10 Gorgeous Pool Decking Ideas

April 13, 2022
pool decking ideas

On a mission to add a pool to your backyard? Or do you want to upgrade your pool area to something more beautiful and inviting? Then creating a new pool deck or revamping the old one is the way to go. There are many pool decking ideas for you to choose from, including some tips and tricks to help you make the right choice, and we have shared them in this post. 

Remember, adding a pool deck is a great way to increase the value of your home without doing too much. Here are ten inspiring pool decking ideas to help you build your dream poolside and backyard. 

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1. Contemporary decks are always in style

Pool decking ideas. Source: Unsplash

If your home has a modern, contemporary design, then it only makes sense that your pool deck follows the same style. For this design, a cool-toned wood type is usually the best option. If you love pool deck ideas with a rustic edge, you can choose a grey or light brown stain for the wood instead of an outright dark brown. 

If you have a lot of greenery in your backyard, even better! The grass will be a nice contrast to the cool-themed deck. It’s even better if the pool deck continues onto the patio, as seen in the design above, as this just gives off a minimal and classy look to the entire backyard. 

2. Elevated pool decking

Elevated pool deck. Source: decombo

Many people just create a simple deck around the pool that is at the same level as the pool. While this is a great pool decking idea, creating an elevated deck design for your pool gives the space a whole new look. 

Above ground pool decking creates a sharp and stunning contrast to your pool, especially when you use wood for the decking, giving the area a sophisticated look. 

It also makes the deck area perfect for entertaining. So, add some gorgeous seats, a grill, and you already have the right recipe for the perfect pool party.  

3. Blended pool with deck

Blended pool deck idea. Source: Spruce

If you love minimalistic designs, then you will appreciate the simplicity of this pool decking idea. When you blend the deck with the water’s edge, you make the pool and the space around it appear larger than it is, especially when you use simple wooden flooring for the deck. 

This design is comfortable, simple, and looks amazing with added greenery for a sleek contrast and natural texture. Since this pool decking idea means the deck will almost always be wet, you should opt for composite decking around the pool instead of timber. 

Timber requires a lot of care, and it tends to rot and wear out. Composite timber is low-maintenance but gives the same aesthetic as plain timber, so it is the best option for this pool platform.

4. Diving board decking

Diving board pool decking idea

Satisfy your inner child with this fun pool decking idea. You can easily lift a small section to your deck area to create a low platform that you can jump off from. 

This diving board decking is also perfect for those days when you just want to relax by the pool with a good book without actually getting wet. 

You can sit on the diving board with your feet in the water and have a great time. It’s also a fun addition to your pool decking if you have kids. This is definitely one of our favourite pool decking ideas. 

5. Mixed Pool Decking

Pool decking idea. Source: Housebeautiful

You don’t have to use just one material for your deck. You can mix different kinds of wood and stones and even add bricks to give the area more character and texture. This idea is excellent if you want a wood deck but don’t want to deal with the maintenance. 

You can use wood for the deck area closer to the patio and use concrete for the area closest to the pool. These materials blend beautifully together and give you a modern exposed aggregate pool design. 

You also get to avoid high maintenance costs by using a suitable material near the water. This is one of our most loved pool decking ideas. 

6. Matching Pool decking

Matching pool decking idea

If you love the indoor-outdoor design in homes, then matching your living room flooring to your pool deck is a practical way to get this effect. 

It gives the illusion that your pool area goes on and on, and you can even use the part of your living room space that overlooks the backyard as a lounge area. Get some of your favourite furniture and towels, and enjoy a relaxing day by the pool. 

7. Create a Walkway

Walkway pool decking area.

Adding a walkway to your pool deck is a practical idea and a great way to connect your pool area to the main house. 

This addition works best with a mixed and matched deck design as it creates a strong definition and direction in the area. 

You can create a walkway with whatever material you use for the deck area, whether wood or concrete. Also, if you want to feel like you’re at a tropical resort anytime you lounge by the pool, you need a walkway and some surrounding greenery for the full effect. 

8. Create a shelter

Pool decking idea with pool house.

You can’t go wrong with a pool house in your deck area. It serves as a shelter during pool parties and a great place to relax and admire your pool even if you don’t want to get in the water. It can also serve as an outdoor living room for those beautiful autumn days. 

9. Section it off

Section off pool decking idea. Source: HGTV

This is one of the most gorgeous pool decking ideas we found. One way to make your pool area look and feel grand is to create a clear distinction between the poolside and the main deck area. 

You can do this by creating obvious borders between the area where you swim and the space you relax in. 

This will give the illusion of a larger outdoor space and give you enough room to create the backyard or patio of your dreams. 

10. You can’t go wrong with a fire pit

Firepit pool decking idea. Source: NextLuxury

Why settle for simple pool areas designs when you can convert your entire backyard into an oasis of relaxation. Fire pits instantly draw people to gather and have great conversations

If you already have a pool house, even better. You can add a grill to the mix and enjoy warm late-night swimming with your family or friends. 

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Pool decking ideas
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