Maximising Work-from-Home Deductions in Australia in 2024

January 6, 2024

Key takeaways:

  • Calculation Methods: Know the Revised Fixed Rate vs. Actual Cost methods.
  • Eligibility: Ensure primary duties are from home and you have expense records.
  • Non-Deductibles: Rent, food, and home attire aren’t deductible.

Confused about work from home deductions?

In the evolving landscape of the Australian workforce, an increasing number of professionals have made the shift from office cubicles to their home offices.

But with this transition comes the complexity of navigating the waters of work from home deductions at tax time.

Dive into this comprehensive guide to understand how you can effectively claim work-from-home expenses and make the most of your remote work financial benefits.

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What Are the Home Office Deductions Available to Australians?

Understanding Home Office Expenses

Using a designated area in your home solely for work? You might be in luck! This space could allow you to claim a chunk of your rent or mortgage interest, utilities, and even the depreciation on your office equipment.

Make sure you’re keeping those receipts because you could claim them as home office expenses.

For more information, check out our guide on claiming home office expenses.

Internet and Phone Bills – Are They Deductible?

Our reliance on digital connectivity means these bills often skyrocket. Thankfully, a portion of your internet and phone bills can be claimed, provided you’ve calculated the work-related usage and kept those bills safe.

The Lowdown on Equipment and Supplies

Splurged on that ergonomic chair? Or maybe you invested in a new laptop? These could be potential deductions. Maintain a record of these purchases for a smoother claim process.

The Nuances of Asset Depreciation

Did you know assets like your computer or office furniture depreciate over time? The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) allows claims on this, but you’ll need a good understanding or a professional’s help to get it right.

Work from Home Deductions

Can You Deduct Work-Related Travel Expenses?

Even as a remote worker, business-related trips are often unavoidable. From client meetings to seminars, maintain a detailed account of these journeys to claim these expenses.

Self-Education and Its Tax Implications

Investing in self-growth? If it’s directly benefitting your current role or advancing your career, those webinar or course fees could be deductible.

Methods to Calculate Work from Home Deductions

Revised Fixed Rate Method

As of 1 July 2022 to 28 February 2023, you can claim 67 cents per hour worked from home. This claim covers expenses such as electricity, gas, phone usage (both mobile and home), internet, and stationary supplies.

Actual Cost Method

This method requires precise record-keeping as it allows claims on the actual costs incurred while working from home. This includes depreciation on office furniture, repairs, and even cleaning (provided you have a dedicated home office).

Eligibility for Claiming Work from Home Deductions

Nature of Work

Only if you’re fulfilling your employment duties from home, and not just occasional tasks, can you claim these deductions.

Additional Costs

There should be additional running expenses due to your work-from-home setup.


The ATO mandates that you keep records of these expenses.

Common Misconceptions About Work from Home Deductions

Work from Home Deductions

Housing Costs

Your rent or mortgage isn’t deductible.

Meal Expenses

That coffee or lunch during your work hours? It’s not eligible for claims.


The cozy pajamas you wear while working don’t qualify as a deductible expense.


Always consult with a tax agent or a qualified tax accountant if in doubt about a claim.

Conclusion: Mastering Your Work from Home Deductions

In the age of remote work, understanding your entitlements as an Australian remote worker is pivotal. As you adapt to this new norm, keep detailed records, educate yourself on deduction rules and ATO guidelines, and seek professional advice when in doubt.

By optimizing your work from home deductions, you can make the most of your remote work situation and navigate the tax season with ease.

More on work from home deductions

Work from Home Deductions

Q: What are work from home deductions in Australia 2024?

A: Work from home deductions in Australia 2024 refer to the expenses that can be claimed as tax deductions by individuals who work from home. These deductions help offset the costs associated with running a home office and can include expenses such as electricity, internet, and office supplies.

Q: What is a tax deduction?

A: A tax deduction is an expense that can be subtracted from a person’s taxable income, thereby reducing the overall amount of tax they have to pay. In the context of work from home deductions, it refers to the eligible expenses that can be claimed by individuals who work from home.

Q: What are running expenses?

A: Running expenses are the costs associated with the day-to-day operation and maintenance of a home office. These can include electricity, heating and cooling, cleaning, and other similar expenses.

Q: What is a home office?

A: A home office is a designated area within a person’s home that is used exclusively for work purposes. It can be a separate room or a specific area within a larger room.

Q: How can I claim work from home expenses?

A: To claim work from home expenses, you need to keep records of all eligible expenses and calculate the proportion of your home that is used for work purposes. You can then include these expenses in your tax return as deductions.

Q: What are home expenses?

A: Home expenses refer to the costs associated with maintaining a home, such as mortgage or rent payments, property taxes, and insurance. These expenses are not usually eligible for work from home deductions.

Q: What is the ATO?

A: The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) is the government agency responsible for administering and enforcing tax laws in Australia.

Q: Can I claim home office expenses?

A: Yes, you can claim home office expenses if you meet the eligibility criteria set by the ATO. This typically includes having a dedicated work area in your home that is used exclusively for work purposes.

Q: What is a tax return?

A: A tax return is a form that individuals or businesses must file with the ATO to report their income, deductions, and other relevant financial information for a specific income year. It is used by the ATO to calculate the amount of tax owed or refundable.

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