How to Make a DIY Fire Pit in Your Backyard

April 19, 2022

The cool weather is moving in, and nothing creates the perfect warm and cosy scenery at home like a DIY fire pit in the backyard.

Imagine the incredible memories you will create when you gather with your friends around your crackling fire pit on those cold nights, roasting marshmallows and telling fun stories. Exciting, right?

The good news is you can easily create a DIY fire pit in your backyard to get this experience without spending a lot of money

When it comes to adding a fire pit to your backyard, you shouldn’t be afraid to get creative and try the DIY approach instead of outrightly hiring a professional. Want to get those hands dirty? This article will show you how to make a DIY fire pit in your backyard with cheap and easily accessible materials. 

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Eight easy DIY fire pit ideas

Here are eight simple homemade DIY fire pit ideas that you can use without breaking the bank. 

Half wall stone fire pit

DIY half wall stone fire pit

This DIY fire pit idea is great if you are very safety-conscious or have kids around. All you need is heavy-duty glue or cement and, of course, stone bricks. Create a simple outline with the bricks for the half wall and work your way around the pit. 

This option is a great way to manage your backyard space and also create a distinct distinction between the fire pit and the rest of your backyard. You can make the space between the fire pit and the half wall as wide as possible, depending on how close you want to the fire. 

Old koi pond fire pit

DIY half wall stone fire pit

Do you have an old koi pond in your backyard with no koi? Turn the sad sight into your very own homemade fire pit with just a little sand and a few rocks. First, make sure the old pond has a concrete or stone lining, as many ponds are lined with flammable PVC, and you don’t want a disaster. 

The good news is, most ponds are usually made with fireproof rocks, so there’s a high chance you’re in the clear. Drain and fill up the pond with sand, get some rocks to cover the pond’s outer layer, and, of course, get firewood for the perfect fire. Voila! You have a makeshift fire pit in no time. 

Old washing machine DIY fire pit

DIY fire pit

Yes, you read that right! If you have an old washing machine that you no longer use, you can repurpose it into a beautiful fire pit for your backyard gatherings. With a few tweaks to the stainless steel drum of your old washer, you can create an expensive-looking fire pit in no time. 

A typical washing machine drum has multiple holes, which is great for oxygen circulation, and the stainless steel can withstand heat. Be ready to get your hands dirty with this DIY washing machine fire pit, as you would have to get rid of the agitator and centrepiece of the washing machine drum. 

You can use an angle grinder to remove these unwanted parts and every bit of plastic or flammable material from the drum to create space for the firewood. There you have it, a stunning, eco-friendly washing machine fire pit. 

Tree ring fire pit

DIY fire pit

This is one of our favourite simple backyard fire pit ideas. With two or three concrete tree rings, you can create a beautiful and secure fire pit for your backyard. Stack each tree ring on top of each other in a circular shape and get a fire repellant inner lining (like a charcoal grill) for the concrete since many of them are not fire-safe. 

Concrete tree rings come in various colours for you to choose from. Opt for tree rings with scalloped tops so you can place one on top of the other for an interlocked look. Place rocks between the tree rings to make them stronger and more stable. 

Basic rock fire pit

diy rock fire pit
Credit: Pinterest

If you like rustic, DIY fire pit ideas, you will appreciate the simplicity of the rock fire pit. If your home is located near rocky terrain, you can look for some average-sized rocks, take them home and create a simple rock fire pit. 

All you have to do is stack the rocks in a circular motion into and around the pit. Your small fire pit will look like something straight out of a 19th-century movie, and all you needed were a few rocks and some firewood.

Truck wheel fire pit

DIY fire pit

If you have access to an old truck or tractor wheel (the inner portion) and some rocks, you can make a simple homemade fire pit in no time. Get rid of the rubber part of the tire, place the wheel in the pit, fill the inner portion with sand and stack your rocks all around it. 

Now you have repurposed your old truck that you would’ve probably discarded and made it into a makeshift fire pit that you and your family and friends can enjoy. A great win-win if you ask us. 

BBQ multi-use DIY fire pit

DIY fire pit

Instead of a plain fire pit, you can add grills to your DIY project and create a fully functional fire pit that you can use all year round. With a fire-repellant metal inside the pit, sand filled and a strong wall of blocks around it, you have your simple, everyday fire pit.

However, you can kick things up a notch by adding two full grills on the pit’s ring, and now you have a fire pit and a mini grill all in one. This is an excellent use of space and materials if you ask us. 

DIY old birdbath fire pit

DIY birdbath fire pit.

Instead of discarding your old birdbath, you can repurpose it as a beautiful, minimalistic fire pit. Suppose it is made with fire-repellent material like terra cotta. In that case, you can easily remove all flammable material from the birdbath, including all plastic, and fill it with sand and firewood

You can either dig the ground a bit and line it with sturdy rocks before placing the birdbath in the pit for this fire pit. On the other hand, you can simply map out an area in your backyard and place the birdbath on its own while demarcating the surrounding area with rocks. 

Like our DIY fire pit ideas?

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