unit is the last thing a buyer needs to deal with. 

After receiving your home warranty, it’s time to check the details so you’ll be prepared to file a claim if something goes wrong with your home. 

If you don’t already have one, it’s a good idea to get a house warranty. Several home warranty providers cover a wide range of appliances.  

3. Ensure that utilities are connected

things to do after buying a house

One of the major things to do after buying a house is to connect all of your essential services, such as water, gas, and electricity. 

A flawless move-in procedure will help guarantee that you have all of the basic essentials when you arrive at your new home. 

If you are buying a property that has already been lived in, these services should already be sorted. 

However, you and your agent should confirm that everything is in place and working perfectly before you move in. 

4. Confirm if the carbon monoxide detectors are working

Ensure the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your new house are all working properly to keep your family safe. 

You can install a new set of batteries, or the complete system can be replaced if necessary. If you have a corridor leading to your bedrooms, you should install smoke detectors in this area. 

You should also consider installing some ambient sensing technology around the house to give you that extra set of security that you might need.

Fires are most likely to originate from your kitchen or your laundry area, so it’s good to set smoke detectors there. If you have numerous storeys in your home, ensure each floor has at least one smoke detector. 

5. Inspect and do maintenance 

One of the major things to do when you buy your house is to fix any problems that your home inspector found but that the seller didn’t communicate. 

Make a list of future repairs, updates, and maintenance tasks based on the house inspection report and order them from most to least important. 

Things like unclean gutters, leaky pipes, or doors and windows that need to be resealed should be taken care of as soon as possible, so it doesn’t cause worse problems. 

6. Apply a new coat of paint 

things to do after buying a house

You can transform any property into your own by changing the paint colour. To top it all off, nobody has the authority to impose any restrictions on your choice of colours or chronology. 

You can use a professional painter or do-it-yourself if you’re trying to save cost. Be sure to complete the paint job before putting in your furniture, so you don’t have to worry about a paint spill on your possessions. 

7. Ensure that the circuit box & emergency shut-offs as in good condition 

Although your new home may not be brand new, it’s important to learn how things function because it’s your first time living there. 

Finding the emergency shut-offs and the circuit breaker box is the first thing to do when buying a house.

Make sure to mark each circuit in your new home’s electrical system if the box is unlabeled. 

8. Create a Maintenance Plan / Schedule

A house will inevitably need some kind of care at some point. Set up a maintenance schedule and inspect your new house thoroughly before moving in. 

To keep your property in good condition and protect its worth, you’ll need a budget and a schedule for regular maintenance. 

When it comes to maintaining your new house, think of it as a marathon, not a race. Instead of rushing through all of the necessary maintenance, take your time and consider what has to be done over the long term. 

Air filters, gutters, carpet cleaning, and pressure washing the outside are just a few examples of what you can do immediately. 

9. Get to know your neighbours

When you get to know your neighbours, you begin to feel like a part of the community. 

You get to know the ins and outs of the neighbourhood, like which handyman is great, which school is best for your kids, etc. 

Neighbours also watch for one another and report any unusual activity they notice. 

10. Keeping a First Aid Kit Available

things to do after buying a house

Last on the different things to do after buying a house is to get a first aid kit. 

Accidents are bound to happen, and that’s why another important thing to do after buying a house is ensuring a first aid kit is available and within reach. 

With emergency kits and fire extinguishers, be prepared for any eventuality. 

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