Jardan, An Australian Way of Life

December 10, 2021
Jardan melbourne furniture design olive living room

Delicate curved edges, plush surfaces and warm, inviting tones—these are the marks of a classic Jardan piece. This iconic Melbourne-born furniture brand came together in 1987 showing a unique appreciation for handmade design.

“We want our furniture to be not only beautiful but also exceptionally comfortable so we always keep this in mind when designing”, Nick Garnham, the Director of Jardan tells Soho. 

Jardan melbourne furniture design blue interior design
Products from left to right: Pepper side table, Leeroy sofa, Boyd floor lamp, Lola Armchairs, Frida coffee table, Joy ottoman, Ziggy armchair

In their eyes, no machine can replace human work, and this is evident in their craft—not only is the furniture visibly made to an exceptional standard but take a peek behind the curtain and you’ll learn that each bespoke creation is very well made by hand. From residential projects to commercial interiors, Jardan effortlessly infuses their cosy, minimalist aesthetic.

When it comes to small space living—as many of us city-dwellers experience—Nick shares the one Jardan must-have. “From our latest range Objects of Play is the Lemmy sofa. Lemmy is a modular sofa range made up of smaller, practical pieces that you can fit into any size home, and can evolve over time by adding extra pieces if you move home or want a flexible workspace.” 

To us, Jardan furniture is what makes a house a home. Whether we’re tenants, hopping from one home to another, first-home buyers looking to set down roots, or simply ready for total interior overhaul, a Jardan piece anchors a space, no matter the size.

With our homes becoming ever more significant to us in this time, how better to care for ourselves than with meaningful design

“we are very conscious of how life will be beyond Covid…

Jardan melbourne furniture design outdoor living
Izzy Collection

It’s been a time of reassessment, where we’ve questioned what our day-to-day might look like down the road. This forward-thinking approach is what Jardan is keeping in mind for future collections—”we are very conscious of how life will be beyond Covid with more work from home and social distancing required at work.”

Readily available on their online store is a stunning array of desks and chairs to elevate any WFH situation. Sleek and sculptured, just one of these would offer a natural elegance to your workspace. 

There is mystery in their design; how each piece succeeds in emanating both sophistication and informality—unique characteristics of contemporary Australian design. 

“Now more than ever with the climate crisis we need to consider how we source materials…”

With a strong appreciation for nature, their focus lies in reducing their carbon footprint. Nick speaks with passion about Jardan’s sustainability philosophy: “We have always been focused on sustainability and achieved carbon neutral certification for our Australian made furniture in 2014. Now more than ever with the climate crisis we need to consider how we source materials and manufacture our products in a sustainable manner. As we live near the coast we have always had a natural affinity for nature and preserving our incredible environment.” 

Jardan melbourne furniture design family nick garnham
Clockwise from top: Michael, Renee & Nick Garnham

By “we”, Nick is referring to him and his wife. Yet another unique aspect of this local brand is its origins. Brothers Nick and Michael Garnham banded together in the 90s, and were later joined by Nick’s wife Renee to build this power family dynamic.

A business with both the soulful traditions of family, and an enlightened approach to design—perhaps that’s what Jardan owes its success to… or maybe it’s their unquestionably beautiful and balanced collections or even the humble emphasis on a sustainable life cycle. Our guess? All of the above.

Jardan melbourne furniture design rose living room
Thursday Collection

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