The 10 Best Garage Conversion Ideas

November 12, 2021
10 garage conversion ideas

If you’re looking at garage conversion ideas, you’re mostly likely underusing that space. So before you start hacking, ask yourself these questions:

  • How is the garage contributing to your home right now? Have you moved into a new place with no car but a garage space? Or has it become a storage area for all the junk no one needs?
  • What do you need in your home that you’re not getting enough of?
  • What does living at home look like in the coming years? How can you convert the garage to accommodate your lifestyle?
  • How much can you afford to spend on this garage conversion?
  • How sustainable do you want to be in design and construction?
  • Are you limited by building restrictions or permits?
  • Is it a single garage or a double garage? This will impact how much space you have for the garage conversion. 
  • What kind of garage doors do you have and will these impact renovations?

We ask you this because like all home renovations, it’s good to go in with a clear idea of what you want and need. And perhaps you just need an organised storage space that you can access easily. In which case, you can read our pantry organisation article for inspiration.

We want each space to be as beautiful as it is functional. So once you’ve answered the above, you can see which of our garage conversion ideas would best suit you. 

1. Colourful Family Room

garage conversion ideas - family room

What many consider first is extending the living room. If you have kids or plan to have them in the future, you might all benefit from a larger living area to spend time together in. A growing family need space. Or very simply, perhaps you need a separate family room, complete with a television and large comfy couches like this.

Alternatively, a popular garage conversion idea is for a separate kitchen diner. This works perfectly for those who love to entertain.

2. Cool (wo)man cave

garage conversion ideas - man cave or she shed

We all need our space. Whether it’s to watch a guilty-pleasure Netflix show or read in silence, sometimes being alone is necessary. And if that’s what you need right now, why not make the converted garage your own little cave to do you.

Start out by picking the colour tones that instantly calm you. Then start investing in your hobby. Just remember to outfit it with things that keep you comfy, like heating and electricity. Be sure to check with your local council before making any grand changes. Many renovations will require planning permission. 

3. Be our guest room

garage conversion ideas - guest room

There’s nothing like hosting friends and extended family at home. Close quarters means more quality time spent together. So how do we keep our guests as happy as possible? Probably with this type of guest room. Snug, intimate, but with a little more privacy

If the garage doesn’t have windows, bring in the outdoors in the form of plants and artificial green walls. You can also create the illusion of higher ceiling height with floor to ceiling mirrors and slender book shelves. 

4. Mezzanine above the garage

garage conversion ideas - mezzanine hangout

This garage conversion idea is perfect for those who have high ceilings and prefer not to forgo the parking space. With some planning and advice from professionals like an architect, you can create a high-level living area above the car port. 

This one is has been converted to a beautiful work station made simple with white walls. 

5. Focus-optimised home office

garage conversion ideas - home office space

Or if you have the option of keeping your work station grounded, transform the space into a work space for you and even your partner. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that productive work from home is possible. 

And if work looks remote for the coming months, why not invest in it a little more? Give yourself the upgrade you deserve with affordable home office furniture, and it’ll feel delightful to get to in the morning. 

6. An artist’s studio

garage conversion ideas - artist studio
Image credit: Kelly Harmon Designs

Whether you’re writing, painting, sculpting, dancing or making music, these are all forms of art. And they all deserve a space to allow your creativity to flourish

With this atelier-style studio, the designer has knocked out both ends of the garage, allowing for two entrances and more natural light and ventilation. 

7. Modern home cinema

garage conversion ideas - home cinema

Nothing compares to going to the movies. A wide-screen, cosy seating and at least 90 minutes of interrupted entertainment. What if you could reproduce this from the comfort of your own home

For the film enthusiasts, it doesn’t get much better than a home theatre. The lack of windows in a garage will be one of the plus points. 

8. Playroom for young children

garage conversion ideas - playroom for kids

If you’re a young family, chances are, you’ll have kids running around—running being the danger. There are tons of sharp edges and hard surfaces open for collision, which means a lot of time spent preventing exactly that.

A garage playroom designed solely for the kids would be the ultimate pace of mind. The best part being less clutter in the home. 

9. A  mudroom to get clean in

garage conversion ideas - mudroom

For those unfamiliar term, the mudroom is an American term to describe an entrance to the home that’s a little messier and a little muddier than the primary entrance. In effect, it’s where you also take off your muddy boots. 

Take it a step further and set up your washer-dryer in here too. Instead a mud room you can turn this into a laundry room, where dirty items get a good washing.

10. Large and luxurious bathroom

garage conversion ideas - extra bathroom

At the beginning of this guide, we asked you what you needed out of this garage conversion. And maybe it’s not more space for yourself or a home theatre, perhaps it’s a big, beautiful bathroom. 

They say the secret to a long marriage is separate sinks, we say it might even be separate bathrooms. So take this time to create a bathroom of dreams. And if your partner argues, perhaps you can be accommodating and house the washing machine in there too. Just make sure to speak to a professional plumber about drainage and plumbing lines. 

And remember…

Checking with your local authority first will ensure everything goes smoothly. But once you take the first step and answer the questions we asked, you can feel safer in your decision to turn the additional room into something good for the whole family.

If you’re still on the hunt for a garage to convert, fret not. Browse our search page to check out some amazing listings available right now. But don’t just stop there, download our app to get the full Soho experience. Just remember to shortlist or swipe left on our listings so we can send you others that better match what you’re looking for.

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