The Best Schools in Australia: 2024 Guide

January 6, 2024
best schools in australia

Key takeaways:

    • James Ruse Agricultural High School remains a top-performer based on 2022’s NAPLAN results.

    • NAPLAN offers insights into schools’ literacy and numeracy standings, but it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor.

    • With a variety of schools across Australia, it’s essential to find one that aligns with your child’s needs and aspirations.

Seeking the best schools in Australia in 2024 and a glimpse of what’s to come in the next years? This guide is what you need.  

Dive into our curated list of the top-performing institutions based on NAPLAN results and other notable criteria as well as the best schools in Sydney and Melbourne.

But that’s not all. Discover prime real estate options nestled in the suburbs surrounding these prestigious schools. Want to find more properties in those suburbs? Register your match profile on Soho and we’ll send you personalised property matches.

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect education hub for your child or a potential home nearby, we’ve got the insights to guide your choices.

1. Understanding Australian School Education

The Australian education system is split into primary and secondary schooling. Each state, like NSW and Queensland, governs its own education system, ensuring standards are met. From public schools in Australia to international schools, there’s a variety of options for parents.

2. Why Are NAPLAN Results Significant?

The NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) gauges literacy and numeracy results. It’s a way to measure how schools across Australia are performing, making it easier for parents to choose the best school based on these metrics.

3. Best Schools in Sydney (public, private, primary, high)

SchoolPrivate or GovernmentSuburbCo-ed, Boys, or GirlsMedian Price for HousesMedian Price for UnitsAcademic Years Served
Sydney Grammar SchoolPrivateDarlinghurstBoys$3.4 million$1.9 millionYears Prep-12
North Sydney Boys High SchoolGovernmentNorth SydneyBoys$2.9 million$1.6 millionYears 7-12
James Ruse Agricultural High SchoolGovernmentCarlingfordCo-ed$3.9 million$2.1 millionYears 7-12
Ascham SchoolPrivateEdgecliffGirls$4.3 million$2.3 millionYears Prep-12
Kambala SchoolPrivateRose BayGirls$4 million$2.2 millionYears Prep-12
Ravenswood School for GirlsPrivateGordonGirls$4.2 million$2.2 millionYears Prep-12
Barker CollegePrivateHornsbyCo-ed$3.6 million$1.9 millionYears Prep-12
The King’s SchoolPrivateNorth ParramattaBoys$3.8 million$2 millionYears Prep-12
Newington CollegePrivateStanmoreBoys$3.7 million$1.9 millionYears Prep-12
Santa Sabina CollegePrivateStrathfieldGirls$4.1 million$2.2 millionYears Prep-12
MLC SchoolPrivateBurwoodGirls$4 million$2.2 millionYears Prep-12
QueenwoodPrivateBalgowlahGirls$4.2 million$2.3 millionYears Prep-12

*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of the best schools in Melbourne. There are many other excellent schools in the city, and the best school for your child will depend on their individual needs and interests.

Real estate for sale in Sydney NSW near Sydney Grammar School

Price TBD – 9C/5-11 Thornton Street, Darling Point, NSW, 2027, Australia

best schools in australia

Living in Darlinghurst, a vibrant suburb of Sydney, NSW, means more than enjoying its eclectic art scenes and café culture; it’s about proximity to world-class education. Darlinghurst is ideally situated near some of the best schools in Sydney.

The renowned Sydney Grammar School, a stone’s throw away, is often hailed as one of the best private schools in Sydney. For those who prioritize public education, Darlinghurst Public School stands out as one of the best public schools in Sydney.

Parents with younger children can look to SCEGGS Darlinghurst, renowned as one of the best primary schools in Sydney, ensuring a holistic start to their child’s educational journey.

As students grow, Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls High Schools, both in the vicinity, rank among the best high schools in Sydney, known for their academic rigor and excellence in extracurricular activities.

Darlinghurst truly encapsulates the essence of a cosmopolitan lifestyle paired with unparalleled educational opportunities.

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Real estate for sale in North Parramatta NSW near The King’s School

Price TBD – 5/32-36 Harold Street, North Parramatta, NSW, 2151, Australia

best schools in australia

Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s dynamic west, North Parramatta presents a harmonious blend of historic charm and modern living. This suburb boasts verdant parklands, such as the iconic Parramatta Park, and is steeped in rich colonial history.

Recent urban development has brought trendy cafes, boutique shops, and a lively arts scene, making it a sought-after spot for families and young professionals alike.

Its close proximity to top-tier schools, such as The King’s School, amplifies its allure for those prioritising quality education. North Parramatta is truly where old-world charm meets contemporary convenience.

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4. Best Schools in Melbourne (public, private, primary, high)

SchoolPrivate/GovernmentSuburbCo-ed/Boys/GirlsMedian price for houses (Mar ’23)Median price for units (Mar ’23)Academic years served
Scotch CollegePrivateHawthornBoys$3.5 million$2 millionYears Prep-12
Wesley CollegePrivateGlen WaverleyCo-ed$2.8 million$1.5 millionYears Prep-12
Trinity Grammar SchoolPrivateKewBoys$4.6 million$2.5 millionYears Prep-12
Geelong Grammar SchoolPrivate boardingCorioCo-ed$3.8 million$2 millionYears Prep-12
Knox Grammar SchoolPrivateWahroongaBoys$4.2 million$2.2 millionYears Prep-12
MacRobertson Girls’ High SchoolGovernmentSouth YarraGirls$2.3 million$1.1 millionYears 7-12
Ivanhoe Grammar SchoolPrivateIvanhoeCo-ed$2.5 million$1.3 millionYears Prep-6
Balwyn Grammar SchoolPrivateBalwynCo-ed$2.4 million$1.2 millionYears Prep-6
Ruyton Girls’ SchoolPrivateKewGirls$3 million$1.5 millionYears Prep-6
Carey Baptist Grammar SchoolPrivateBeaumarisCo-ed$2.7 million$1.4 millionYears Prep-6
Fintona Girls’ SchoolPrivateToorakGirls$4.2 million$2.2 millionYears Prep-6
St Catherine’s SchoolPrivateToorakGirls$4.3 million$2.3 millionYears Prep-6

*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of the best schools in Melbourne. There are many other excellent schools in the city, and the best school for your child will depend on their individual needs and interests.

Real estate for sale in Balwyn VIC near Balwyn Grammar School

$2.45 million – 7 Parkdale Avenue, Balwyn, VIC, 3103, Australia

Balwyn, VIC, is a suburb that resonates with an aura of academic prestige. Known for housing some of the best schools in Melbourne, families gravitate here to provide their children with exceptional educational opportunities.

From the best primary schools in Melbourne to top-tier high schools, Balwyn’s unique blend of public and private institutions ensures a standard of excellence, making it a sought-after locale for those prioritizing education.

Beyond academics, this serene suburb offers lush parks, trendy cafes, and a harmonious community feel, solidifying its reputation as a prime residential choice.

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Real estate for sale in Toorak VIC near Melbourne Grammar School

Price TBD – 2206/227-229 Toorak Road, South Yarra, VIC, 3141, Australia

Toorak, VIC, isn’t just one of Melbourne’s most affluent suburbs; it’s a hub for education excellence. Nestled among its tree-lined streets are some of the best public schools in Melbourne such as Toorak Primary School.

In addition, prestigious institutions like Loreto Mandeville Hall and St. Kevin’s College rank among the best private schools in Melbourne.

Parents often choose Toorak not just for its opulent residences and upscale lifestyle, but for the assurance that their children are near the best high schools in Melbourne.

Living in Toorak means being at the nexus of luxury and top-tier education.

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best schools in australia

The High School Star of 2023: Which School Topped the List?

In 2023, James Ruse Agricultural High School in NSW continued its exceptional performance, topping the NAPLAN results again. This school, known for its excellence in education, remains a standard-setter among secondary schools in Australia.

The 2023 NAPLAN results also highlighted other high-performing schools in NSW, demonstrating a strong commitment to literacy and numeracy education across various schools.

Top Secondary Schools in Sydney: Who Made the Cut?

Sydney is home to several elite institutions, including North Sydney Boys High School and Sydney Girls High School. These schools, based on their results and reputation, have become sought-after choices for parents in NSW.

Best School Options in Melbourne and Brisbane

Both Melbourne and Brisbane host a slew of impressive schools. In Melbourne, selective schools and independent schools stand out, while in Brisbane, institutions like Brisbane Grammar School are renowned.

Grammar School vs. Private School: Which is Better?

When deciding between a grammar school like Brisbane Grammar or a private school in Sydney, one must consider factors beyond academics. While grammar schools emphasize traditional education, private schools might offer broader extracurricular activities.

The Rising Stars: Schools to Watch in 2024

best schools in australia

Schools such as the Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Steiner School are gaining traction. They’re not just about the results but also about providing holistic education in Australia.

Finding the Best School for Your Child: Tips and Tricks

Visit the school’s website, read reviews and ratings based on parent reviews, and maybe even visit the institution. Every child is unique, so it’s crucial to find a school that aligns with their needs.

How Much Does Quality Education Cost in Australia?

School fees vary greatly. While public schools might be more affordable, institutions like the Anglican School for Girls or private schools in Brisbane can be on the higher end.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for Australian Schools in 2024?

The Australian Department of Education is always making efforts to improve. Expect more emphasis on holistic development and possible changes in curriculum structures for primary and secondary schools.

Wrapping up

And there you have it, a peek into Australia’s crème de la crème of schools, with a sprinkle of insights on what’s up next. Cheers to making informed decisions and championing the best education for our future stars.

More on the best schools in Australia

What is the highest rated school in Australia?

The highest rated school in Australia is Melbourne Grammar School, which is a private boys’ school located in Melbourne. It has been ranked number one in Australia by the Good Schools Guide for the past 10 years.

Which state in Australia has the best schools?

According to the Good Schools Guide, the state of Victoria has the best schools in Australia. Melbourne Grammar School, Scotch College, and Wesley College are all located in Victoria and are consistently ranked among the top schools in the country.

What are the top schools revealed in Australia?

The top schools revealed in Australia are:

What is the best regional school in Australia?

The best regional school in Australia is considered to be Ivanhoe Grammar School, which is located in Ivanhoe, Victoria. It is a co-ed school that offers a variety of programs and educational philosophies. Ivanhoe Grammar School is consistently ranked among the top schools in Australia and has a strong reputation for academic excellence.

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